Shiny Shabby, Sanarae, Powder Pack, BENTO Nails and Applique.

Shiny Shabby, Sanarae, Powder Pack, BENTO Nails and Applique.

Finally Powder Pack February is here!! Released on 17th, you can still get yours BUT next time get in between 1st-16th and you shall get it half the price 1500L any time after that you pay double. Powder Pack is a mystery monthly applier subscription box and Below I have three of this packs Designers to show you.


Bold & Beauty :: “Classic Lash” (Catwa Applier ONLY) – On this HUD you have five absolutely gorgeous choice of lashes ranging from shorter thinner to big and fluffy, Yes, I chose the big fluffy version.

Essences “Aria” – #Pale02 – (Catwa Applier) This skin is very pretty, The face HUD is for Catwa BUT also included in the pack are full body omega and hands only HUD’s PLUS HUD’s that will work with Belleza, TMP and Maitreya all have 2 tones Medium & Pale and if that wasn’t enough? A shape and brow shape is thrown in for good measure!

[Pink Fuel] CATWA “BENTO” LIPSTICK Applier – “Juicy Drop” is just one of the items that Pink Fuel have in this months pack, The one I am showing you applies to the lower lip layer and the HUD has two choices, full & dolly, each type has three shade levels. These CAN be tinted and you can go to the video tutorial if you don’t know how.

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Powder Pack In-world Location
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Powder Pack Facebook Page
Powder Pack Flickr Group
Powder Pack Online
Powder Pack Market Place
Stay tuned for NEWS on the March Powder Pack.

{CP} “Love Garters” – Fitted for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza mesh bodies, A HUD is included and that allows you to change both the straps and the metals.

{CP} @ BODYFY“Rope Marks” – Dark – also in light tone with HUD’s that work with Omega & Slink meshes.

.:Soul:. @ ~~Applique~~  “Space Cat Eyes”Spring. Each colour pack will include system eyes, NEW mesh eyes and Catwa, Omega (LOGO) and Genesis, with the fat-pack (16 colours!) you will get two exclusives! You can also grab the GROUP GIFT in the main store, it’s kinda like try before you become addicted 😀 Also there are many future GG to look forward to so it really is a no brainer!

*Merlific* @ Suicide Dollz  “Classy Nails” – Friendly Vista Bento Female Pro hand – Ohhh yes!! Plain awesome these are, They come in 16 colours and are HUD controlled. I teamed them up with some bento rings (see below) These are my favourite.. More please Merl!


Spider Lily Princess is also available in blue, red and white with a choice of gold, silver and black Halo. A very pretty set that goes perfectly with the hair.

{aii} + @ SaNaRae – Black – Cluster – “Spider Lily Princess” +
{aii} + @ SaNaRae – Black – Single – “Spider Lily Princess” +
{aii} + @ SaNaRae – Black Halo – “Spider Lily Princess”  +
{aii} + “Death Geta” + (An older release see in-store)
{aii} + @ SaNaRaeTsuki Hair – Windy + two types with roots or without roots, male and female versions and with or without strands.

:[P]: @ Shiny Shabby“Ozryn” – Necklace – fitted for Maitreya, slink and belleza mesh bodies, Earrings in two sizes size’s are included and all of these are HUD controlled with a choice of 35 colours for the gems and 10 for the metals (earrings not worn)



Maitreya Mesh Body
OXIDEKannon Headdress – RARE
[FORMANAILS] – Accessories – CIRI for Bento VISTA – RINGS
**RE**  – Era – Shorts – Common – Black
**RE**Era – Top – Common – Black

♥♥♥ And that concludes todays posting, Hope you have enjoyed this post, any Q’s hit the comments, any feedback hit my comments. Happy Shopping! ♥♥♥

NEW Location for FGC, NEW Bento Head with a splash of Neon, apricot & Body Art.

NEW Location for FGC, NEW Bento Head with a splash of Neon, apricot & Body Art.

