Bee Designs. Refuge. ChiMia & Yokai.


Bee Designs. Refuge. ChiMia & Yokai.

Hi! It’s another décor blog for you today! I am really enjoying doing these kind of posts, in my next post I have more beautiful décor for you so stay tuned! I have been adding and taking away from this set-up for a while now and I am very impressed at my thrown together cuteness! Well, lets face it these designs speak for themselves but a girl has to take some of the credit 😉 speaking of which all the credits and details are below… Enjoy! ♥


Bee Designs “Pretty Girl” gacha

Refuge“Mali Chair” – L/Black – PG or Adult animation sets – HUD CONTROLLED TO CHANGE THE CUSHION AND THE METAL FRAME – @ Equal10! Jan 2019
Refuge“Mali Chair” L/Pink – PG or Adult animation sets – HUD CONTROLLED TO CHANGE THE CUSHION AND THE METAL FRAME – @ Equal10! Jan 2019
ChiMia:: “Sakura” Curtains
ChiMia:: “Ephemeral Fireplace” (White Rust)
Yokai“Panda Mood” – PandaKitty (pink milk) – @ LOOTBOX
Yokai“Tea Piggy” (Pink petal) – GIFT 

JIANPosh Pups :: Brown & White
The LoftDiem’s Room – Table Lamp
dust bunny . storybook living . gramophone
dust bunny . season of giving . owl plushie
dust bunny . season of giving . hand knit blanket . white
dust bunny . season of giving . silk pajamas . white
dust bunny . wanderlust . thrown shirt
Wednesday[+] ~ Raven ~ Hair Styling – COMMON
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room – Vinyl Record Box
[ zerkalo ] True Love – Pillow
.random.Matter.Girl Fight – Grenade [Green]
.random.Matter. – Magical Girl – Crystal Potion [Lilac]
tarte. jar plant
[ keke ] flower cactus
hive // hanging lights
Scarlet Creative –  Manor House – RARE


What next? Hot Chocolate & Cider! [and Tea]


What next? Hot Chocolate & Cider! [and Tea]

Hi guys and gals! I am showing you this set today By What Next, Colonna Hot Chocolate Station has tons of items, 12 to be exact. Below are all the items you get and also I want to mention that this set can be used at any time of the year because there are versions that are not xmasy, if you click the mug stand you can also choose different labels or have them blank. The drink dispensers give out drinks with a click and they have bento animations included! There are some items I do not have on display because they are xmasy but I did add the tea-pot, bowl of apples and the stack of cups which are also by What Next and they are from the Sofia Décor set, a great little set made to fill your shelves and cupboards in your kitchen, you get 7 pieces and they include the cups, teapot, row of glasses, pair of pitchers (jugs) bowl of apples, rows of plates in sets of 3 and 2. All the details for the Colonna Hot Chocolate Station Bar are below along with anything else that I added… Enjoy!


* 12+ piece set
* Includes:
– sideboard – texture-changing with/without shelf decor : 2/3LI
– hot chocolate wall decor – 3 versions – text only/unlit/lit/ 2/2/3LI
– hot apple cider dispenser – 3 versions included – with/without apples decor 2/1LI
– hot chocolate dispenser – 3 versions included 1LI
– 3 rezzable mugs (decor only) – 1LI each
– tabletop easel (texture-changing) 1LI
– mug stand – decor only (texture-changing) 1LI
– syrup bottles 1LI
– candy canes in jug 1LI
– beverage extras – marshmallows & sugar versions included 1LI
– muffins (decor only) 1LI
– cookie jar- gives out a wearable cookie 1LI

total land impact: 17-19 (depending on which versions of some decor used)
– copy/mod (scripts, props & animations are NO mod)
– 100% original mesh

A coalesced (Unlinked rezzes as parts) version of the set is in the packaging, so you can rez it all at once. Rez in edit/build mode for easier repositioning of all the pieces, and then reposition or remove pieces as required.


{what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Blind (large) – Edited to fit window

Apple Fall Gold Leaf Cherries w/ Cup

[ zerkalo ] Weights and Measures of Love – Cups Lamp




Yes, you read that right, today I bring a lil Décor to your pixel lives. I have this small cove in my house that I have been deciding what to do with, well from my lovely Designers I found the perfect fit, it looks so pretty and now! All I have left to do…. is decorate the rest of the house.. I mean, I’ve only had it rezzed out for a month or so 😀 Anyhow… deets are below… Enjoy!

Refuge“Carnegie Lighting”Silver
BackBone“Farmhouse Spring”Table Lamp – Beige
BackBone“Shabby White Finds”Grandfather’s Clock – RARE
BackBone“Shabby White Finds”Repurposed Door Cornershelf – RARE
BackBone“Shabby White Finds”Family Sign
BackBone“Shabby Chic”Doily – (On the floor) – PART OF DECO(C)RATE
BackBone“Shabby Chic”Vase of Roses – (On the floor) – PART OF DECO(C)RATE
**Mistique**“Harmony”Yellow – Seat and table – rattan balls and candles that are both attached to the table.


