7 Deadly s{K}ins, SlackGirl, Plastik, Dark Passions and MMC.

7 Deadly s{K}ins, SlackGirl, Plastik, Dark Passions and MMC.

As always lots n lots to show you! I’m loving this sweet/not-so-sweet number I put together, The white whispers “Innocent” whilst the horns scream “You think so?” It all started with the latest group gift from little bones “Dion” go join the group and get yours, this hair is animated AND includes ALL colour HUD’s! 100L one off fee!! With that said… roll the credits…


My eye make-up is by SlackGirl and this is available in-store for Catwa and Akeruka mesh heads, Standard layers are included in each pack for none mesh users, there are 8 colours to choose from and this is called “Grace” I teamed the shadow up with lashes also by SlackGirl and these are “LashColl21” for Catwa and also available in-store.


The skin I am showing you is from 7 Deadly s{K}ins and this is “Vision” for slink, omega and maitreya mesh bodies, I am wearing the “Powder” tone with Catwa  Candy head and Slink HG mesh body, One HUD for the face and for the body with or without cleavage, You can get this skin from Haus of Swag till November 4th.


Also at Haus of Swag are my nails and they are by  Dark Passions – Koffin Nails These are “Lushious Lips” pack 2, there is another pack that has a combination of lips on striped and plain black backgrounds. They come in HUD’s that apply to Slink, Maitreya and Omega, This is a Non-Exclusive NEW release so will be in-store after the event BUT you will pay more!

I’ve shown you some pretties by Plastik that are at The Epiphany and today I am showing you more from “Halleskulle” gacha, I am wearing the whole RARE set “Halle” and it also comes with a HUD so that you can change parts of metals, gems, ribbons, skulls and horns.


My little white number is from .:MMC:. and is “Chandra” in standard layers for none mesh and HUD’s that apply to Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Omega, TMP and EVE.

These eyes are at The Nightmare Event and are by [NANI] “Albino” is a hunt prize and comes in pink and blue mesh eyes and standard layer eyes.

That’s all for today, Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have fun shopping!❤

9 designers spun in to a ball of sugar.

9 designers spun in to a ball of sugar.

Hey ! Today I have 7 great designers to show you! From hair, make-up, nails and more! Some of these are in events and some have NEW in-store releases. Sooooo, let me roll the credits..

(In Order of My Inventory)



SlackGirl has a NEW store release and that is of course my make-up. This is perfect for this time of the year “Sugar Baby” is for Catwa and Omega mesh heads and you also get standard layers for none mesh users, There are 5 colour combinations to choose from.

My eyes are by Vengeful Threads and are available at Twe12ve “Possession Eyes” are mesh and come in 6 colours, I am wearing (your left) Aqua and (right) Void, an alpha layer is included if you need it.

NEW store release also for Aurica Store and that is my tattoo. “Huyasi” has 2 styles and they are Fresh or Faded on a HUD that works with Omega, TMP, Slink and Maitreya.

The top I am wearing , not the jacket I’ll come to that later. It is by BLACK HAUS and is yours from The Black Dot Project till November 4th. It is mesh and each colour has fits for Maitreya, Slink HG and Slink Physique, there are also 2 standard mesh sizes, I am showing you the black and the other colours are Pink, red and White.


Another NEW store release and this time from BLASPHEMIC “Cilla” is hair and is mesh, each colour (and there are too many to mention!! But let’s say there are TONS!) has Unrigged mesh, Rigged and one for Le Boobies. I am wearing colour “Raven”

Plastik are at The Epiphany –  (Off sim shopping) with an awesome gacha set “Halleskulle” in my previous post I showed you more of this set and today I am showing you “Muerta Rings” These will fit maitreya hands and slink casual hands, you can choose from 3 styles and use the HUD to change the colour of the skulls and there are 20 of those to choose from.

I have a NEW designer on my team and they are The Slut Shop, This outfit is “Leather Wrapped Half Top Outfit” a mesh outfit that includes the jacket and panties, There are 5 standard mesh sizes and fits for maitreya, BOTH slink bodies, ALL Belleza Bodies, Tonic and TMP, There is a HUD for each item and there are 6 very nice leather textures to choose from.


“Sugar Skulls” nails are by Dark Passions – Koffin Nails and these are at Trick or Treat Lane till November 4th, they come in singles at 100L each HUD pack and they are Maitreya, Slink and Omega or buy the Fat-pack for just 275L. As always really great detail on these and again perfect for this time of year.


Chemical Princess are at The Darkness Chamber Fair with my skirt “Jolos” this is a mesh skirt in fitmesh and fits for Maitreya, I am showing you the plain black one and there are 3 other styles to choose from, Cunt, Moon and Princess.

