BLASPHEMIC, FacePalm, SlackGirl and Plastik!

BLASPHEMIC, FacePalm, SlackGirl and Plastik!

It’s late here but I really wanted to get this post out before I go and chillax that said… it is 00.29 hours here in the UK so I will be up till about … 5am? lol, anyhow, Now I have bored you with that useless information let me get down to business and huh… Roll the credits..


NEW in-store for FacePalm are my shorts “Mae” you get standard layers for none mesh bodies and a multi-HUD that works with Maitreya, Slink and Omega compatible meshes, There are 7 versions to choose from and today I am wearing the Skulls version.

I teamed these up with two items from BLASPHEMIC, The boots “Lara flag boots” are mesh and available in-store, there are 15 country flag based to choose from and one Jolly Roger (Skull and cross bones) I am showing you the England version because I am a brit :DD Also, these are sizeable via left click and are one size. My shirt is an earlier release from BLASPHEMIC and this is “Sula” in black, Of course it is mesh and comes in 5 standard mesh sizes and mesh fits for both slink female mesh bodies and maitreya mesh body. There are 7 colours to choose from and 3 versions the one I am wearing, Net and Sheer.


I am wearing SlackGirl eyes “Silvy” they are mesh and are sizeable via left click an HUD is included and that allows you to chan ge the colour of each eye seperatly so you can mix N match all 8 colours.


For those who live in a cafe…. The Epiphany is OPEN and I have Plastik’s additions to the event to show you. This gacha is “Crystalle Boho” I am going to list the items I am wearing below for a better understanding and I shall include the gacha key so that you can have a butchers (Brit for have a look)


Rings – Bea Ringset – Maitreya – Darkness – RARE

Bindi – Bolli Bindi – Complex – Darkness – COMMON

Horns – Crystallisk Horns – FULL – RARE

Necklace 1 – Leather Bolo – Darkness – COMMON

Necklace 2 – Lune Necklaces – Darkness – RARE

Necklace 3 – Spire Quartz Pendant – short style – Darkness – COMMON

Crystalle Gatcha - MAIN 1



Poses – Poseidon – Free Running


Other Stuff ……

Skin – CURELESS – Heamoglobine – bare lips / red eyeshadow – Previously at Skin Fair

Scratches – Clemmm – Scratched Blush

Hair – Lamb – Sometimes

That is all for now Dearies, I am off to go and watch some crappy telle before bed xD xoxoxoxox

Shabby Tabby Store release.

Shabby Tabby Store release.


I am so late posting this ! As you know we are decorating IRL so I am limited to PC time and stuffs❤ But here I am (again!) showing you some very shabby chic furniture for your chambre à coucher (That’s French for bedroom…. I googled it! If it is wrong google fails!)

This is a main-store release for Shabby Tabby and is “Rusted Luxe” set and you can buy these seperate or as a fat-pack. The set has the screen, The wall art and the bed, now, we like to keep it classy over huuur so please NOTE the bed is PG ONLY!! What does that mean? No couple poses just single poses. Of course all this is mesh❤


The kitties and the pillows at the back are NOT in the set!!

Kitties – Pixicat – Previously at The Arcade – all of these are gachas

Large Pillow and heart pillow – zerkalo – both previous gacha items

Round corner pillow – Knick Knacks – @ shiny shabby

It’s a short one but you know what they say? Small things come in pretty packages😉❤

Mesh Body Addicts, The Secret Affair, Aii, 7DS, SlackGirl, Aisha, Plastik, #Fashion Events and More!

Mesh Body Addicts, The Secret Affair, 7DS, SlackGirl, Aisha, Plastik, #Fashion Events and More!


I have so much to show you as always! I really love how this look came together and I found a really beautiful place to take the photo’s so …. Roll the credits…

Mask worn on left eyes is by Aisha is at The Fantasy Collective  “Filigree Mask” comes with left and right attachments in 2 versions or one attachment that cover both eyes, all are in black, gold, silver and white.

Skin is by 7DS and this is “Harlyn – Apricot tone” for Omega compatible mesh heads, I used the HUD for maitreya mesh bodies in apricot to match the head, The head HUD comes in two versions in apricot, pineapple, sand and taupe. I am wearing the catwa mesh head “cami”


The Bow is by Aii and will be at Ubume x Origami. This is “Ningyo Obi” pack and I am wearing the lavender/silver each colour has 4 standard mesh sizes and one non-rigged so that you can edit it to fit any body classic or mesh.

Aurica Store have released my tattoo for The Secret Affair “Vilaniere” has legs and body HUD packs in white or black, There are standard layers for classic avatars and HUD’s that work with maitreya, omega, slink and TMP bodies.


