Hi! I hope you’re all well. It’s the start of a new week[ish] and as always tons and tons to show you but first! NEWS! I was nominated by the lovely Wicca Merlin to blog this months ECLIPSE Event, it’s just perfect for me because every new round is Halloween/October… and well you know I like Halloween, I am way to comfortable covered in blood and guts, I said that out loud? Well its no secret really, I used to manage a club ISL and did so for around 7 years (started on my original avi) and I was well-known for munching off fingers after a tip *laughs* Seriously though I was shocked when Wicca asked me and I was and I am very excited about it. The Event is now open until 30th and then another round will start again on 13th feb 2019.

On another note, I have a shitty cold and having one hell of a pity party if you want to come…. Only those wearing the following items are invited…. Look Below..♥


[CX]“Monstrum Catena” – Onyx ( Mirrored ) – @ ECLIPSE Jan 2019
[monso] My Hair“Hina” – There are huge bunny ears included with this hair, in black or white – @ FAMESHED Jan 2019
.:AuricA:. “Yolana” – Tattoo MULTI HUD – @ Cosmopolitan Jan 2019
Pure Poison“Bunny Slippers” – Maitreya – @ Collabor88
The Annex“Danny Cargo Pants” – Black – MAITREYA – @ Designer Showcase Jan 2019


::FF::“Ring Circle” – Silver L & R [Part of outfit 059]
::SG::“Armenia” Mesh Nail worn on Maitreya
“Multicolor Eyes” – LELUTKA HUD by Madame Noir

Meva“Biker Jacket” – Black
Top Under Jacket – with colour change HUD – INCLUDED WITH THE JACKET


Kokoro Poses“Cigarette” – #3 (Mirror)
Maitreya Mesh BodyLara V4.1
.LeLutka. Head. Aida 3.3
^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears
*Your Skin & Your Shape*“Maddie” – skin


Events Galore! and some main-store!


Events Galore! and some main-store!

Hi guys! This post turned out to be the complete opposite of what it started out to be, I had the outfit by meva saved already so I just started adding to it, the furniture was already set out ready for pictures only it was slightly different to how it started.. I went from DRD Ebenezer to DRD fuck Christmas, I guess they are both the same lol Anyhow, I had this idea that this chick (me) ((sinny)) used to be this popular girl at school, a beautiful woman with the world at her feet along with a pile of dropped jaws and drooling men.. She’s beautiful, she’s prom queen, she’s everything that a woman/girl wants to be… until she is faced with the struggles of life and here you can take it where you want to… what’s your story? Many would say that being beautiful makes us successful, wanted, needed but none of that is true, beauty is only skin deep … life is what we make it and many a diamond was found in the dirt. Me? I am still trying to figure it out. Enjoy↓


Meva“Rory” Hot Pants & Top – @ KINKY EVENT DECEMBER 2018
-[TWC]- “Been Naughty” -Dark- @ Bodyfy DECEMBER 2018

-FABIA- <Gloria> Daidema
-FABIA- <Gloria> earrings left
-FABIA- <Gloria> earrings right
-FABIA- <Gloria> Necklace rigged – Maitreya
-FABIA- Mesh Hair <Gloria>
Entice“Winter Bane Necklace”

LIVIA::“Glam Goddess” – [Ballerina LONG Nails] (Maitreya) – @ TWE12VE DECEMBER 2018
Pure Poison“Valerie Boots” – high heel long boots for Isis, Freya, Maitreya and Slink Hourglass e with texture changing HUD containing 11 color sets to mix/match – @ Kustom9 December 2018


BackBone“Redneck’s Xmas”
Bottle Tree RARE
Washer & Dryer
Wheel Snowman
Xmas Tyre
Bullet Wreath
Wheel Snowman
Wind Chime
Plunger Tree
Tattoo Kit
Gift not included

dust bunny . season of giving . bag of coal
~ASW~ The Indie Ashtray
~ASW~ The Pre Party Dessert Brownie -Ganja
DRD christmas decoration – #WHATEVER
DRD lazy christmas table
DRD cuddle rug for ebenezers house
DRD lonely chair green for ebenezers house
DRD ebenezers fireplace
DRD small frames writers nook
ROSantas Workshop – Candlesticks
ROSantas Workshop – Workshop RARE
(Milk Motion)dance pole

LAQ BentoNoelle [3.06 NEW updated HUD]
Maitreya Mesh BodyLara V4.1
^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears Right Protruding

Suicide Dollz Event. Fameshed. Uber. Harajuku Event & more!