Photo’s were taken at Cadaverum – Legend has it the place is haunted –  a refuge for zombies and the other horrors of the world. Horror theme sim – including giant graveyard – mad scientist lab – haunted house – carnival – junk area beach.

I used poses by Del May “Provocative” “Devine Freak #1” and Bauhaus Movement “Melanie” and “Blind, Torture, Kill”

That is that 9 sugar coated Designs you need! Happy Shopping and Happy weekend!

NEWS from The Epiphany and MORE awesomness!

NEWS from The Epiphany and MORE awesome-ness!

So much wonders to show you today and most of these are at events. There is off sim shopping for The Epiphany and here is the LINK just in-case like me you’re bat crazy to get in to newly opened events. A lot of events do this now and I am very happy they do, it makes life so much easier! Anyways…. It is that time when I show you the awesome shiz I am wearing.. Roll the credits..


So many events this time of year! It’s hard to choose the one’s to go to and injure the lag monster. That is what I am here for! I give you all the information just so that you can fly sim to sim and grab these goodies.

Let’s start with ZIBSKA

The collar is from the set “Seraphine” in the set also includes a headpiece (NOT wearing!) A HUD is included and there are 7 colours on the HUD to choose from. You can go grab this from The Liaison Collaborative till October 30th.

ZIBSKA are also at this round of We❤ Role-play till October 31st with “Abadon” I am in love with this! You get mesh bodysuit in 4 standard mesh sizes, collar (twigs on shoulder) skirt and the birds, the birds are 3 attachments so have many birds or just a few that choice is yours. (alpha layers are also included for none mesh avatars)


Next up is NEWS from The White Crow They have my tattoo at The Seasons Story. “Rabbid” is a full face and body tattoo, there is a standard layer and HUD’s that work with Maitreya, Slink, TMP and Omega mesh heads. It’s funny when I recieved the notice for this item I actually said in real life to my other half “I just love opeing an item that’s called rabbid” yes I was cited’ and not dissapointed!

Aii always puts out awesome stuffs! I know that and if you don’t and love the weird and wonderful you’re about to be edjucated on a store that you shall want to add to your faves! Yes, The Ugly & Beautiful is that store and today I am showing you “Empty Eye 1” and these are at Project Se7en In all there are 12 versions to choose from.


How I love to hate The Epiphany but how I love The Plastik gacha there! In that teeny-weeny gacha machine you shall find many many sparkles that are part of the “Halleskulle Gacha”   Just a few I show ye today and they are…

Bracelets – Halle Horn Set – RARE

Boots – Skelle Boots – RARE – for maitreya, slink anf belleza mesh feet – Colour change HUD is included.

Earrings – Marrow/Darkness – COMMON

Rings – Fourskulle – for Maitreya and slink casual – COMMON

Dark Passions – koffin nails have to be my first choice of nails, B always puts so much creativeness into her designs and no nails are ever the same and she caters for EVERYONE! The one’s I am showing you today are for “Genre” right up till November 11th! “Rise of the Cthulhu”  are EXCLUSIVE to Genre’s Lovecraft Themed Event, There are 12 singles to choose from they are 1ooL for event more thereafter,  Or grab the fat-pack that includes Maitreya, slink and Omega compatible HUD’s for just 275L.


My skin is a previous event item and should return back to store real soon (If not already!) This is “Judy” a retro feel skin and it is by 7 Deadly s{K}ins, I am showing you it in cotton candy tone with cleavage and without freckles. The head HUD is Omega and you can choose from no make-up to just eye liner, just lips or combination of lips and liner, Lips are in pink or red.

That concludes todays post❤ Happy shopping !

Abstract Soul at The Mad Circus.

Abstract Soul at The Mad Circus.

Something a little different today, I shall talk more about the outfit I am wearing in my next post because for now I wanted to show you these amazing light statues. For a change I made the photo black and white just because…. no reason at all it just popped that way🙂 They actually glow white but I did change the colour of each one so the left (your left) is black, the other one I made red but you canni see that😀



These statues are just awesome, you won’t see in a photo their full potential (Hoping to find a programme so that I can show you in the future!) The light flows through them making them emerge and disappear in vivid light.

Who makes these? They’re by Abstract Soul and for this particular project Methias Kira (the store owner) has teamed up with Fox Nacht who owns by Nacht Store to bring you these for The Mad Circus 2 event, this is a pack of two but I’m just showing you one and that is called “Lucifer Standalone” Land impact is just 4 for this one and they are both Modify, copy and NO transfer.

Mad Circus 2 is OPEN till October 31st.

