Hi! I hope you’re all well. It’s the start of a new week[ish] and as always tons and tons to show you but first! NEWS! I was nominated by the lovely Wicca Merlin to blog this months ECLIPSE Event, it’s just perfect for me because every new round is Halloween/October… and well you know I like Halloween, I am way to comfortable covered in blood and guts, I said that out loud? Well its no secret really, I used to manage a club ISL and did so for around 7 years (started on my original avi) and I was well-known for munching off fingers after a tip *laughs* Seriously though I was shocked when Wicca asked me and I was and I am very excited about it. The Event is now open until 30th and then another round will start again on 13th feb 2019.

On another note, I have a shitty cold and having one hell of a pity party if you want to come…. Only those wearing the following items are invited…. Look Below..♥


[CX]“Monstrum Catena” – Onyx ( Mirrored ) – @ ECLIPSE Jan 2019
[monso] My Hair“Hina” – There are huge bunny ears included with this hair, in black or white – @ FAMESHED Jan 2019
.:AuricA:. “Yolana” – Tattoo MULTI HUD – @ Cosmopolitan Jan 2019
Pure Poison“Bunny Slippers” – Maitreya – @ Collabor88
The Annex“Danny Cargo Pants” – Black – MAITREYA – @ Designer Showcase Jan 2019


::FF::“Ring Circle” – Silver L & R [Part of outfit 059]
::SG::“Armenia” Mesh Nail worn on Maitreya
“Multicolor Eyes” – LELUTKA HUD by Madame Noir

Meva“Biker Jacket” – Black
Top Under Jacket – with colour change HUD – INCLUDED WITH THE JACKET


Kokoro Poses“Cigarette” – #3 (Mirror)
Maitreya Mesh BodyLara V4.1
.LeLutka. Head. Aida 3.3
^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears
*Your Skin & Your Shape*“Maddie” – skin


NEW Releases, News from Merlific and Something for the guys!


NEW Releases, News from Merlific and Something for the guys!

Hey there! I recently looked over my blog page and realised I hadn’t changed my “look” since first starting so I jazzed it up a tad, Hope you like it! And, if you don’t? Let me know 🙂

So much to show you as always so let’s get to it, Roll the credits…


Merlific have an EXCLUSIVE item at this round of Kinky Event, it starts May 25th so please don’t go till then because designers are still setting up! Merlific’s exclusive design for this coming round is my ball gag “Punkette Gagball” has two versions RLV and a non-scripted although, both are sizeable and available in Metal Gold, grey and dark grey. I am also wearing “Quatro Eyes Piercings” and these are also by Merlific, they are a previous bodyfy item, I am wearing the black upper eye and lower eye, other colours are blue, pink, purple, red & white.

I am wearing eyes by Aii and these are at FGC, Left eye is “Silver curse” and the right is “Silver Corruption Wisp” these are from the Corrupted Visions gacha at the carnival. I am also wearing “Dark dragoness Tail” this is a previous gacha item and should now be in-store.

My make-up is by SlackGirl  and is available in-store. “Gaya” is FULL face make-up for Catwa and Omega compatible mesh heads and you also get standard layers for none mesh so you do not need a mesh head to wear this but bear in mind that although this is eye make-up it covers brows, blush and lips, there are 8 colours to choose from.


Chemical Princess has just released in-store my bodysuit, this is “Hunter Harness” with HUD to change the colour/texture and there are 10 options 5 are black and white patterns and 5 are white, red, purple and black with C*nt on and one with Princess. This will fit Isis, Freya, Hourglass, Physique, Venus and Lara Maitreya mesh bodies.

For Guys I am showing you “Swirl Horns” (THESE ARE UNISEX!!!) You have 5 colours to choose from and they are Acid, blood, Domino (worn) Naïve and Violent. Plastik Flagship Store have these (and a selection of eyes that I shall show in another post!) at Men only Monthly until June 15th.

Other Stuff ……

Piercings – JANGKA – previously at FGC

Hounds – Alchemy – Hell Hounds – Oblivion – RARE

Hair – Little Bones – Hello

Head – Candy – Catwa Clip

That’s all for today ❤ Enjoy the rest of the weekend and happy shopping!

Preview for Vintage Fair, Diva’s Inc, Merlific, Blasphemic, Dark Passions & Plastik!


Preview for Vintage Fair, Diva’d Inc,

Merlific, Blasphemic, Dark Passions & Plastik!


I am so excited for the Vintage Fair! and today I am here to show you my very first preview. It is my skin and is from 7DS. The body applier HUD is a new skin range that is coming to the store, Available tones are snow, cotton, candy, marshmallow, sand, apricot, caramel, pineapple, taupe, oak, chestnut, almond, want, hazel and fudge, Each tone has freckle options and cleavage option, I am wearing the OAK tone without freckles and without cleavage, What bodies are these compatible with? Well, A whole heap! Omega, Maitreya, Slink (ALL), Tango, Phatazz and TMP!

