what next?


what next?

Hello munchkins! I have a treat for you today [Duh like er’day!] I am showing you this wonderful gacha By what next, The house is the RARE and all other items are commons, nothing common about them 😛 This beautiful house can also have no snow and no light PLUS the lights can be changed in to colour versions multi coloured and red/green, I chose the white option, the windows can also have the frost removed, basically, this house can be used all year round! Other Items I used from the set are Winter Bench (snowflake), Deer Welcome Mat [boots attached], Black Winter Mailbox, Winter Bike (décor) and there is also a rideable version! I will admit that I have had this rezzed out for ageeeees… so I really should have made this post before BUT when I blog something it gets taken down 😦 and I really don’t want to take it down… so I won’t! 😀 The picture is almost untouched, I added some soft falling snow (I have snow falling on the sim anyways] and a tad of frost, my wind-light is Photo-tools- Dream Book Light 04, I did however play with the sun/moon directions to get the shadows. I hope you like what I did and GO get yours! er wait….. read first smh >.< Enjoy! ⇓

{what next} “Home for the Holidays” – Gacha [main store]

Rivendale ~ “Stained Glass Tree”  ~ Azul 2B [right side]

Rivendale ~ “Stained Glass Tree” ~ Ghost 1B – [left side]


Other stuff

Trompe LoeilWinter Lantern – [on the bench]

+Half-Deer+ “Forest Sonata” – Ladder (Dark) – [leaning against the porch]

Scarlet Creative – @ Epiphany – “Lantern” – Gold [left] silver [right]


Naminoke, Dead Dollz, Rococo, Astralia, Nerdology & Rivendale all at Fantasy Gacha Carnival.


Naminoke, Dead Dollz, Rococo, Astralia, Nerdology & Rivendale all at Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

heaven_045 EDIT

Fantasy gacha Carnival

Blindfold – NAMINOKE – Angel with Closed eyes – pink – COMMON

Corset – Dead Dollz – Rococo – RARE

Garter – Dead Dollz – Rococo – Pink – COMMON

Panties – Dead Dollz – Rococo – Pink – COMMON

Shrug – Dead Dollz – Rococo – Pink – COMMON

Sleeves – Dead Dollz – Rococo – Pink – COMMON

Wings – Astralia –  Angelic Wings – RARE

Harp –  Nerdology – Archangel Apparatus – Silver – RAREheavenface


Angelic Paradise 

Bed – Rivendale – day Dreamers Bed – ULTRARARE

Clouds – Rivendale – Cloud Platform & Cascading Cloud – COMMONS

Trees – Rivendale – Cloud trees 1 & 2 – COMMON


Eternal Dreams – Angel – pose 2 COMMON