About me.

My name is Sinful Rhapsody in-world and I am a blogger for second Life. I’ve been told by many over the years that I should blog fashion and it never really interested me. I took a long brake from second Life due to some serious health issues and when I returned I decided to blog, it helps me a lot with my memory and concentration but not only that, it takes me to another place where I can be creative and bring out my emotions and feelings.

I hope to continue on this journey and improve my skills as a writer and photographer.

Recently I have taken on a couple of challenges that I never thought I would do or could do but with some gentle coaxing I have realized that I am able to challenge myself and push myself harder.

I took on the roll of blog manager for the S.O.S festival, a charity event that supports doctors without borders. This is a huge event and my first time taking on such a huge responsibility, needless to say that I enjoyed it very much and look forward to working with the S.O.S team for as long as they will have me.

Because I did a good job with S.O.S I was recommended by Ever, the event owner, to the Christmas Expo team to be considered for their blog manager, they hired me! And I am in the process of working on my first year as blog manager.

Because of my work with S.O.S I have been given many other chances and another of those is being a script writer for AIMS fashion shows. My job is to describe in detail what the models are wearing, as if it were real life, explaining fabric, movement and feel so that the reader gets a real feel for the outfit.

For now, I am pushing myself to my full potential, I cannot accept any invites to blog for anymore designers but I will accept review items and I will consider working with them, although I cannot promise or commit to blogging everything that is sent to me, I will do my best. I reserve the right to only blog review items if they suit my style and/or I have the time.

Thank you for reading.

Sinful Rhapsody.

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