[ zerkalo ]Vintage Tea PartyCupcake in a Cup Light (on table)
-Strike It- NOW KNOWN AS “KITE” Serenity Flower ClockGreen
Apt BVie en RoseRug
-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (LyingDown)
-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Sprawl)
JIANPosh PupsBrown & White

»»»»»That’s all for now.. SOON NEWS from The Vintage Fair«««««

¡¡¡¡Happy Shopping¡¡¡¡

♥♥Love N Stuff♥♥

©S†nny ♕

Shabby Tabby Store release.


Shabby Tabby Store release.


I am so late posting this ! As you know we are decorating IRL so I am limited to PC time and stuffs ❤ But here I am (again!) showing you some very shabby chic furniture for your chambre à coucher (That’s French for bedroom…. I googled it! If it is wrong google fails!)

This is a main-store release for Shabby Tabby and is “Rusted Luxe” set and you can buy these seperate or as a fat-pack. The set has the screen, The wall art and the bed, now, we like to keep it classy over huuur so please NOTE the bed is PG ONLY!! What does that mean? No couple poses just single poses. Of course all this is mesh ❤


The kitties and the pillows at the back are NOT in the set!!

Kitties – Pixicat – Previously at The Arcade – all of these are gachas

Large Pillow and heart pillow – zerkalo – both previous gacha items

Round corner pillow – Knick Knacks – @ shiny shabby

It’s a short one but you know what they say? Small things come in pretty packages 😉 ❤

Colour me Project Ft SlackGirl for Catwa Mesh Head Open’s October 24th!! Freebies galore, From? Read on !


Colour me Project open tomorrow! Halloween freebies galore you just need some direction … 


Tomorrow will be the first day of Colour me Project, SlackGirl has Lip make-up there for Catwa Mesh Heads. “Kenja Lips” is a HUD that applies the lip texture to catwa heads, on the HUD you have 8 colour variations to choose from! I am wearing the bottom right (blue/Black)

lock_closeeeeeeeeeee lock_lips

My eyes are from Aii “Soul Collector” are mesh eyes and come in lots of other colours, Today I am wearing the Blue, an alpha layer is also included.

M&M have just released my dress, “Butterfly” is a beautiful dress with a HUD to change the body of the dress into 8 shades and colours. It is mesh and has 5 standard mesh sizes.


Nails are at TAG! They are by CerberusXing and are “Heratic Talons” The eye in the palm of my hand is also at TAG! and is by zerkalo it is “Mysterious Eye” The cobra skeleton is again at TAG! and is by CLAVv. “Dark Mahadeva//skeleton 8 cobras – dark” is part of their gacha.


So freebies? Everything else you see is FREE, it’s all from The Fantasy Collective. Below are the items I am wearing and the designers they are by.

Ring –  Tabou irresistible – Murder ring

Headdress – Astralia – Soraya

Bracelets – Caboodle (NO LM FOUND) – Wrist Ribbons – black

Collar – Kibitz – Dinty – Onyx

EarCuffs – Ricielli – Hera – black

Hair – Damselfly – Amarie – includes HUD

And that’s all from me ❤ Happy Friday !

Thick Event V.I.P Super Natural! Plus colabbor88 goodies and fi*Friday


Today I have another thick event V.I.P for you! Plus some items I picked up at COLLABOR88 & fi*Friday.

bare_046Firstly, the body suit is from Supernatural and is at Thick Event which remains open for the rest of the week before a new round. The body suit comes in two colours black & pink, It has appliers for Belleza, Matreya, Omega, WowMeh, Banned lola & Brazilia. I have mentioned before that if you have the Maitreya Lara Body you can get the omega converter to enable you to use them it’s linked HERE they are worth getting even if it’s just to wear this sexy body suit. I am showing you the black one in the pictures , the pink one is just as pretty and sexy! It’s totally see through but tasteful not trashy just very sexy! There is a tiny flower just in between the cleavage , so dainty and beautiful this body suit just screams WoW. I have linked both the store and the event so go check them both out ❤

Onto the hoodie, It’s from *katatonik* and available to buy at collabor88 . I have on the Black plain but it also comes in black with hibiscus flowers and yes , you do get them both in one pack!! I also picked up the hair from collabor88 It’s by [elikatira] and is called Lena, I got the essentials pack, I love it !

My stockings , I picked up from fi*Friday . They are by Go*Diva and you get the full fatpack for just 55L, Including appliers for Belleza, Booty, Brazilia, Maitreya, Omega, TMP, slink & WowMeh!! You get Black, pink, red & white.

I took this picture at home ❤ and picked up the sofa, books, cups, wall art &  cushions from Shiny Shabby event, They are from the gatcha for [zerkalo] I almost pee’d when I got the sofa! (SERIOUSLY) because it took me two days to do so but you know when you HAVE to have something? Yup! This was one of those times! It’s a rare item and I am now the proud owner and I shall lock it away and never ever leave it …. *giggles* The dresser was a group gift at fameshed last round, It’s by Exposeur and was a gift for fameshed’s birthday.

*Takes a breath*

Okay, I think that’s it! Anything not linked above is below with the pics. ❤ thanks for reading and enjoy! ❤


Body- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Shape- Own


Head-  LeLutka – LEDA

Eye shadow – SlackGirl – SmokeShadow

Lips – SlackGirl – ShinyLips