I am back! After 2 long weeks of being sick, Nothing serious! Don’t worry 😉 I have much awesomeness to show you from my favourite Designers, So let’s get down to it… Roll the credits…..

::SG:: @ TWE12VE  “Neon” For Akeruka, Catwa and Omega mesh heads, Each pack includes classic tattoo layers for none mesh users. 8 colours to choose from.

.:AS:. @ cosmopolitan“Maria” Tattoo White, also in black, for use om Maitreya, slink, belleza, TMP and omega.

⇓⇓Available in white & gold/silver and black gold/silver. For Maitreya ONLY!⇓⇓
.AiShA. @ FGC“Xune” – Bodysuit Maitreya Gold/White
.AiShA. @ FGC“Xune” – Bracers Maitreya Gold/White
.AiShA.  @ FGC“Xune” – Mace (RARE) Gold/White
.AiShA.  @ FGC“Xune” – Shoulder Maitreya Gold/White

⇓⇓In the pack you get head, shape, alpha layers, head HUD (with skin options) and make-up HUD) The head HUD has animations and slots to save your work.⇓⇓
Altamura: “AGGIE” – BENTO mesh head v0.35
Altamura: “AGGIE” BENTO shape (Included in the pack – I have modified mine)



⇓⇓This skin is for [LAQ] mesh head, I am wearing it with the head mentioned above, there were no issues! Available in 6 tones for classic avatars and Omega, slink and Maitreya mesh body parts, The head has options with cut brow and not cut brow, the body has cleavage options and now NEW HUD’s that will include a NEW tone for The Vintage Fair (in march!) Also, the NEW HUD’s have 4 options, plain, beauty marks, mild freckles and heavy freckles.⇓⇓
7 Deadly s{K}ins @ Fashion Dazzle  Omega HEAD – “Davina” APRICOT cut (brow)

Poseidon @ FGC – “Forever Fantasy” – The Oracle B RARE – prop included

[FORMANAILS] Accessories – “CIRI” for Bento VISTA – RINGS
[^.^Ayashi^.^] “Reina Crown” – comes with hair NOT worn.
IKON “Sovereign Eyes” – Poltergeist
Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

D!va -Hair- “Alyssa” (Onyx)

♥♥♥ And that’s all from me for now, Hope you all have a great day and Happy Shopping! ♥♥♥

Have a very bloody valentines day

Have a very bloody valentines day

I’ve been sick and did say no posts until my inventory is sorted BUT I had taken these pics just as I got sick.. so here you are and here I am…. roll the creditz


Zibska @ SCALA – My Bloody Valentine Event – Ends Feb 17th.


Worn – Boots-eye mask-pasties-undies-tattoo-orbs


Nerissa Lips

Merlific @ Bodyfy Event – Open Feb 8th

Bloody Valentine Stretch – HUD controlled


Worn – Gen2 – Female – [H2] – Toned with Soft Breasts – Applier HUDs and classic skins available.

The Plastik @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Worn – Claw – earrings & necklace – black – COMMON

Nails – Dark – slink/omega/maitreya – work on vista bento COMMON

Headdress – RARE – HUD controlled


Poseidon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Forever fantasy XV (mens pose set)

**CC** @ Retro Gacha TTS

Arcane Deep

Beam Aura (Purple)

That is all from me, I’ll be back sooon! ♥

February Powder Pack SOON!

February Powder Pack SOON!

Reserve your Powder Pack for February NOW! The price rises after 16th and delivery is on the 17th after that you will pay double… 1500L Is the price until the 16th.

#ADORED, #Amara Beauty, #Bold & Beauty , Elysium-Skins & Apparel, Essences, Just Magnetized, L’Etrê Skin Shop, Modish Skins & Fashion Boutique, #okkbye , Pink Fuel, SlackGirl, & #Zibska

That’s the line up folks, Last Month had some amazing Designs in so we are super excited for this one! ♥

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Designer Circle and Truth or Dare.