Mesh Body Addicts is open July 10th – July 31st. DP – koffin nails have my nails there  and these are “Feather Flair” available in HUD’s that work with slink, Maitreya and belleza, Omega is available but ONLY in the fat-pack that is 275L and singles are 100L, they also have another pack at the event and I shall show you those at a later date.

SlackGirl has NEW eyes and these are at 0n9  “Caliope Eyes” with left and right eyes, both are sizeable and moveable they come with a HUD that has eight colours for each eye so as always you can mix N match these. On9 starts on the 9th of each month.


Another designer at The Secret Affair is Plastik with my necklace and earrings these are “Planted Jewelry” and I am wearing the Pure, this is only included in the fat-pack along with versions for male avatars, The necklace has 5 lengths one of those being a choker.

Shoes are by @Mette’s and are part of #FashionEvent These are “Amaris” and are available to fit belleza, Maitreya and slink mesh feet, A HUD is included that allows you to change top, platform, spikes, buckle and sole parts of the shoe colour.

Other stuff……..

Head dress – LOVE – Midnight lotus (previously @ FF)

Petals – *N* – Sakura (previously @ FF)

Lotus – OXIDE – Kannon Lotus Pedestal (previous Gami Gacha item)

Hair – Little Bones – Yuno – Group Gift 100L to join

That is all for now pretties❤ Happy Shopping!

NEW BLASPHEMIC, SlackGirl, Merlific, 7DS, Plastik and Pin-Up!

NEW BLASPHEMIC, SlackGirl, Merlific, 7DS, Plastik and Pin-Up!


Many NEW releases to show you in this post! Yes, we’re still decorating IRL so I am limited to PC time BUT I am here now so let’s do this….. Roll the Credits….

Pants are by Merlific and are at Suicide Dollz. They are mesh and come with various fits for mesh bodies and standard mesh sizes with an alpha layer for none mesh avatars, “Sammy Pants” have four versions to choose from and today I am showing IF YOU and these has text on the back as seen in the photo.


Skin is by 7DS  and is at Mesh Body Addicts NOW! This is “Maren” for LeLutka and body HUD’s for Slink, Phatazz, Tango, Maitreya and Omega compatible mesh bodies. You have three shades to choose from and they are Pineapple, Sand and Powder, I am showing you the Powder tone and these are 100% none edit photo’s with NO make-up worn, You also have cleavage and no cleavage and freckles and no freckles in-fact,  the face HUD has four variations of the amount of freckles.


My Shirt is by BLASPHEMIC  and is NEW in-store. “Mae Top” is mesh and comes with mesh fits for various mesh bodies and five fitted mesh sizes, I am showing you the black version maitreya mesh fit. This comes in baby blue, baby girl, berry, black, nude, purple and red.

The Tattoo is by Pin-up, this is a brand new designer for me so you shall be seeing much more! The one I am showing you today is “Fortuna” there are three shades to choose from 40% 60% and 80% and chose 60%, HUD’s that work with Maitreya, Belleza and Omega are available.

Plastik are at We❤ Rp! with “Elementalis Horns and crown” I have chosen to show you the crown as they are both separate attachments, The crown is from the smoke pack and I chose Liquid, In each pack there are six horn versions and two crown in large and small PLUS a HUD to change the colour of the crown, the combinations are endless! And even more so when there are 20 versions to choose from and if you buy the Fat-pack you get six more FREE!!!


My eyes are by SlackGirl, I have showed you these in previous posts and I like them so much I am back wearing them again! “Silvy Eyes” are mesh and sizeable and moveable, Each eye has eight colours to choose from, so, Mix ‘N’ Match them or don’t the choice is yours!


Poses are by Poseidon and these are from the “Free Running” Pack, You can grab these from EXPO up until the end of this month.


That is all for now my beauties!! I shall be back as soon as I can❤ Mwah Happy Shopping!

Buy Now Event ONLINE! Suicide Dollz, The Liaison Collaborative and NEW Releases!

Buy Now Event ONLINE! Suicide Dollz, The Liaison Collaborative and NEW Releases!

Hey there my Lovelies! Forgive my midweek absence we are decorating our RL abode (well hubby is! I just shout my orders :D) so my use of the PC is limited unless we want paint all over the shop😉 Talking of shop…. Roll the credits!!


I have a new wonderful designer and I am very happy to be part of the AURICA STORE blogger team! This is who made the amazing tattoo I am wearing, “Redo” is for Buy Now the online shopping event, that is the direct link for the tattoo and you can find more information about buy now  here in-world.

