Hi Guys! Just a couple of things to point out before you dive in! The cabinet By Short leash comes with a HUD to change the wood from light to dark and visa versa, there is a décor one and the other has “Display” animations built into it. The Panda By Yokai can be resized BUT it will increase the land impact, there is also a version that you can wear to hold, they come in a range of colours and all are super trippy panda vibe *throws up a peace sign* This beautiful Rug and wall hanging is texture changeable with 3 textures in each, I showed you one of the other rugs in my last post and that one also has texture change abilities built in with a selection of 3 colours, both can be resized but again it will change the land impact so be aware of that. Last but not least, the Desk set By Refuge was released for fameshed’s birthday round and I believe it can be found instore now, it comes in a range of colours and the lamp has an off and on feature. That is all for now my lovelies… Enjoy! ♥




.:Short Leash:.“Prized Possession Cabinet”Gold Decor – also in silver, dark or light wood decor or animating decor. – FAIR LOCATION
Yokai“Happy Panda”(blue) decorFAIR LOCATION
Yokai“Happy Panda”(candy) decor – I made this one bigger, they are modyfyFAIR LOCATION
Half Moon Market“Mid Century Mirror” Chevron BrokenFAIR LOCATION

{what next}” Bailey Wall Hanging”
{what next}” Bailey Rug” #3

Refuge“Emma Desk”Pink/White
Refuge“Emma Desk”Chair Pink/White
Refuge“Emma Desk”Pencil Holder
Refuge“Emma Desk”Travel Journal
Refuge“Emma Desk”Lamp Pink

ANHELOcocktail drum
KalopsiaGeo Clock (Pink)
[CIRCA] –  Bowl Vase – Lily PlantViolet Ceramic

Vintage Fair 2019 Poster - FINAL (512)Schultz Bros VF 2019 Event Sponsor





Hi there lovelies! So unless you live under a rock you will know that Vintage Fair 2019 is open. As always there are some fantastic Vintage Designs from so many different designers, two sims for you to hop between so shop till you drop! I threw some more awesome that my Lovely Designers I work with have available for you .. Oh and please NOTE:: Filigran @ Vintage Fair is “Stay Chic” just so you know because I didn’t and oh what a fun two hours I had *giggles* Enjoy! ♥


{what next}“Bailey” – Lounge Chair
{what next}“Bailey” – Lounge Chair (w/pillow)
{what next}“Bailey” – Rug #1
{what next}“Bailey” – Side Table x3
{what next}“Bailey” – Books Decor
{what next}“Bailey” – Vase
{what next}“Quatrefoil” – Table Lamp (brass) x2

Filigran {AKA STAY CHIC}“70s Boom!” – Vase – FAIR LOCATION
Filigran“70s Boom!” – Picture frames – FAIR LOCATION
[BMS]“Marble Sculpture Fountain” – Tabletop version – FAIR LOCATION
{SD}“Family photos suitcase” FAIR LOCATION
{SD}“Vintage Music Player” FAIR LOCATION
[InsurreKtion]  – “Pop Art Time” – Cushion V1 – FAIR LOCATION
ChiMia::“Jones Curtains” – Geo – FAIR LOCATION

Yokai“Cactus Plush” – Cactus couple (yellow)
Yokai “Cactus Plush” – Blooming Baby Stand (yellow set)
Yokai “Cactus Plush” – Blooming Baby Shy (cream set)
Yokai“Cactus Plush” – Little Opuntia Cutie (cream set)
Yokai“Cactus Plush” – Little Opuntia Waiting (cream set)
Yokai “Cactus Plush” – Little Opuntia Observer (yellow set)
Yokai “My little Succulent” – Succulent piglet RARE x2 – @ flora event

The Artist ShedArizona Dreamin’ – Cactus (Teal Pot)
The Artist ShedArizona Dreamin’ – Cacti (Tan Pot)
[ keke ]flower cactus
[ zerkalo ]Vintage Music Room – Vinyl Record Box
dust bunnystorybook living . gramaphone
Fancy Decor:Opulent Egg II (rose)
:[P]:-Earlgrey Candleabra – Snow
+Half-Deer+Chihuahua – Sleepyheads
[ba]yeaton cottage




This post is Jam packed with stuff that will appeal to many of your needs, be it dark alternative, fantasy storybook, Avant-Garde or a simple but beautiful summer. I really do think Orange (Green, yellow) is the New Black. Enjoy! ♥


