Suicide Dollz, Mesh Body addicts, Buy Now and more fabulous designers!

Suicide Dollz, Mesh Body addicts, Buy Now and more fabulous designers!

This weekend is the annual hurricane for St Johns Sims! So if you need rain, visit us, We have enough for everyone😉 Onto the good stuff…. roll the credits


Suicide Dollz Ft Merlific

Dress – Louisa – Keep Calm – comes in mesh fits for various mesh bodies – there are 6 to choose from one comes in French or English.

7 Deadly s{K}ins At Buy Now, The online shopping experience that includes SL’s greatest Designers.

Skin – AMKE – For AK mesh heads – 6 tones available – Omega, slink, tango and phatazz included – other mesh body HUD’s are available in store – I am showing you the tone “Sand”



Wrist bands – Wrist Bandana – Camo – these are sizeable and available in other colours.


Mesh Head – Hanna – Includes – head, HUD for animations and HUD for make-up, Body HUD’s, alpha layer and classic skins in 10 tones.

Fluffy and Fierce Ft SlackGirl

Eye shadow – Dalya – also available for Catwa and classic avatars – 8 colours to choose from.

Headdress – SlackGirl Main store – Plume – this is sizeable and includes a colour change HUD with a choice of 6 colours for the feathers and 4 for the metal.


Mesh Body Addicts Ft DP – koffin nails

(Until September 30th)

Nails – Akira’s Ascent – HUD’s for Maitreya, Slink and Omega (Omega Included in fatpack only) There are 6 colours to choose from with gold or silver accents.

N21 Ft Plastik Flagship Store

Rings – Grovie Rings – fits for maitreya, slink casual and slink elegant are available – HUD has 40 gem colours and 15 for the metal.

Fluffy and Fierce Ft Plastik Flagship Store

Choker – Penma Chocker – HUD has 25 colours for the ribbon, 15 for the metals and 40 for the gems.


That is all for now❤ Happy shopping !

NEWS! Ft Aii, AS, Avenge, Blasphemic, Chemical Princess, Plastik, FacePalm and SlackGirl.

NEWS! Ft Aii, AS, Avenge, Blasphemic, Chemical Princess, Plastik, FacePalm  and SlackGirl.


Let’s start from head to toe….

Head – Catwa – Cami (NEW Update V4.10)

Hair – Exile   (currently at the Arcade)


Designs that you must have from the designers mentioned above…

Horns – Aii – Pearlescent Devil Horns + colour change HUD – two versions included

Face tattoo – Chemical Princess – Broken Face – two versions in standard tattoo layers and Omega HUD – Eyes are also included. Available at Fluffy and Fierce.

Body Tattoo – .:AS:. – Selvi – HUD’s for maitreya, omega, slink and TMP – Available at The Secret Affair


Lips – SlackGirl – Milly Lips for Catwa – In the main-store – 8 shades to choose from (also available for [AK] mesh heads (to purchase separately)

Lashes – SlackGirl – Bicolour Lashes – Catwa heads – these can change colour vis the catwa mesh head HUD.

Teeth/tongue – SlackGirl – The Black Tongue – 5 to choose from in two versions – cap in teeth or no cap in teeth.


Earrings/Harness/Choker – Plastik Flagship Store – Voracious jewelry – For Male & Females – 3 versions of necklace, one style of earrings and the harness has standard, maitreya, belleza and slink (both female bodies) mesh fits. Includes a HUD to change the texture colour of parts on all jewelry.

Nails – Plastik Flagship Store – Sehra – for slink and maitreya nails – 10 colours on HUD – Available at Cosmetics Fair


Dress – FacePalm – Xandra – 5 standard mesh fits and fits for maitreya, belleza and slink – A colour change HUD is included.

Wrist Bands – BLASPHEMIC – Wrist Bandana – mesh and sizeable – available in 15 colours.

Shoes – [Avenge] – student shoes – fits for maitreya, slink and belleza in 8 colours each colour included a HUD to change the sock colour – available at whore couture fair 6


Thanks for reading❤ Happy shopping!

7 Deadly s{K}ins, SlackGirl, Aisha, Zibska, Vengeful Threads, AK NEW head & Aurica Store!

 7 Deadly s{K}ins, SlackGirl, Aisha, Zibska, Vengeful Threads, AK NEW head & Aurica Store!


Ft The Secret Affair, We❤ Role-play, Cosmetics Fair, Fluffy & Fierce and Cosmopolitan.