My shirt is By Chemical Princess and you can find “Witch Vest” at Suicide Dollz, it has mesh fits for both slink female mesh bodies and fitted mesh in standard mesh sizes, The HUD has 12 colours/textures to choose from! You can see CP other suicide dollz design in my last post.

I have NEWS from The Liaison Collaborative and Plastik.

Plastik have my earrings “Marris” and Necklace “Wenje” at the event, The earrings I am showing you are “Witch – small version” they are only available if you buy the fat-pack!!! The Necklace is “Noir – large version” all of these are HUD controlled, meaning you can change part by the use of the HUD.


SlackGirl have NEW main store  releases! One of those being my eye make-up “Color” for Catwa mesh heads and Classic Avatars, There are 8 colours to choose from and I am showing you #6. One of the other release I am showing you are my eyes and these are “Silvy” They are mesh and are sizeable and movable, The HUD has 8 colours for each eye, so, You can mix and match them!

Also at Buy Now are DP – koffin nails with “On Wednesdays” nail HUD’s for Maitreya, Omega (Fat-pack ONLY!) and Slink are available with 9 variations to choose from, In my last post you can see another one of those. YOU NEED MESH TO WEAR THESE.


Poseidon have just released the poses I used in the main-store, These are “Pretty Sailor” poses and are sailor moon inspired, There is a huge 22 poses to choose from !!


Other Stuff……

Gloves, Skirt, Panties and Boots – Moon Elixir @ Crystal Hearts

Hair, Choker and Wand – miwa x nani – Moon Child – Previously @ Gami Gacha

Hair pin and Bindi – TABOU – Yuri – Previously @ Gami Gacha

Happy Shopping❤ !

BLASPHEMIC, SlackGirl & Chemical Princess and MORE!!!

BLASPHEMIC, SlackGirl & Chemical Princess and MORE!!!


BLASPHEMIC  have just released my skirt, this is “Mora” and is mesh, there are standard mesh sizes and mesh fits for Freya, Isis, BOTH female slink bodies, Venus, TMP and Maitreya. There are 8 colours in the fat-pack and each pack has a HUD that allows you to change the colour of the strings.

Chemical Princess are at Suicide Dollz with “Back Stabbed” you get bloody scissors and the wounds come in three levels of aggression, Light, Middle and Hard. There are Omega HUD’s that work with mesh bodies and standard tattoo layers for none mesh avatars.


I have two awesome’s to show you from SlackGirl and these are both in the main store. My lashes “LashColl18” are for Catwa mesh heads, there are two versions, the first, has the end of the top lash spread and version two has the same place curled up. I am wearing version two. The second designs by SlackGirl is “I Cry” for Catwa and classic heads, The pack has three versions and these vary in the amount of tears, I am showing you the third option.


My eyes are by Plastik and you can see more about the skin that goes with these in my previous post. They are from the “Draziele Skin” pack.

DP – koffin nails is part of a unique online shopping event called Buy Now   That link is for the information area where you can find out all you need to know about the event. I am showing you “On Wednesdays” nails that are in the event, HUD’s for Maitreya, Slink and Omega are available and there are 9 to choose from on each HUD. Omega is only in the fat-pack and that is 290L or you can buy singles for 120L each.

Other Stuff……

Band-Aid – ((Biyo)) – Nose Bandaid – No Bulling

Hair – Beusy   @ The Crystal Hearts Festival – Aphrodite – specials

Harness – LUAS – Eterna – with coins – black

Head – Catwa  – Annie Vampire

Socks – katat0nik – Dark Prison

Bra – Blueberry – Oakley

Bracelet – REIGN – Boho – black

NEW hair, Gothic accessories, Demonic skin and more!!!

NEW hair, Gothic accessories, Demonic skin and more!!!

Well Hi! I have some delicious NEW releases to show you today from some of the best designers on the grid!! My seed of Inspiration came from the skin… so let me tell you all about it.. Roll the credits!


Plastik have recently released my skin and it is from the “Draziele” skin range the one I am showing you is “Azmodal” These packs have standard layers for none mesh bodies for the skin, brows, eyes and tattoos. HUD’s that work with belleza, bentbox and soul ears, omega head and body, Catwa, genesis, slink, lelutka  mesh heads and maitreya mesh body, Also mesh eyes in black, silver and gold and you get the nail HUD toooo! Go get eeet in the main-store, Yo!

SlackGirl has NEW hair in-store! I am showing you one of those today and this is “Megg” There are two versions, the other one has hair tucked behind the left ear and this version also comes in non-rigged mesh so that you can fit it to any head. You have a choice of four colour packs, black and whites, blondes, browns and reds.