The head is for The Vintage Fair and that is June 10th so mark those diaries!!! Now, this is “Leslie” a mini line for the fair in OMEGA applier HUD’s, these are to match the tones I mentioned above only there are 3 tones available for the head and they are Sand, oak and fudge, I am wearing Oak with Catwa candy mesh head.


I am an official Blogger for the Vintage Fair so you shall hear more about that later on!

The Dark Style Fair is open! And Dark Passions – koffin Nails have plenty of deliciously darkness there! One, being my nails, These are “Goth Macabre” and yes I know I am sporting a very “Sci-fi” look BUT this shows how versatile these nails are! This EXCLUSIVE is available for slink, Omega and Maitreya with 10 options in the fatpack for just 275L or buy selective for 99L each.

BLASPHEMIC have just released my almost bodysuit *Giggles* This is mesh!!! and is “Monokini Freewater” I am showing you the red and other colours are white, sun, purple, orange, olive, black*meows*, baby-girl, aqua and apple, each pack has fits for slink hourglass, slink normal, maitreya, tmp, venus, Freya and isis  and 5 standard mesh sizes.

Also at The Dark Style Fair are Plastik Flagship Store with many items and one being my collar, this is “Nora – aglet” and is none-scripted. My earrings are also by Plastik but these are a gacha item at Thrift Shop “Derian” has 10 sets to collect and the RARE includes the full colour change HUD. These are mesh and can be moved to fit.


Diva’s Inc are the wonderful designers who have made my shoes, well shoe because I broke my other leg and had to have some android parts, but it saved my life and now I am here to tell the tale!!! These are “Calliente Extreme High Wedge” in red and yes they live upto their name and are red HOT! They fit slink high mesh feet and each colour has two versions, wicker wedge or plain in black, blue, brown, green, purple, red, silver, teal, white and yellow. GET THE FATPACK! *smiles*

Okay….. so I lost my arm, well, half of my arm, I heard they tried to save it but it kept gripping them around the throat O.o… Anyhow, they had to bury it deep in space where no man or alien can find it and they replaced it with this lovely piece of apparatus ! This was made by Merlific and is “CyberZ Arm Sword” in pink, Loving the arm studs on these! They are yours if you happen to loose an arm just toodle off to Cyberz and use your other hand to grab one! Available in white, blue, green, purple and pink.

Beam me up Scotty!

Happy Shopping ❤

Pretties from Plastik! Shoes by SlackGirl and a little Enchanment from Zibska & Aii!


Pretties from Plastik! Dark Passions &  SlackGirl are addicted to mesh and a little enchantment from Zibska & Aii!

I have so much pretties for YOU today! Let me invite you to the world of Thumbelina ! (well my version!)


Plastik Flagship Store

Earrings – Kukiris – Silver – Includes colour change HUD with 40 Options!!!

Halo’s – #1 StarStruck – HUD controlled, #2 Supernova – HUD controlled, #twinkle – snow. #1 & #2 have HUD’s that al you to change the colour, transparency and glow. These items are part of Ursa Major Gacha at The Gacha Garden

Skin – Battle Hardened Veya Skin – Kaleus – Available are, Standard skins for none mesh, Standard Tattoo layers for brows and chest area, HUD’s that work with Belleza, Brazillia, Catwa, Genesis, Lelutka, Lolas, Maitreya, Omega and slink compatible meshes and male skins. These skins are at We Love Role-play


Zibska @ Enchantment

Dress – Zsuzsa – Mesh dress in 5 standard sizes and mesh fits for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, physique and venus, There are two more attachments one for the skirt and one for the petals, A colour change HUD is also included with 14 colours for the dress, skirt and petals. I am wearing Maitreya mesh body and I found that the mesh fit for freya fits just fine.

Aii @ Enchantment

Wings – Pixie Wings –  Dark – Mesh wings with or without particles in Dark, Gold, Light, Night, Red and a version you can tint.




Shoes – Poema – Mesh shoes with fits for Maitreya, EVE, Slink and TMP mesh feet each pack has a colour change HUD with 6 colour choices for heel, shoe and laces, then, 4 colours for the metals. These are at mesh body addicts.

Dark Passions – koffin Nails

Nails – Turquise Temptation – EXCLUSIVE Nail appliers for Maitreya Omega and Slink hands and feet, each HUD has 9 colour options, These are available at Mesh Body Addicts. 100L each or Fatpack – 275L.


Web Pages

Mesh Body Addicts  – May 10th – May 31st

Enchantment – May 14th – May 31st

Gacha Garden

We Love role-play

Thanks for reading ❤ Happy shopping!

My first post for Shabby Tabby!


My first post for Shabby Tabby!