Designer Circle and Truth or Dare.

I am back! It is REALLY late here so I’ll be quick before my head hits my desk xD

Two things, both By SlackGirl

The necklace is @ Truth or Dare and this is “Truth – dark” an exclusive item that is available to you for 10L! The event runs from Feb 6th. The necklace comes in three metals, dark, gold and silver.


My eye make-up is @ Designer Circle “FierceLine” is for Akeruka, Catwa and Omega compatible mesh heads, each one of those packs will contain classic tattoo layers for none mesh users, There are #8 colours to choose from. I used Omega HUD with LeLutka Simone Bento mesh head.

That is all for today guys ♥ Goodnight and Happy Shopping ♥

The Gacha Garden, The Makeover Room, Fantasy Gacha Carnival and Deadly Skin.

The Gacha Garden, The Makeover Room, Fantasy Gacha Carnival and Deadly Skin.


 Poseidon @ FGC – Forever Fantasy Women – The Oracle – A RARE
Yokai @ The Gacha GardenSound of Love – Cage Hat RARE
7 Deadly s{K}insMeiLin – lelutka – POWDER – Used with NEW body applier HUD SOON @ The Skin Fair – find more information in my previous post.
::SG:: @ The Makeover RoomLigya  – Shadow for Lelutka  Heads ONLY – works with bento – used with LeLutka Simone Bento – Classic tattoo layers are included.
TRUTH – Wind
!dM  – QueenOfHearts – bracelet **ALL COLORS** GIFT
!dM  – QueenOfHearts – HOURGLASS garterPanties **AQUA**
!dM   – QueenOfHearts – HOURGLASS gemPasties **AQUA**
!dM – QueenOfHearts – HOURGLASS laceCollar **ALL COLORS**
!dM – QueenOfHearts – HOURGLASS royalCloak **ALL COLORS**
!dM – QueenOfHearts – HOURGLASS tiedCorset **AQUA**
♥ Thank You for reading ♥ Happy Shopping! ♥

Altamura Mesh! PREVIEW skin for The Skin Fair! Suicide Dollz, The Coven, Alchemy and More!

Altamura Mesh! PREVIEW skin for The Skin Fair! Suicide Dollz, The Coven, Alchemy and More!

Hey there! I have so much to show you today, I have a NEW designer on my list! I have a fantastic PREVIEW for The Skin Fair And an amazing forever alone preview from a couple of other wonderful designers… Roll The Credits….


{CP}Manic Tattoo – Light

Also has dark shade both are on one HUD that applies to Omega mesh heads, classic tattoo ⇑⇑ layers are included for none mesh users ⇑⇑


*Merlific*  @ Suicide Dollz  Opens Feb 5th – Heart Chest Piercing

⇑⇑ All one attachment, a HUD is included with a choice of 6 colours for the gems. This is ORIGINAL MESH ⇑⇑


+FCC+ @ AlchemyCupid – Shorts
+FCC+ @ AlchemyCupid – Tee

⇑⇑ This is a mesh set with fits for belleza, Maitreya, TMP, Tonic and slink, There are also 5 standard mesh sizes included ⇑⇑


Yokai – @ The Coven –  1. LoveSick Day  – Cigarette – RARE
Yokai – @ The Coven – 10. LoveSick Day – Crown – (black/red)
Yokai @ The Coven – 14. LoveSick Day  – arrow – (red)
Yokai – @ The Coven – 2. LoveSick Day –  blood Earring – (red)

⇑⇑ This is a gacha, the cigarette when clicked will give you options to change the phrase and there are 4 to choose from, The filter also changes colour ⇑⇑


7 Deadly s[K]ins –  ZORA – sand


⇑⇑ The face applier is @ The Fetish Fair as named in bold, This is available for Omega and LeLutka in 5 shades with 2 options, with or without freckles. PREVIEW for The Skin Fair are 7 Deadly s{K}ins NEW body HUD’s for Omega and these will be available in ALL 15 skin tones! The HUD is sooo nice with 4 clear choices, plain, beauty marks, mild freckles and heavy freckles.⇑⇑


NEW Designer!!!