It is that time of year again and time for Indie Teepee, Event starts July 8th and ends July 24th, the theme is Midsummer Nights. ZIBSKA has her amazing designs there and today I am showing you some of the items from that set. This is “Narcisse Set” and consists of horns (Left and right) Horn bridge (worn on head between horns and around them) A collar is included in the set and I am NOT wearing that, with all this you also get a HUD that allows you to change the colour of all accessories the collar having two accents, meaning, you can choose two colours or make it all one colour. There is also a limited make-up gift for you to grab so be sure to go and check it out.

The halo is “Black Magatama Halo” and by Aii  it is from the Great Kitsune Gacha and this can be found at Gami Gacha along with the skybox I used to take the pics, it is by Distorted Dreams and is called “Tranquil Lotus Skybox”

Vengeful Threads are at Genre with my necklace “Dark Cameo Necklace” for the New Republic (American/French Revolution) theme.


MMC are at Phat Fashion Fair with my body suit “Angeline” HUD’s that apply the outfit to Maitreya, Belleza, Omega, Eve and slink (standard layers included in each pack) with a choice of 10 colours on each, The event offers this to you for 79L after the event this shall be in main-store for 99L.

I used poses that are NEW from Poseidon and they are from the “Pretty Sailor” pack, these are Sailor Moon inspired poses that are unlike any others! There are 22 poses in all.

Other Stuff….

Head – LeLutka – EVER

Body – Maitreya

Arms – {-MK+tomoto,-} – Senju-26 – Monotone pack.

7DS @ Suicide Dollz and NEW store designs By ZIBSKA plus SlackGirl has her eye on YOU!

7DS @ Suicide Dollz and NEW store designs By ZIBSKA plus SlackGirl has her eye on YOU!



@ Suicide Dollz

Skin – FAYA – Pineapple – For LeLutka mesh heads – also available in oak – Head HUD has 4 options, I am showing you the first option, others have more beauty spots and freckles. Included in the box are HUD’s that apply the skin to Omega bodies and Slink hands and feet. Other applier HUD’s sold separately.


Main Store

Necklace & Earrings – Lupe Deux – Colour change HUD included to change the texture of all items.

Dress – Santuzza dress – 5 mesh sizes and mesh fits for SLINK (both bodies) Maitreya and TMP – Colour change HUD inluded to change the body of the dress and the harness, an alpha layer is included for none mesh bodies.



Main Store

Eyes – Furr Eyes – mesh eyes that are sizeable and adjustable – HUD included with 10 colour options per eye, You can have them different colours or the same colour.

DP – Koffin Nails

@ Cosmetic Fair

Nails – Crazy Daisy – HUD’s for Maitreya and slink – also Omega (Use at your own risk) 9 option for hands and 9 for feet on the HUD’s.

Anything else….

Hair – [e] – Betty – previously @ Vintage Fair

Head – LeLutka – EVER

Body – Maitreya

Pose – BTTB – SL13 Gift @ Kustom9

Photos taken at SL13B

Happy Shopping❤

Shabby Tabby @ LTD

Shabby Tabby @ LTD


This set is STILL at the LTD event although it does say till 26th, I have checked and double checked sooooo HURRY and go make it yours.

Set includes

Avignon Table

Avignon Screen

Avignon Mirror


If you are late reading this and want this set just take the taxi to Shabby Tabby main store and there it shall be❤

Everything Else

Dolls and rocking horse – Vintage Ponies & Dolls RARE and COMMONS – Bad Seed – @ Shiny Shabby

House – Lovers Nest Cottage RARE – DRD @ The Arcade

Happy Shopping❤

NEW releases From SlackGirl and 7DS.

NEW releases From SlackGirl and 7DS.

I have to fantastic releases for you today!

My eyes are by SlackGirl and these are NEW just released and available in-store. They are “Crystalia Eyes” that are mesh and sizeable, You also get a HUD that allows you to change the colour of each eye with a choice of 8 colours each ranging from greens, blues and browns.


7DS are at the new round of Kinky Event with the skin I am wearing. This one is “Donna” and is available in HUD’s that will apply the face to LeLutka and the body to phatazz, slink and tango in Marshmellow. There are four options for the face pictured below and the body has freckle options and cleavage options. Kinky Monthly restarts every 25th of the month, Event is OPEN!!!


My earrings are by ZIBSKA and I have more from that set in my next post, all I will say for now is the set is a new release and is in-store,  the set is called “Deux”

I will be back soon with more on that set and the hair❤