I recently came across Shabby Tabby Store Owned by Rosemaery Lorefield , There are both in-world  and Marketplace stores. Shabby Tabby is a shabby chic furniture, décor and garden store that has very cute stuff that I know you will love!

Today, I am showing you some of a set that is at this round of The Instruments. This is “Magical Thinking” and all objects are mesh and have lovely textures, because of the name is placed my items in my magical garden aka Home (Feel free to use location for pics <3)! The items I used that are at the event and by Shabby Tabby are listed below…

Sofa – with PG animations

Mirror – (Back of avatar)

Plant 1 – (Right of photo behind sign)

Side Table – with accessories attached

Neon sign – (flashing)

Gypsy Stones – (rezz on ground flat, I edited them to stand so you see them more clearly!)


My avatar if wearing a new neko set that is by [D]oki “Cat – Black” is mesh and I am wearing the ears, Bindi and Tubby Tail, I am also wearing “ear Fluffs” “Nyan Paws” (Main-store) and tattoo by LOVEFOX “Kowai Tattoo” is at Kawaii ponpon  (New round starting June 1st)


BLASPHEMIC Have just released my collar! “Alexa” is mesh and sizeable, I am wearing the white and silver other colours are babygirl, black, nude, pink, purple and red, all of the colours have gold or silver chain option.

“Cats eyes” are by Chemical Princess and are at this round of The Thrift Shop, I posted these a few days ago so I have Linked that here.  Today I am showing you the purple-blood, I thought they would go puuurfect with the neko set 🙂


Other Stuff

Shoes – phedora – sarah boots – @ FGC

Dress – REIGN – Spring Sundress #1 RARE – @ The Epiphany

And that concludes todays post ❤ Happy Friday 13th!

NEW Store release from FacePalm!


NEW Store release from FacePalm!!

I was asked By the lovely Taliah Owner of FacePalm/Headdesk  if I would like to do a vender with her for one of her latest releases! trying not to jump out my chair and scream “Yipeee” I calmly said “Yes” she threw me the outfit and I changed flew over there on my broomstick and stood next to her feeling very honoured!

Whilst Taliah did her stuff snapping pictures for the vender I decided I may as well take some to! So, I did! And here I am telling you all about it!


The outfit we are both wearing is “Constance” It is available in Red & Black and included are multi-HUD to apply the dress texture, standard layers for none mesh bodies, A skirt panel to complete the dress and this is in 5 standard mesh sizes, Bangles, left and right, Earrings, collar in 5 mesh sizes and shoes for slink high mesh feet!

Very classy and sassy!

Thank you Taliah for asking me to be on the vender Mwah<3

That is all for now my lovelies ❤ Happy Shopping!

SlackGirl, Chemical Princess, Poseidon, Aii & ZIBSKA!


SlackGirl, Chemical Princess, Poseidon, Aii & ZIBSKA!


So much awesomeness to show you today!! I have this amazing hair by ZIBSKA. This is for BOSL Fashion in Tresses hair show  from May 7th till May 21st. “Cathan Hair” will be available in-store and on the marketplace after the event, with the hair, you get a colour change HUD and Hair bases for TMP, Omega and standard layers in all there are 20 colours to choose from.

I am also wearing many items  By Aii – The ugly & beautiful. The blindfold “Kuro Oni Half Blindfold” is part of the Corrupted visions gacha at the FGC, This is one of the COMMONS, there are full blindfolds and eyes to collect, the eyes can be tinted. I am also wearing “Serpent Tongue” By Aii & “Sweetheart Succubus” set and that is the top and breasts and the drape, The breasts ARE Omega compatible AND there is an non-rigged version that is sizeable and you can tint the breasts to match your skin by editing linked parts and selecting the breasts ONLY. These are available at ROMP.

My eyes are By Chemical Princess and available at The Thrift Shop, “Cat Eyes” come in 8 colours and I am wearing the “Grey” colour. They are mesh, they can be moved to fit and there are two version and they are with blood and without blood, You will also get the standard eyes for those who prefer them.

The awesome make-up is By SlackGirl and is for Catwa heads ONLY! Three colours available and they are Black, pink and red all in 6 styles and you can also choose on the HUD to include the matching colour lips or you can just select the eye make-up. You can hop on over to the main store and grab these.

The Pose I used is By Poseidon and this is also at FGC. The one I used is from “Riddle of Steel – Fire” and is one of the COMMONS, there are RARES and they are the couple poses and there are male versions that are “Riddle of Steel – Ice” I was very lucky to be asked to make the vender for these poses and I feel very privileged to work with such a talented pose maker.



Other stuff I am wearing……

CURELESS – Dragon Halfbreeds Gacha Set @ FGC


Scales RARE

Feet, tail, hands and whiskers in COAL – COMMONS


Catwa – Candy Mesh head with skin By Lumae “Eirtae” Bare “Milk tone”

That is all for now lovelies ❤ Happy Shopping!