 7 Deadly s{K}ins

Skin – Dante – Omega Face HUD for [AK] Mesh head – Sand – also in taupe.


At We❤ Role-play

Headdress – Karval Adornment – includes colour change HUD and other attachments.

At The Secret Affair

Harness, Pasties & Skirt – Aurelia – includes colour change HUD’s and mesh fits for Slink, Maitreya, Classic avatars and TMP. The skirt also has 5 standard mesh sizes.


At Cosmetics Fair

Mesh Head – Kioko – Includes shape (worn) HUD’s, one for make-up and skin and another for animations, blink and three settings for lips making this head semi-static. Standard skins and HUD’s for mesh bodies are also included.


Main-store release

Eye make-up and butterfly – Butterfly solo – for Ak and Catwa mesh heads plus classic layers for none mesh, there are 8 shadows to choose from and the HUD for the butterfly has 6.



At The Secret Affair

Shoes – Butterfly sandals – Silver or gold in fits for Slink high, Maitreya and Belleza.

Plastik Flagship Store

At Cosmetics Fair

Nails – Graphene – HUD’s for maitreya and slink with 10 colours to choose from.

At Fluffy and Fierce

Necklace – Penma – version (long) – Colour change HUD – two pairs of earrings – necklaces for male & female – velvet chocker are all included


Aurica Store

At Cosmopolitan

Tattoo – Ameli – HUD’s for Maitreya, Omega, Slink and TMP are available and there is a choice of black or white.

Vengeful Threads

Piercing – Bridge Spikes – Gold


Hair – Little Bones – Celine

Poses – Eternal dreams

Pictures Taken at Lost unicorn

NEW Ak mesh head! SlackGirl cosmetics for Ak mesh heads! Chemical Princess! 7 Deadly s{K}ins For AK mesh heads! Vengeful Threads and QueenB at WCF6!

NEW Ak mesh head! SlackGirl cosmetics for Ak mesh heads! Chemical Princess!  7 Deadly s{K}ins For AK mesh heads! Vengeful Threads and QueenB at WCF6!


[AK] have another NEW release and this one is “Hanna” and this is at ULTRA Event

Hanna Mesh Head V1.3, Head Mesh HUD V1.3, Blink & Lips HUD V.1.3, Body Appliers : All Appliers Made in AKeruka, Mesh Head Alpha, Hanna Shape, Skins for Classic Avatars. This is a semi-static head with blink option and 3 lip settings.
7DS have released their first ever skin for [AK] mesh heads, this is “Dante” You get two face HUD’s in two tones, sand and taupe, also included are HUD’s that will work with Slink, tango and phatazz, all other HUD’s are available in the mainstore.
Best cosmetics around everyone knows are SlackGirl and not just for the amazing quality but also because Van caters for ALL! On the mesh head I am wearing “AKLashes6” “Petra Eyes” “JoJo Lips” and “Reia shadow” ALL of these except the eyes are made for [AK].
Items that I am showing you from the event are …
Chemical Princess – shirt, Tattoo and socks, These are part of the “Vendeta”  gacha at WCF6. All of these are COMMON items, they come in black or white, with or without blood/cuts in HUD’s for Omega and slink.
*QueenB*  have my shorts also at the event and these are “Rah Rah” for maitreya ONLY! The texture change HUD has six colours to choose from.
I am wearing a couple of items by Vengeful Threads they are listed below….
Deco Nose Ring – Black/Purple – Available at Genre
Bridge Spikes – Black – These are Original Mesh in 9 colours.
Nails – Skullz Galore – Slink and Omega HUD’s with 10 colours to choose from.

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Other Stuff
Hair – [monso] My Hair – Sungso – at collabor88
Boots – katat0nik – D-Ring – purple – at The Arcade

Merlific, Black Haus, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Plastik Flagship and Aurica Store Goodies!

Merlific, Black Haus,  7 Deadly s{K}ins, Plastik Flagship and Aurica Store Goodies!


Mesh Head – [AK] – Aurora V1.3

• [AK] Aurora Mesh Head V1.3
• [AK] Head Mesh HUD V1.3
• [AK] Blink & Lips HUD V.1.3
• [AK] Body Appliers : All Appliers Made in AKeruka
• [AK] Mesh Head Alpha
• [AK] Aurora Shape
• [AK] Skins for Classic Avatars

Whore Couture Fair 6 is OPEN!

Theme – Back To School

At the WCF6….

