Wicca’s Originals “Serra Bootie” – Maitreya, freya, legacy + slink. HUD included to change the colour of the shoes, straps. soul and metals, 10 COLOURS AND METAL CHOICES – @ Midnight Order Jan 20th – Feb 20th


Meva “Lucia Dress” (Petite) – Can be worn as a dress or you can wear the skirt, top and harness all separate, each piece is HUD controlled colour change with plain colours for the top and the collar and skirt there are tartan, the harness also has the ability to change colour via the HUD. For Maitreya Lara & petite. – @ The Warehouse sales event.
poema “I Need a Doctor” – @ The Darkness Monthly Event Jan 2021
I.N.A.D – burned face
I.N.A.D – cut lips

[monso]“Myeon Hair” – (s/ petite) – Each colour HUD also includes styles w/ or w/o bangs for the front and the longer parts can be worn front or behind shoulders. – @ kustom9

::C’est la vie !::Inda Leggings (#1) – Mustard
+FATHER+Snare Eyes – High – Omega HUD
“Freda” 306 Swirls Pantyhose black ripped opaque
Goth1c0Infected Make up
Izzie’sEye Veins (light)
-[TWC]- Mad Dog – Blk Bld- piercings
glutz . punk nuisance . boots . maitreya
L’Emporio&PLLigamentum – Maitreya-L-
LeLUTKA. Head. River. 2.5 (f)
Maitreya Mesh BodyLara V5.3 & Lara Add-on “Petite” V1.1
SwallowDragon Ears


::SG:: SlackGirl – “Aril” Mesh add-on – headpiece – HUD is included to enable the colour change of metals, centre of flower and petals – available on the Market place
KZ Store – “long sharp nails” – Dark – Maitreya & Legacy – Must enable advanced lighting to see material, If you do not have it enabled the nails will look just black, The red seen on the nails are because of materials. – @ The Darkness Monthly Event Jan 2021
Pure Poison – “Laura Lingerie” – Maitreya – Petite – This is a interactive product that allows you or anyone YOU choose to undress and redress, This would be an ideal attire for dancers who emote stripping or escorts alike and obviously for those intimate moments with your significant other, You have the power to allow other to interact or not making this a safe design that you can wear any place you like. – @ kustom9

fleur. rib knit wrist warmers / maitreya
Eyeshadow (dark)
Breast Veins + Stretch Marks 1
Cellulite + Stretch Marks
DuPoon BOM Scars
LeLUTKA. Head. River.2.5 (f) (static ears)
Maitreya Mesh BodyLara + Add-on “Petite” V1.1
Tableau Vivant \ Allison hair [Fit1] – B+W
[DB] Thveit collar (Maitreya Lara Petite)
amara beauty Claudia alabaster – DK BROWS
Gloom.Traumatic Collection – Stressed Brown M
ADOREDsleep depo shadow – brown/dark [genus/lelutka]

MadPea’s & Hot Chocolate.

Hello!!! Welcome to my blog! [I’ve always wanted to say that] Today its deco day and what best to show you than this Mad-ness-Pea creation that is INTERACVTIVE.. Yes, you read that correctly you can actually make your own hot chocolate via a simple click, there are three drinks to choose from, a standard hot chocolate .. a marshmallow Hot chocolate & one with cream! When you click the drinks maker you will get a drop down that has the three drink choices, you choose one and the maker will fill with delicious hot chocolate of your choice, then it will ask to animate you .. of course you agree and the creamy cup of delicious attaches to your avatar and animates drinking! Its really that simple. I have chosen to show you the drinks maker full of its glorious coco! Enjoy! ♥

Empty Hot Cocoa Mug LI:1
Hot Cocoa Machine LI:3
Hot Cocoa w/Marshmallows Mug LI:1
Hot Cocoa w/Whipped Cream Mug LI:1
Jar of Hot Cocoa Mix LI:2

[ zerkalo ] Chocolate on a Stick – 10L GIFT LI:1
Chocolate sauce Set-A 1 LI:1
Chocolate sauce Set-C LI:1
Chocolate sauce Set-D LI:2
Chocolate sauce Set-E LI:1
Chocolate sauce Set-F LI:1
Chocolate sauce Set-G LI:2
Chocolate sauce Set-H LI:1
Chocolate sauce Set-I LI:1
Fork/chocollate LI:1

Lilah Kitchen – End R LI:1
Lilah Kitchen – Single Drawers LI:1
Lilah Kitchen – Tile LI:1

{vespertine}woodland cup hanger. LI:2
220ML Pancake – Open Chocolate Pot LI:1


Refuge – “Kawaii Flower Seat”
5 colours to choose from, this is a seat with animation built-in, for photo purposes I have resized some but the one inside the tent is the actual size that you get, I left it the default size so you can see the size of the tent compared to the seat.


YOSHI “Zima Eyes” – LELUTKA Applier – @ The Darkness Monthly Jan 2021
Jinx “Harpy Legs” – Size 1 & size 2
Jinx Animesh Raven Pet
+{aii}+“Ooame Underarmor” (sea)
:[P]:- @  EPIPHANY 1-15-2021“Castanys Kel”
Kel Arms [Legacy]
Collar [Legacy]
Panty [Legacy]
Top [Perky]

Blueberry – Valentines Wings – BENTO
TRUTH / Soiree
DuPoon BOM Scars
Glam Affair – Hina Skin – Lelutka – 002
LeLUTKA .Head. Fleur
[BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.3.3)
[M.O.R] harpy tail : WHITE
~Shiny Stuffs~ Irresistible – HD lips Lelutka Appliers


BackBone – “Naughty Bears” LI:1 – Main-store release
ChiMia – “Francine Chair Ethan” LI:1 – 4 colours each one has two tones making 8 to choose from. 36 built in single poses – Main-store release
.:Short Leash:. – “Confinement Cage” – 10 Sub Poses built-in LI:6
Princess’s Bed” LI:30 – Poses D/s are built-in
YOKAI – @ Anthem“Celestial Dream” – GACHA –
Cute Cloud Pillow RARE LI:2
Lantern Pillow (ice blue) LI:2
Deer Pillow (night) LI:2
Black Moon Pillow LI:2
Little Star Pillow (midnight) LI:2
Little Star Pillow (gold) LI:2
Pillow w Bow (navy) LI:2

Sleepy Teddy Bears – Teddy In Pajamas (cloud) LI:1 – Older release see Main-store

CELESTE 3D Star Scatter – Slow Glow LI:1
3D Star Scatter – Smooth Twinkle LI:1
7Cat Burglar Painting LI:1
Four White Cats at The Spa 1978. LI:1