Bee Designs. Refuge. ChiMia & Yokai.


Bee Designs. Refuge. ChiMia & Yokai.

Hi! It’s another décor blog for you today! I am really enjoying doing these kind of posts, in my next post I have more beautiful décor for you so stay tuned! I have been adding and taking away from this set-up for a while now and I am very impressed at my thrown together cuteness! Well, lets face it these designs speak for themselves but a girl has to take some of the credit 😉 speaking of which all the credits and details are below… Enjoy! ♥


Bee Designs “Pretty Girl” gacha

Refuge“Mali Chair” – L/Black – PG or Adult animation sets – HUD CONTROLLED TO CHANGE THE CUSHION AND THE METAL FRAME – @ Equal10! Jan 2019
Refuge“Mali Chair” L/Pink – PG or Adult animation sets – HUD CONTROLLED TO CHANGE THE CUSHION AND THE METAL FRAME – @ Equal10! Jan 2019
ChiMia:: “Sakura” Curtains
ChiMia:: “Ephemeral Fireplace” (White Rust)
Yokai“Panda Mood” – PandaKitty (pink milk) – @ LOOTBOX
Yokai“Tea Piggy” (Pink petal) – GIFT 

JIANPosh Pups :: Brown & White
The LoftDiem’s Room – Table Lamp
dust bunny . storybook living . gramophone
dust bunny . season of giving . owl plushie
dust bunny . season of giving . hand knit blanket . white
dust bunny . season of giving . silk pajamas . white
dust bunny . wanderlust . thrown shirt
Wednesday[+] ~ Raven ~ Hair Styling – COMMON
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Music Room – Vinyl Record Box
[ zerkalo ] True Love – Pillow
.random.Matter.Girl Fight – Grenade [Green]
.random.Matter. – Magical Girl – Crystal Potion [Lilac]
tarte. jar plant
[ keke ] flower cactus
hive // hanging lights
Scarlet Creative –  Manor House – RARE


The Plastik @ Salem October 2018


The Plastik @ Salem October 2018

Salem end October 31st and you can find these awesome couches “Coffe Chair” [Version Angel Eyes] there! They are By The Plastik and available in darker colours, I chose the lighter colour with the golden cushions, a HUD is included so you can change them to any other colour on that HUD.

I imagined that this is a waiting room at the funeral directors, A place where you don’t want to see gloom but at the same time experience it in your heart, the bright light from the window kinda’ symbolizes “Heaven” what ever that might mean to you. Anyhow, Enjoy… 


From my Inventory

[CIRCA]“Nahla” Area Rug – Solid – Latte Loop Weave

Nutmeg.Antique Table Lamp” – group gift

tarte. round table (white washed)

tarte. cloche bulb chandelier (silver)

Concept}Tribe. Basket planter white

{anc} miniature – mannequin {S} flower

KalopsiaLace Curtains

.BASIL. Silver Crystal Lamp

Scarlet Creative  – Nerites Wall Lamp

The Vintage Fair Goodies!


The Vintage Fair Goodies!

I was invited back to blog The Vintage Fair! I was honestly speechless, Reasons why I love The Vintage Fair, not only is it full to the brim of amazing Designers but Vintage 40’s/50’s is my real life style, I love victory rolls, flare dresses, rock-a-billy and I also LOVE the music, Real life I also love psychobilly and have it tattooed on my right arm.. yes I love all that sh!t.

Of course, The Vintage Fair is not only one era but ALL era’s that usually show a window of time that the Designers have lived through or are just crazy about. For my first post I thought I’d try something out of my comfort zone, The 70’s. I had a LOT of fun putting this room together and as I mentioned in a previous post I have not decorated my house yet, Its only been rezzed out since a month or so lol. So, I dug deep in my inventory and found much 70’s-ish stuff that I had forgotten about! Why not just throw it all into a room and let the magic happen… Far out.. (I know, I am the Queen of cheese!) Can you dig it? Yes you can! Credits are Below and for your shopping guide see my last post. Enjoy! ♥


MACCA @ The Vintage Fair

+ MACCA +“Bobbysox Room Divider”
+ MACCA +“Eames Tiered Plant Stand”
+ MACCA +“Kookie Side Table”
+ MACCA +“Kookie Dresser”
+ MACCA +“Fream Computer”

BananaN – “Books with robo stopper”
CONSTRUCT“Comic Collection”
.~DN~.“Book of Mirrors”
[blissiere] CLOSED STORE- “spooky parlor set”books

:[P]:“Anthophila Book” – [Rez-Closed]:// Halon Exclusive
:[P]:“Anthophila Book” – [Rez-Closed]:// Ice Exclusive
CONSTRUCT“Pencil Holder”
CONSTRUCT“Double Helix”
BananaN – “Sir Grumpy” – cactus pot

[CIRCA]“Game NerdZ”Retro Leafy Planter – Aqua
{LORE}“Hover Plant” (white)
John Dee’s Emporium – “Wolfsbane Plant”POISONOUS
John Dee’s Emporium – Reports of Trials for Murder by Poisoning BOOK
tarte.“jar plant”

Kaerri“Youmei Set”wall panels – White – @ The Vintage Fair

[CIRCA]“Game NerdZ” Retro Hive Wall Shelf – Aqua/Green/Organge
[CIRCA]“Game NerdZ” Retro Pod Chair -Rainbow Pink/Prpl 22pos
CONSTRUCT“Office Chair”
Construct – “Newton’s Cradle”
.:M.LAW:. MCML gacha livingroom decor
.:M.LAW:. MCML gacha chair one
DRD“Boho baskets”
BananaN“THE FORCE” – wall light RARE
Kalopsia“Juliette’s Newspaper” (ON SIDE TABLE)
LAQ Decor ~ “Curtains”

Below you can find ALL images of the items I used from The Vintage Fair. Thanks for reading. Happy Shopping ♥


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FINAL VINTAGE FAIR POSTER 2018click me for your shopping guide