Top – Merlific – Tie – Plaid red

Tattoo – Merlific – Become a Bitch – Omega HUD


Suicide Dollz

At this Round…

Backpack – BLACK HAUS – Heart bag-pack – Black (Also available in small)


Pose Lover

At The Event….

Tattoo – .:AS:. – Perla – black – (also in white) classic layers and HUD’s for Maitreya, Slink, TMP and Omega meshes.

Chapter Four

At this round…

Glasses – Plastik Flagship store –  Carrie Glasses – Sanguine – Face version (Also folded version available) Colour charts below..


(Held on The Marketplace!)

Skin – 7 Deadly s{k}ins – EXCLUSIVE – Maeve – Regular (Also available with freckles) – in Sand – HUD’s for Omega face/body, Phatazz, Tango, Slink, WoWme in Sand – Oak -pineapple – Taupe and Apricot tones.





Geek Workspace – CONSTRUCT

3D printer –  RARE
Comic Collection
Double Helix
Encyclopedia – RARE
Lava Lamp
Pencil Holder & Newton’s Cradle
Office Chair
Wall Art – RARE
Wet Floor Sign

Game Nerdz – [CIRCA]

Floor cushion – lemon

Controller Table – classic

Retro Pod Chair – rainbow

Retro hive wall shelf – aqua/green

Merkaba light strand – neon pink

That is all for now❤ Happy Shopping!

NEW mesh head from Akeruka, BLASPHEMIC, SlackGirl & Plastik.

NEW mesh head from Akeruka, BLASPHEMIC, SlackGirl & Plastik.

Brand new store releases and event news!! Read on for the credits❤


Akeruka Creations

NEW semi-static mesh head released, I am wearing “Lola” there are four mouth animation (including the original) and an option to make the eyes blink. Skin HUD’s for various mesh bodies and standard skins in 10 tones, I am NOT wearing the skin! Shape is also included although I did alter the body and that means, yes, it is modify.




I am wearing “Viola” these are in-store and are for Akeruka mesh heads ONLY!! There are 10 colour tones to choose from.

Eyes are an older store release by SlackGirl and these are “Silvy” mesh eyes that are sizeable in 8 colours for each eye.

Lashes are again a store release and these are for Akeruka too, “AKLashes5” (also available are AKLashes4) are shorter lashes and on each HUD there are 8 colours to choose from.

Eyeshadow is “Kim” for Akeruka and classic avatars, there are 8 colours to choose from.


Plastik Flagship Store

My horns are at this round of We Love Role-play and are “Mai Horns” There are 6 styles and 3 texture/colour HUD’s. I am wearing Majesty and used the sparkled HUD choosing the black option.


NEW in-store is “LUNA” a long gown that comes in 7 colours, I am wearing the black. HUD’s that work with various mesh bodies  and tattoo layers are included in each pack along with the skirt panel and the mermaid skirt (Left and right)


Other stuff

Photo’s were taken On Jane Austen’s English Countryside LEA8 who are BTW having a masked ball 10th September at 2pm SLT.

Hair – Exile @ The Arcade

Butterflies – curelessamore

That is all for today, Happy Shopping and Hurray for the weekend!❤

Black Haus, Head Desk, Dark Passions and Plastik goodies.

Black Haus, Head Desk, Dark Passions and Plastik goodies.

Picking up today from my previous post where I showed you make-up from slackgirl and mesh head from AK, If you missed that post you can see it here.

Everything else you can find below.


Head Desk (FacePalm)

Hair – Natasha – NEW In-store – mesh hair in various colour HUD’s, there are 8 to choose from.


Jacket – Just Jacket – in standard mesh sizes and fitted mesh for various mesh bodies, A HUD to change the texture of the back is included. You can grab this at the BUY NOW! market place event.

Bodysuit – Jam – HUD’s that work with maitreya, omega and slink in black and white. This is at Suicide Dollz, event opened on August 28th!


Plastik Flagship

Horns and headband – Nyanva – HUD comes with 50 colours in the fatpack.

Rings – Bea – Part of a gacha set previously at The Epiphany.

Cuffs and choker – Loona – Noir-noir

DP – Koffin Nails

(previously at love fest)

Nails – Key Of The Nile – for maitreya, omega and slink, 12 Option colours to choose from.


Happy Shopping❤

Update for Akeruka Heads and make-up to fit them by SlackGirl!

Update for Akeruka Heads and make-up to fit them by SlackGirl!

Just a couple of things to show you in this post, tomorrow I shall be showing you the rest of this outfit so for now let’s roll the credits….



