Every things looking rosy so why not frame it.


Every things looking rosy so why not frame it.

So here I go again… forgetting I have pictures done waiting to be posted and this is not the last let me tell thee… Nope plenty more where this cam from!! You may think over the next day or so that I have turned into a super blogging machine *flexes* But the truth is… I am old and forgetful *sad fayse** and because of that I totally just vintage(d) out on this picture! I mean… look at those amazing Designs… they really do speak for themselves .. now before you go all “MY ITEMS DON’T TALK!” on my arse lets just savour the moment.. ahhhhh *exhale** Enjoy! ♥


{what next} Rose Vase Decor – Set of 3 – click to change the texture of each rose.

ChiMia:: Metallic Photo Frame [Square] – hold CTRL and drag on your best piccies.

The Loft – Diem’s Room – Table Lamp – something old and still loved


Bee Designs. Refuge. ChiMia & Yokai.


Bee Designs. Refuge. ChiMia & Yokai.

Hi! It’s another décor blog for you today! I am really enjoying doing these kind of posts, in my next post I have more beautiful décor for you so stay tuned! I have been adding and taking away from this set-up for a while now and I am very impressed at my thrown together cuteness! Well, lets face it these designs speak for themselves but a girl has to take some of the credit 😉 speaking of which all the credits and details are below… Enjoy! ♥


Bee Designs “Pretty Girl” gacha

Refuge“Mali Chair” – L/Black – PG or Adult animation sets – HUD CONTROLLED TO CHANGE THE CUSHION AND THE METAL FRAME – @ Equal10! Jan 2019
Refuge“Mali Chair” L/Pink – PG or Adult animation sets – HUD CONTROLLED TO CHANGE THE CUSHION AND THE METAL FRAME – @ Equal10! Jan 2019
ChiMia:: “Sakura” Curtains
ChiMia:: “Ephemeral Fireplace” (White Rust)
Yokai“Panda Mood” – PandaKitty (pink milk) – @ LOOTBOX
Yokai“Tea Piggy” (Pink petal) – GIFT 

JIANPosh Pups :: Brown & White
The LoftDiem’s Room – Table Lamp
dust bunny . storybook living . gramophone
dust bunny . season of giving . owl plushie
dust bunny . season of giving . hand knit blanket . white
dust bunny . season of giving . silk pajamas . white
dust bunny . wanderlust . thrown shirt
Wednesday[+] ~ Raven ~ Hair Styling – COMMON
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room – Vinyl Record Box
[ zerkalo ] True Love – Pillow
.random.Matter.Girl Fight – Grenade [Green]
.random.Matter. – Magical Girl – Crystal Potion [Lilac]
tarte. jar plant
[ keke ] flower cactus
hive // hanging lights
Scarlet Creative –  Manor House – RARE