That is all for now! Have a great day and I shall be back soon with more awesomeness, yep! I will be talking about the outfit from head to toe❤


SlackGirl @ Twe12ve Event.

SlackGirl @ Twe12lve Event.


Oh that’s messed up! SlackGirl is known for exploring the unusual and this time she has out done herself. I have to say that I LOVE this one, I mean, It is like it was made for me!


This is “Messed Head” for Catwa and Classic avatars, There are 5 variations to choose from and just because I love them all I am showing you them all! Where is it? Well, you can go grab this wonderful creation over at Twe12lve Event, the event opens on the 12th of each month until the end of each month. So go on, go-go, go!!!


SlackGirl @ Labyrinth.

SlackGirl @ Labyrinth.

Have you been to the Labyrinth event yet?

I have and so should you!

Just one of the Designers there is SlackGirl. She has an amazing set for Catwa mesh heads and Classic avatars. Today I am showing you “Aril” There are two parts, the eye make-up (full face application) in 8 colours and the mesh headdress. A HUD is included that allows you to change parts of the headdress and the are the Branches, The petals and the middle of the flowers.


This is such a beautiful set that will dazzle and have people asking “Where did you get that from? Well, now you know🙂

The lips are also by SlackGirl and these are “Missing” and available in-store for Catwa ONLY! There are 10 colours to choose from.

Event runs till October 30th.

Events you must attend, FT The best designers on the grid.

Events you must attend, FT The best designers on the grid.

Today I have NEWS from numerous events that my awesome designers are in. They have it ALL covered from head to toe and then back up again!😉 So let’s get down to business … Credits Below.


The Nightmare Event

Hat – Asteroid Box – Witchy Hat – black

Eyes – CURELESS [+] – Geology of the Moon – Left/Coal & Right/Metal

The Liaison Collaborative

{Till October 30th}

Eye shadow – Zibska – Selise – 14 colours for classic avatars and HUD’s for Catwa, Lelutka, TMP and Omega.

Lips – Zibska – Sorcha – 30 colours for Catwa, Lelutka, TMP and Omega.

Tongue – .:Soul:. – Lickers – Human Split Tongue – Includes HUD’s for animations and colours (BUNCHES!)

Belt – :[P]: – Pentre – Fitted for Maitreya, BOTH FEMALE slink bodies, Belleza and one for classic avatars (Re-Size and rock it on a male avi?)


Suicide Dollz

Dress – {CP} – Slay – Fitted for Maitreya, BOTH FEMALE slink bodies, Isis, Freya, Venus and TMP. Includes a HUD that has 8 colours for the dress part and scarf part so you can have them a different colour or the same.

Cheek Gauges – *Merlific* – Triple Stretch – Celtic – RARE


Totally Top Shelf

Skin – [NM] – Fallen – Witching (also available for Wizards!) – versions with or with out cleavage and brows in standard skins and HUD’s that apply to Belleza, Catwa, EVE, Maitreya, Slink, Laq and Omega compatible meshes.

Tattoo – ~Endless Pain~ – Beat the Reaper – For classic avatars and HUD’s for Belleza, Catwa, Maitreya, Omega, Slink and TMP.

We❤ Role-Play

Prop – .AiShA. – Vintage Bike Broom – In black or brown – 3 animations and a HUD that allows you tochange the colour of the metal to gold or silver.

Collar – :[P]: – Archimede – Emerald –  For male and female – Included a HUD that allows you to change the texture of the filling inside the jar – 10 packs to choose from and there are 20 colours in all (see Below)


Hair – .:EMO-tions:. – Selma – includes hair bases in standard layers and HUD’s that apply to Catwa, Lelutka and Omega.

Chapter Four

Earrings – :[P]: – Yui – Swamps – 10 packs and 20 colours in all (see Below) HUD allows you to change the colour of the crystal.



Hands – CURELESS&DISORDERLY – Disembodied Witch Hands – Open – RARE – includes HUD to change the hand, metals and leather.


Shoes – REIGN – Classic Jane heels and stockings (only available in FATPACK!)

That is that for now❤ Happy Saturday!

You Gatcha and Cosmetic Fair.

You Gatcha and Cosmetic Fair.

Continuing from my last post I am showing you the rest of the outfit I was wearing (And still am! Ewwww Dirty sinny >.<!) Anyways, You can see the my other post here.


The skin I am showing you now without make-up, this is how the skin should be! It is by 7 Deadly s{K}ins for Cosmetic Fair and is “Meili – Powder” it’s for LAQ mesh heads but because the HUD is Omega compatible I am wearing mine with [AK] Kioko mesh head, it may not fit all mesh heads so try a DEMO. This is available in 7 skin tones in 8 face HUD’s. Included are HUD’s for slink, tango and phatazz, other mesh body HUD’s are sold separately in-store.