*PROMAGIC*“Soiree Dress and Belt”Tons of colour option for the dress and also for the belt.
+1692+“Space Oddity”Saturn BindiMay Suicide Dollz 2019
+1692+“Space Oddity”Saturn SeptumMay Suicide Dollz 2019
.:: Stunner Originals ::.Bento Nails Mesh“Cybernetic”May Suicide Dollz 2019
Avada~“Murni Lipstick Lux”for Genus – @ THE DARKNESS MONTHLY MAY 2019
[POUT!]“Nyte Shadow”GENUS Applier – @ THE DARKNESS MONTHLY MAY 2019
zibska“Bebe Headpiece” – Includes a HUD to change the colour – @ UniK may 2019
Fortuna“necklace Rose”THE TRUNK SHOW MAY 2019
Pure Poison“Luna Platforms”Maitreya-Belleza-Slink High mesh feet ONLY – Texture changing HUD containing 12 leather color sets to mix and match – @ Belle May 2019

{what next} – “Garden Café” 

Garden Cafe Stool #1+2
Garden Cafe Table
Rezzable Cup Décor 
Cafe Cupcakes
Garden Cafe Clock
Cafe Kettle
Cafe Menu Sign
Iced Tea Dispenser


ChiMia::“Gingham Picnic” – Table – PG animations built-in
BackBone“Tea Party” – Tray of Biscuits
BackBone“Tea Party” – Scones & Cream
BackBone“Tea Party” – Teapot
BackBone“Tea Party” – Cupcakes
.Princess Stuff. [Leaf Tree] Summer Green


ARATA SHOUTENSKIN 02 for Baby Face W001+Lara 1 modified for own taste
GENUS ProjectGenus Head – Baby Face W001
Maitreya Mesh BodyLara

Every things looking rosy so why not frame it.


Every things looking rosy so why not frame it.

So here I go again… forgetting I have pictures done waiting to be posted and this is not the last let me tell thee… Nope plenty more where this cam from!! You may think over the next day or so that I have turned into a super blogging machine *flexes* But the truth is… I am old and forgetful *sad fayse** and because of that I totally just vintage(d) out on this picture! I mean… look at those amazing Designs… they really do speak for themselves .. now before you go all “MY ITEMS DON’T TALK!” on my arse lets just savour the moment.. ahhhhh *exhale** Enjoy! ♥


{what next} Rose Vase Decor – Set of 3 – click to change the texture of each rose.

ChiMia:: Metallic Photo Frame [Square] – hold CTRL and drag on your best piccies.

The Loft – Diem’s Room – Table Lamp – something old and still loved




Hello lovelies! Back again with more from Refuge and some other amazing thrown in! The chairs in the Lissanna set have cushions that you can click to change the textures also two other chair colours, off white and pastel purple are included/available, You can add all your fave piccies to the ladder as easy as click and drag! I have some of my RL kitties in there because .. well just because 🙂 This set was @ Bloom Event but I am pretty sure that event is over BUT that doesn’t mean you cannot own this lovely set, just hop on over to the main-store. What(s) Next? Ahhh yes, We have these very pretty flower wreaths well it’s just one but it is copy and mod so I put three out (the magic décor number!) and made them various sizes, these are OFC Original mesh with a no mod script BUT are touch enabled so that you can change the colour of the roses and there are 3 options to choose from, they are from the wonderful {what next}. Moving on to the picture frames, these are by ChiMia and there are three sizes included, I attacked Mayza and Bears flickr to grab some pictures to add so I look like I have some friends… Don’t tell anyone though! Okay? Good! To add your pics you just edit and hold down ctrl whilst you drag and hey presto you too can have friends! Last but not least is KAZZA, all the items I used actually belong to a room that can be rezzed to use outside, I just picked up the items from the rezzed room so I could use them so that should tell you that the room and all of its contents are copy plus most of the larger objects are click enabled colour changeable. And that is all for now! See you next month… Enjoy! ♥


Refuge for Bloom Event April 2019
Refuge“Lissanna”Prism Lights
Refuge “Lissanna”Chair Pastel Blue
Refuge“Lissanna”Chair Pastel Pink
Refuge“Lissanna”Pedestal Table Off White
Refuge“Lissanna”Photo Ladder Light Wood

{what next}“Rose Wreaths”

ChiMia::“Metallic Photo Frame” [Square]
ChiMia::“Metallic Photo Frame” [Landscape]
ChiMia::“Metallic Photo Frame” [Portrait]

>> KAZZA <<HomeStyleLily Vase
>> KAZZA <<HomeStyleOld Phone
>> KAZZA <<HomeStyleBookcase Dresser
>> KAZZA <<HomeStyleBonsai
[CIRCA]“Ostara” Floral Area Rug – Skye
JIAN“Silly Shibes” II Blanket Dog

What shall we bake Next?