Group Gift @ SlackGirl, Aisha @ FGC, Merlific, Aii, Chemical Princess and DP koffin nails.


Group Gift @ SlackGirl, Aisha @ FGC, Merlific, Aii, Chemical Princess and DP koffin nails.


The beginning of the month always brings us lot’s of event and I have a couple of items from my lovely designers that you can grab from events and in-store.

Aii and Aisha are two designers that are at the fantasy gacha event this round, I am very sad to say that I wasn’t accepted to continue blogging for the event BUT that doesn’t stop me from bringing the news!! Below for FGC….


Aii – Corrupted Visions – Wisp Eyes – left and right mesh eyes (More to come from this set!)

26806375646_0f256b292b_o (2)

Gacha Key for Aii



.AiShA. – Deva – Silver – beautiful mesh set for role play or just because you can!


Gacha key for Aisha





Merlific – Demon Horns – Silver – At Suicide Dollz – Event opens May 8th

SlackGirl – Heart Cheek – GROUP GIFT –  for catwa and omega -Left and Right side with or w/o freckles, available In the main store.

Chemical Princess – Moonlight Collar – Sizeable and mesh in white, black, purple and red.

DP – Koffin Nails – Random Chaos Pastels – nails HUD’s for Maitreya, Omega and Slink hands and feet – Available at Thrift Shop, opens at 3PM today.


Other stuff I am wearing is…….

necklace – !TLB – Dragon Lariat necklace – previously at FF.

hair – Little Bones -Chel –  GROUP GIFT

tattoo – White Widow – Blackmail – white

Head – catwa – candy

Body – Maitreya

NEWS! from ZIBSKA and Aii.


NEWS! from ZIBSKA and Aii.

We ❤ Role-Play is open 4th-30th May.


I am wearing…


“Nesrin” (Mask) Is just one of the set’s that are by ZIBSKA at We ❤ Role-play event, This is mesh with five attachments and a colour change HUD that has 10 colours for the roses, 18 colours for the gems, accent gems and beads. Zibska also has a group gift for We ❤ RP’s Birthday and you will not want to miss out!

Aii – The Ugly and Beautiful

“Moon Princess” I am wearing the Ribbon suit in black and the Shawl in black, Both of these are mesh and are one size, The shawl has two versions with arm AO and one without, What that means is, The arms will stay in one place if you wear the version with the AO and the opposite with the other version. the hair sticks “Priestess Hair Sticks” are also by Aii and although this is an older version they are in her main-store together with the hair, this is “Monster Girl” with black horns, there are 3 sizes and a non-rigged version all with a choice of black, gold and silver horns.



“Not the Droid” is a previous FF items, I am wearing the Black version and these are RARE.

Other stuff I am wearing,,..

Tentacio – Galatea Doll – skeleton RARE

VCO – Risa Mesh head

That’s it for now my lovelies <33

FacePalm goes back in time. SlackGirl <3's Lashes and a few other thangs thrown in to the mix!


FacePalm goes back in time. SlackGirl <3’s Lashes, Get yo bling on at Diva’s Inc and a brand new Face from AVENGE!


Oh I love this look! It is more of me IRL, I love vintage ❤ And even more so the 50’s, So let me introduce you to my world ❤ Roll the credits..

AVENGE  have a new skin release for logo, This is an Omega applier so will work with other omega compatible heads, I am wearing “Athena – peach” with Catwa candy mesh heads, there are 6 colours to choose from, 4 hairbases and 4 brows (with an option for w/o brows) This skin is available in a new event that takes the stress out of sim lag and full sims, it is a very unique online shopping experience and the first round of Buy Now event is now open!


I have chosen lashes and liner to match my outfit and these are by SlackGirl  for Catwa mesh heads, The lashes have tiny hearts on that you can change the colour of on the catwa HUD, there is also an option the have just lashes, no hearts. “oh love” lashes are in the main store. The eyeliner is also in the main-store and this is “Scacco” for catwa mesh heads ONLY and you have a choice of 8 colours.

FacePalm has just released my dress, “Mazie” is a very classic 1950’s outfit although I am just wearing the dress from the outfit there are shoes and jewellery included. The dress is mesh and comes in 5 standard mesh sizes and fits for belleza, slink and maitreya. A HUD to change the checked patterns colour is also included.

All is my Jewellery is at Divas Inc. The set is “White Diamond platinum” choker, bracelets, earrings and ring are included in this set. It is mesh and it is sizeable via a built in script.


Below is more information about Diva’s Inc photo contest…


Link in description of jewellery.

Other stuff I am wearing…

Eyes – IKON

Piercings – JANGKA

Hair EMO-tions

Cigarette – NikotiN

Pose – Bounce This Poses


That is all for now my lovelies ❤