BLACK HAUS Are at You Gatcha  with my outfit. This is “Meow” available in blue, red, pink and white with HUD’s that apply to maitreya, slink and omega compatible meshes. Besides the bodysuit you also get tail ears and socks so that your feet are completely covered by them, they are just an extension to the bodysuit.

That’s all for now guys! Happy shopping !❤

Chapter Four, Suicide Dollz, Nightmare Event and Soul.

Chapter Four, Suicide Dollz, Nightmare Event and Soul.


SlackGirl is at Chapter Four  with my Eyeshadow “Lilia” There are 8 shades to choose from in classic tattoo layers for none mesh and HUD’s that work with Catwa and Akeruka mesh heads. Chapter Four opens on the 4th of each month so you can go grab them now!

The head is one of my favourites by Akeruka and it is “Kioko” NEW version 1.3 and Bento included.

Suicide Dollz opens today! and Merlific are there with a gacha, “Triple Stretch Gacha” That is my cheek plugs, there are 3 RARE and 5 COMMON all are just awesome! You can edit these to fit any head shape, I am showing you one of the RARE’s and these are “Celtic”


I showed you these ears in my last post and I like them so much I am still wearing them only this time, I changed the colour and the texture so you get an Idea of how they tint. “Uni Ears – Royal Elf”  are at The Labyrinth and that link will take you right to .:Soul:.

My eyes are part of “Soul Reaper” set and these are by Cole’s Corner and available at The Nightmare Event, You really need to go check out the rest of the set because it is all kindsa awesome.

DP – Koffin Nails are at Pumpkin Town with my nails and these are “Skele-Kitty tree. These are available in HUD’s that work with Slink, Maitreya and Omega. They are a Hunt Prize and would usually and will be after the event 150L soooo you know? Yep, go-go go!

In my next post I shall be talking more about the skin and the outfit I am wearing but for now hunnies that is all from me, Happy Shopping❤

TLC, The Labyrinth, WLRP, TTS, Nightmare event and The Mad Circus!

TLC, The Labyrinth, WLRP, TTS, Nightmare event and The Mad Circus!

Can October be all year? It kinda is here on my blog, I love all gory, dark and alternative! It just means for me, all my designers are on the same page of “Horror” and that suits me fine! In fact, yesterday Ripley Darwin (the owner of FacePalm) asked me and I quote ” why did you let me embrace this insanity?????” Because she made a complete avatar with “Halloween” written all over it, well not literally… Anyhow.. Let’s get down to business and roll the awesomeness…


Make-up – SlackGirl – The Night – made for classic avatars, Akeruka, Catwa and Omega mesh heads, Also black eyes are included and these can be moved and sized. This is at The Mad Circus 2

Head – [AK] – Kioko

Collar – BLASPHEMIC – Bree – Red

Shawl – Zibska – Avery – This is sizeable and includes a HUD that allows you to change the colour of the ruffles (10 colours) and the antlers (20 colours). You can get this at We❤ Role-play until October 31st.

Body tattoo – ::MeowAndStuff:: – Bones – classic tattoo layers and Omega HUD included. This is at The Nightmare Event

Headband – .DirtyStories. – Witch Headband – this is sizeable and includes a HUD that allows you to change the colour of the skulls and there are 6 to choose from. This is at this round of Totally Top Shelf.


Tongue – .:Soul:. – Lickers – Human Split Tongue – Includes HUD’s that animate your tongue and another to change the texture into realistic or Goos, Bunches and bunches of textures and moving options. Get these from The Liaison Collaborative – Theme “Darkest Fantasies”

Ears – .:Soul:. – Uni Ears – Royal Elf – You get, tattoo blender rings (classic layers) Alpha layer and a HUD that has a bunch of skin textures so you can match them to your skin OR go and visit Stix they’re just one store that do Uni ear appliers with their skin, I am wearing “Glory – Cream” The ears are at The Labyrinth and it is OPEN!

Nails – DP – Koffin Nails – Arachnophobia – 10 colours to choose from in HUD’s that will apply to Maitreya, Slink and Omega hands and feet. These are EXCLUSIVE to this year’s The Nightmare Event.


Outfit – Chemical Princess – Lucid – fitted mesh for Ebody, Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies plus standard mesh sizes – 2 styles, transparent and normal with each style having 6 colours/textures to choose from. These are at AnyBody Event.


Photo’s were taken at “Haunted Silent Peacock Hotel”

And that is that for today my lovelies. Happy Shopping!❤