what next?


what next?

Hello munchkins! I have a treat for you today [Duh like er’day!] I am showing you this wonderful gacha By what next, The house is the RARE and all other items are commons, nothing common about them 😛 This beautiful house can also have no snow and no light PLUS the lights can be changed in to colour versions multi coloured and red/green, I chose the white option, the windows can also have the frost removed, basically, this house can be used all year round! Other Items I used from the set are Winter Bench (snowflake), Deer Welcome Mat [boots attached], Black Winter Mailbox, Winter Bike (décor) and there is also a rideable version! I will admit that I have had this rezzed out for ageeeees… so I really should have made this post before BUT when I blog something it gets taken down 😦 and I really don’t want to take it down… so I won’t! 😀 The picture is almost untouched, I added some soft falling snow (I have snow falling on the sim anyways] and a tad of frost, my wind-light is Photo-tools- Dream Book Light 04, I did however play with the sun/moon directions to get the shadows. I hope you like what I did and GO get yours! er wait….. read first smh >.< Enjoy! ⇓

{what next} “Home for the Holidays” – Gacha [main store]

Rivendale ~ “Stained Glass Tree”  ~ Azul 2B [right side]

Rivendale ~ “Stained Glass Tree” ~ Ghost 1B – [left side]


Other stuff

Trompe LoeilWinter Lantern – [on the bench]

+Half-Deer+ “Forest Sonata” – Ladder (Dark) – [leaning against the porch]

Scarlet Creative – @ Epiphany – “Lantern” – Gold [left] silver [right]


The Plastik @ Salem October 2018


The Plastik @ Salem October 2018

Salem end October 31st and you can find these awesome couches “Coffe Chair” [Version Angel Eyes] there! They are By The Plastik and available in darker colours, I chose the lighter colour with the golden cushions, a HUD is included so you can change them to any other colour on that HUD.

I imagined that this is a waiting room at the funeral directors, A place where you don’t want to see gloom but at the same time experience it in your heart, the bright light from the window kinda’ symbolizes “Heaven” what ever that might mean to you. Anyhow, Enjoy… 


From my Inventory

[CIRCA]“Nahla” Area Rug – Solid – Latte Loop Weave

Nutmeg.Antique Table Lamp” – group gift

tarte. round table (white washed)

tarte. cloche bulb chandelier (silver)

Concept}Tribe. Basket planter white

{anc} miniature – mannequin {S} flower

KalopsiaLace Curtains

.BASIL. Silver Crystal Lamp

Scarlet Creative  – Nerites Wall Lamp