What shall we bake Next?

Hi Lovelies! For this post I am showing you this amazing baking set By What Next. You can find this in store. ALL of the parts displayed in my picture have a built-in colour change menu via left click>blue drop menu. I adore the soft pastels of the bowls and plates, the mixer does have brighter/stronger colours available but of course I chose PINK! There are many, many designs instore that will boom with this set so go check them out! Enjoy! ♥


{what next} “Patisserie Kitchen Décor”

I used

{what next} ‘Patisserie’ Kitchen Mixer

{what next} ‘Patisserie’ Kitchen Utensils

{what next} ‘Patisserie’ Dish Drainer

{what next} ‘Patisserie’ Bowls Decor

⇓ Also shown By The Plastik ⇓

:[P]:-Planetary Cupcake” [Sparkle] RARE

:[P]:-Napkin & Fork” – Navy

↓Other stuff↓

!six o’clock! – mint shelf

!six o’clock! – mint eat sign

[Merak]Milkshake Sign

Amala The Laptop (Open)

.random.Matter.Garden Party – Lemonade – RARE

{what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Blind (small)


AmalaCarton of Eggs

What next? Hot Chocolate & Cider! [and Tea]


What next? Hot Chocolate & Cider! [and Tea]

Hi guys and gals! I am showing you this set today By What Next, Colonna Hot Chocolate Station has tons of items, 12 to be exact. Below are all the items you get and also I want to mention that this set can be used at any time of the year because there are versions that are not xmasy, if you click the mug stand you can also choose different labels or have them blank. The drink dispensers give out drinks with a click and they have bento animations included! There are some items I do not have on display because they are xmasy but I did add the tea-pot, bowl of apples and the stack of cups which are also by What Next and they are from the Sofia Décor set, a great little set made to fill your shelves and cupboards in your kitchen, you get 7 pieces and they include the cups, teapot, row of glasses, pair of pitchers (jugs) bowl of apples, rows of plates in sets of 3 and 2. All the details for the Colonna Hot Chocolate Station Bar are below along with anything else that I added… Enjoy!


* 12+ piece set
* Includes:
– sideboard – texture-changing with/without shelf decor : 2/3LI
– hot chocolate wall decor – 3 versions – text only/unlit/lit/ 2/2/3LI
– hot apple cider dispenser – 3 versions included – with/without apples decor 2/1LI
– hot chocolate dispenser – 3 versions included 1LI
– 3 rezzable mugs (decor only) – 1LI each
– tabletop easel (texture-changing) 1LI
– mug stand – decor only (texture-changing) 1LI
– syrup bottles 1LI
– candy canes in jug 1LI
– beverage extras – marshmallows & sugar versions included 1LI
– muffins (decor only) 1LI
– cookie jar- gives out a wearable cookie 1LI

total land impact: 17-19 (depending on which versions of some decor used)
– copy/mod (scripts, props & animations are NO mod)
– 100% original mesh

A coalesced (Unlinked rezzes as parts) version of the set is in the packaging, so you can rez it all at once. Rez in edit/build mode for easier repositioning of all the pieces, and then reposition or remove pieces as required.


{what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Blind (large) – Edited to fit window

Apple Fall Gold Leaf Cherries w/ Cup

[ zerkalo ] Weights and Measures of Love – Cups Lamp

what next?


what next?

Hello munchkins! I have a treat for you today [Duh like er’day!] I am showing you this wonderful gacha By what next, The house is the RARE and all other items are commons, nothing common about them 😛 This beautiful house can also have no snow and no light PLUS the lights can be changed in to colour versions multi coloured and red/green, I chose the white option, the windows can also have the frost removed, basically, this house can be used all year round! Other Items I used from the set are Winter Bench (snowflake), Deer Welcome Mat [boots attached], Black Winter Mailbox, Winter Bike (décor) and there is also a rideable version! I will admit that I have had this rezzed out for ageeeees… so I really should have made this post before BUT when I blog something it gets taken down 😦 and I really don’t want to take it down… so I won’t! 😀 The picture is almost untouched, I added some soft falling snow (I have snow falling on the sim anyways] and a tad of frost, my wind-light is Photo-tools- Dream Book Light 04, I did however play with the sun/moon directions to get the shadows. I hope you like what I did and GO get yours! er wait….. read first smh >.< Enjoy! ⇓

{what next} “Home for the Holidays” – Gacha [main store]

Rivendale ~ “Stained Glass Tree”  ~ Azul 2B [right side]