Lashes and shadow are both for Akeruka mesh heads only!

Lashes – AKLash6

Shadow – Ylenia – o8 – You will also get standard tattoo layers for none mesh heads but these will NOT work with other mesh heads!

Eyes – Petra – Includes HUD to change the colour of each eye and these are sizeable via click.



Head – Julia Version 1.3 – Includes skins in standard and HUD’s for maitreya, belleza, slink, tmp and omega mesh bodies (I AM NOT WEARING THE SKIN!) also included are two HUD’s one for animations and one for features on the head such as hairbase, lashes ect.

Short and very sweet! Happy shopping !❤

Suicide Dollz, We Love Role-play, Aii & The Fantasy Collective.

Suicide Dollz, We Love Role-play, Aii & The Fantasy Collective.

I’ve a lot of event stuff today from the best designers on the grid! I have decided since being sick to go with looks that are more “Me” I have looked back at my work and although it is not in my nature to do something I am not comfortable with I have swayed from the path I am more fitted too🙂 So hopefully from now on you will not only see great designers but more of an insight of who I am❤ Let’s get to the credits shall we…



The Fantasy Collective

Theme is “Tribal” Opened August 22nd.

Ankle – Matab Barefoot Anklet – Black… also comes in white, gold and silver – for slink high feet ONLY!


Face mask – Scarecrow Mesh Head – egosumaii – Black Leather – Female – Also included are 2 male versions – Other colours are white leather, Tan cloth and grey cloth.

Eyes – Scarecrow – egosumaii – worn-one red right eye – included eye smoke that can be tinted via edit. Other colours available.


Chemical Princess

Suicide Dollz

Dress and Panties – Azra Dress with HUD – Fits for mesh bodies and fitted mesh sizes – Hud has 9 textures for the top of the dress and the bottom has black and white options, you can also hide the back of the dress via the HUD.



We Love Role-play

Opens 4th September till 30 September

Necklace – Dalka – also includes earrings (Not worn!) – HUD included that allows you to resize and change the colour of Main body of the necklace, the accents and the gem stones.

Tattoo – Speckles – HUD’s for Maitreya, Belleza, TMP and Omega are included. 9 colours to choose from on each HUD.

That is me for today, If I missed anything or you need more info just hit the comments❤ Mwahz! Happy shopping❤

I am Back!

Hey there! I am back from beyond😀 Lol. I have missed you guys and I am glad to be back. Obviously, I am behind with events and new releases but I have managed to put this little number together to show you! Many designers in this post so I shall zip it and roll the credits…



Fetish Fair August 19th – 2nd September

Body Harness – Sade – includes colour change HUD and various fits for mesh and none mesh avatars.


Phone prop – COMMON and Pose COMMON –  Both from the Selfie Gacha Collection.


Main-store release

Tattoo (Lower) –  Redo – classic tattoo layer and HUDs that apply to TMP, Slink, Maitreya and Omega meshes.


Collar – LEDA – Black – HUD to change leather colour included.

Lip Ring – LIPBAND – Includes HUD to change the metal colour

Shoes – NESSA HEELS – Black – worn on Maitreya feet.

Chemical Princess

The Dressing Room

Panties (worn under harness) – Net Panties – Black worn and white is included in various fits for mesh bodies and standard fit mesh sizes.


DP – Koffin Nails

Fetish Fair August 19th – 2nd September

Nails (appliers) – Dominatrix – Gold – also in Silver – 2 styles on each HUD with 6 colours to choose from these work with Slink, Maitreya and Omega (use at own discretion-Only Included in Fat-Packs!) 100L each or 275L for the fat-pack.

The Plastik Flagship Store


Earrings – Fors – Includes HUD so that you can change the gems and metals.


Akeruka Creations

Mesh Head – Viola – Includes skins for classic avatars, maitreya, belleza, slink, TMP and Omega. Expression HUD, Head HUD and shape also Included. (Own skin worn!!)



Eye Liner – JustLiner – for AK heads ONLY! – 10L!

Eyes – Petra – Mesh sizeable eyes – HUD allows you to have eyes a different colour or both the same and there are 8 colours for each eye.

Lips – Jojo – For AK heads ONLY! 2 styles  and 10 colours for each style.

Lashes – For AK heads ONLY! – Lash04 – 8 colours on the HUD


Jacket – Kristen – 2 Styles in mesh fits for mesh bodies and 5 standard mesh sizes

That is all for now❤ Happy Shopping !