Altamura: 2- “STEFANY” mesh full body AV2.V3
Altamura:“STEFANY” shape
Altamura: – AV3 NAILS B v 1.3.5

⇑⇑ I am very happy to be on the Altamura blog team! I am showing you today a full mesh body, You can choose to wear just the head or just the body, shape is included (I did modify the body!) Alpha layers, make-up appliers, skin appliers (Not used!) There are three choices for the feet, flat, mid and high and also 3 choice of hands. The alpha HUD is amazing you can hide tiny parts! There are layers for tattoos, Lingerie and 2 layers for clothing. For the head there are 3 types of lashes, and spaces to save any appliers, You can also tint any of the layers and save the colour. On the HUD for the head there are also animations. If you wish to use Omega you can by purchasing the Omega converter. Id like to point out that the mesh clothing I am wearing is for Lara Maitreya and there are no issues! ⇑⇑


[DUE] – Kyoko
{S0NG} :: Mao~ Grey @ The Gacha Garden
=Zenith= – Detroit Boots (Black) @ Uber

♥♥♥ That’s all for now! I will be back later on with more awesomeness! Happy Shopping ♥♥♥

Photo’s taken at Junk Town

Holy Gacha’s for princess’s, Kinky masks, skin(y) Nora and much more!

Holy Gacha’s for princess’s, Kinky masks, skin(y) Nora and much more!

No clues in the title… LOL. Well there is but only for my crazy mind! So I’ll break it down to you my lovely.. Roll the credits…


[Avenge] @ Kinky Event (Last Day!) – Bunny Fetish Mask – latex – ORIGINAL Mesh!! Made by Avenge.

{CP}Medi – Metal boob cover

{CP}Medi – Panties

{CP}Medi  – Top (Dress)

⇑Texture change HUD Included⇑

-[TWC]- @ SaNaRaeRosarie – #10 RARE

⇑HUD’s for Omega, Maitreya, Slink male and female, TMP and classic layers for none mesh, This tattoo will apply to the face and the body⇑


!head desk!  (The hair store that is part of FacePalm) – Nora – grayscale

⇑NEW in-store release. 2 sizes and a choice of 8 colour packs, This hair is mesh⇑


7 Deadly s{K}insMeiLin – Powder tone – worn with LeLutka Simone and Slink HG body.

⇑Part of the Valentine Advent. Join the group for 1000L and get 11k worth of skin! AND there are so many other benefits from being in this group there shall be Group Exclusives in abundance!⇑

:[P]:Absole Shield Cuff – HUD-Controlled

⇑An Older release⇑

DP – Koffin NailsGlossy Dots – RARE

⇑For slink/omega and Maitreya. These are a previous gacha item for OMG Gacha!⇑


I used poses By Poseidon

⇑Check out the Market Place Store

=Zenith= @ Uber Detroit Boots (Black)
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass
IKON Triumph Eyes – Wight (M)
.LeLutka. Head –  Simone 2.2 – bento

That is all for now my dears! Hope you all have an amazing weekend and Happy Shopping! I’ll be back soon with a brand new designer that I now happen to blog for! Exciting!

More from SlackGirl!

More from SlackGirl!

I am back! like lightning 😀 I have some more from SlackGirl to show you and this one was released for an event called Designer Circle.


I am showing you LeColour and this is for Catwa, Akeruka and Omega mesh heads, each pack will have 8 classic tattoo colours. I chose the first option on the HUD and I am wearing it Simone Bento (LeLutka)


Hair By [DUE] – Olyvia – pastel 5 (gacha item)

♥♥♥I’ll ne back sooon! Happy shopping♥♥♥