Rivendale ~ “Stained Glass Tree” ~ Ghost 1B – [left side]


Other stuff

Trompe LoeilWinter Lantern – [on the bench]

+Half-Deer+ “Forest Sonata” – Ladder (Dark) – [leaning against the porch]

Scarlet Creative – @ Epiphany – “Lantern” – Gold [left] silver [right]




Oh my gawd! where has the year gone?! Literally has flown by. Well 2019 is almost here and I expect much of the same lol, I am not big on resolutions ect because I believe you should make personal goals every day of every year be they small tiny ones to great big ones! Do what makes YOU happy. So here is to another 365 days of me sitting in my pj’s drinking gallons of coffee whilst sat at the PC, here’s to more hours in bed watching Netflix and here’s to you, Thank you for reading and hopefully the thought of me sat here in my pj’s looking nothing like my avatar hasn’t put you off too much *laughs*


-[TWC]-“Starry Night” -Pastel ll- @ LIMIT8
* SK * “Lucy” – Maitreya – @ Kinky event
*PROMAGIC*“Happy” – HeadBand – @ Cosmopolitan
Yokai“Cutepuccino” – Foam Cat (pink) – @ SaNaRae
DARK PASSIONS – Koffin Nails – Maitreya HUD USED – “Wiccan Winter Reflections” – @ WINTERS HOLLOW 2018
Squishy Fluff“Elven Crystal Necklace” – Black – @ WINTERS HOLLOW 2018
SynCo“Ice Witch Septum” – @ WINTERS HOLLOW 2018
The Annex“Joss Socks” – Black – worn on Med MAITREYA feet
Candy Crunchers“Baby Girl Bento Rings” – maitreya – PREVIOUSLY @ SUICIDE DOLLZ EVENT (MID DECEMBER ROUND)

*SS*“Star Time out corner” – (BLK) – USED FOR POSE – @ THE NAUGHTY LIST
.:Short Leash:.“The Little Sub Pillow” – @ THE NAUGHTY LIST
~OtW~ “Escaped from Grumpy Santa!” @ GRUMPY SANTA – WEARING SynCo“Ice Witch Tiara” – @ WINTERS HOLLOW 2018
{C&C}“Kitchen Witch Hearth” – @ WINTERS HOLLOW
{what next}“Winter’s Cottage”RARE

:Moon Amore: Crystallize / Winter Hairstyle/ Albino
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears
.LeLutka. Head. Aida
_CandyDoll_“Dolly Floor Pillow”
Wednesday[+] ~ “Back To Univers-E.T” ~ Makeup Palettes COMMON

Happy New Year! Be safe. ♥




I saw Mommy kissing…. another Mommy 😮 So this is the new and improved replacement lyrics for the very offensive *smirks* “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus” serves the damn child right THEY SHOULD BE SLEEPING .. Anyway, She was a HoHoHo…. Let that be a lesson to you all, Now don’t say I never tell you anything that you need to know because….. I am now… LOOK … Beloooow, Enjoy!

Eyelure“Hipster Panty” HOLIDAY – I sleigh – worn on Maitreya Lara
Just MagnetizedShy Blush
Just MagnetizedEssential Hairbase – set 03 for OMEGA/CATWA
RedFish“Autumn” tattoo – @ Suicide Dollz Event
THIS IS WRONG“Anti-Xmas”– Maitreya – shirt ULTRARARE – @ Suicide Dollz Event 
Yokai“Winter’s Tale” – earrings – (Lilac velvet) – @ Okinawa Winter/New Year Festival
Zibska @ BODYFY December 2018
Zibska“Cipriana” – Eyemakeup LAQ Applier used
Zibska“Cipriana” – Lips LAQ Applier used

Tableau Vivant \\ Ice Queen [4] – B+W
CURELESS[+] Christmas Nightmare / Vamp Stockings / WHITE
^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears
LAQ BentoNoelle 3.06
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1


{what next}“Winter Harvest” Picnic Hamper
{what next}“Winter Harvest” Drinks Tray
{what next}“Winter Harvest” Jam Tarts
{what next}“Winter Harvest” Lantern – Small
{what next} – “Winter Harvest” – Side Table
:[P]:-Runalla Candle” [Goddess]

~ASW~ The Equinox Hearth Sled– Trees – @ THE GACHA LIFE DECEMBER 2018
Trompe LoeilRustic Wrapped Presents
TLC‘Wishes Do Come True’ – Baubles Christmas Tree – previously @ Christmas Expo – please check the store
DISORDERLY. / Elegant Mess / Raspberry Tea