Suicide Dollz Event. Fameshed. Uber. Harajuku Event & more!


Suicide Dollz Event NEW round
#187#“Spikes Headband” – with colour/texture change HUD
{Lenore}“RIP” – Necklace
sass“ophelia” – worn on maitreya lara – with colour/texture change HUD
[LeLuck] – Juicy Soft Lip-gloss – “Janiyah” – omega compatible

7 Deadly s[K]ins“LANE” – omega compatible FACE & BODY – Tone dew
Just Magnetized“Perfect Eyebrows set 13” for OMEGA/CATWA – @ Harajuku Event
Pure Poison“Adrienne Sneakers” – @ Uber – over the knee sneakers for Isis, Freya, Maitreya and Slink Hourglass with texture changing HUD containing – 12 color sets to mix/match.
[monso] My Hair“Samantha” -@ Fameshed Go

Pose – [above] – Poseidon“Yuki Onna” –  1rev – @ Ironwood Hills


My Stuff
LAQ BentoScarlet
:Moon Amore: La viuda Veil
.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Madness Exorcism Set – Scars Fair Skin – gift @ Ironwood Hills
BONDISkull Septum – gift @ Ironwood Hills
^^Swallow^^Darkness Ears




Hey! I hope you are all well?! I took these pictures at Black Bayou Lake a fantastic place to take pictures of any kind, urban, fantasy, horror, just add some imagination and you can make your surroundings  fit in to your story or maybe the place is your story! Either work but I don’t have to tell you that 🙂 My poses are @ TWE12VE and are ~X.T.C PoSes~ Fire Light Bento set, the fireball is included for each pose, just make sure you have particles on or you will not see it, I make this mistake OFTEN… My pictures are magic, click them and they grow!! Well enough about me xD Enjoy the credits below ⇓⇓


.:Soul:. Gen2 F – “Hailey”[Tone – SE WildBerry] – Complete Package
In Store Release October 20th
25% off to VIP Members During MOM!
Head Appliers (Brow or No Brow) – Omega/Catwa
Body Appliers (Muscled or Toned) [Firm or Soft Breasts]
for Omega/Belleza/Slink/Maitreya/System Skins/Ear Appliers
The necks on the faces ARE unisex! You can wear a male face with a female body

W:6 – “boob marks” bright/Dark – Previously @ BODYFY
* SK * “Trish” – dress For Maitreya ONLY – @ Tres Chic Event Opens 17th – 10th Monthly
.~DN~. “Pegasus Wand” – @ Trick or Treat event October 2018
[monso] My Hair“Karina” – 3 breats sizes and 2 head sizes. There are 6 colour HUDS to choose from. Materials enabled (which are amazing!] No resize hence the sizes. @ COLABOR88 OCTOBER 2018
Pure Poison“Evana Sandals” @ Kustom9 – knee high strappy sandals for Isis, Freya, Maitreya and Slink Hourglass with texture changing HUD containing 11 color sets to mix/match.
The Annex “Dream of Summer” – Head Piece & Shoulder Pieces – Darks/Brights/Fading tones available


ContraptioNWhite Vamp Fantasy
Cae :: Audrey :: Ring (R)
LAQ BentoScarlet 3.05 (Omega Installed)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

We Love Role-play & More…


September Events and News 2018

Hello Hunnies! September has turned out to be chaos for me and I don’t mean organized chaos, I am busy busy and I love it!!! I took my pictures on our home sim.. because Mayza has decorated it beautifully… PLUS she took my wondering soul in and gave me a place to call home. (Thank you!) anyhow….. keep reading for all the information on my attire 😀 ITS SO GOOD TO BE BACCCCCCCK. 


We Love Role-Play September 2018

Stardust “Ingrid”sunset face & body paint
[Seydr]“Versicolor Eyes” – Lagoon – [L]
[Seydr]“Versicolor Eyes” – Stone – [R]

Zibska“Altro Eyemakeup”used LAQ Applier [See Here]

Pose – Ana Boutique “Darker Female”  – #2 – @ The Darkness Monthly Event September 2018
+ {aii} +“Steel “Elegant Fur” (female) also available for male avatars
+ {egosumaii} +“Devilish Prestige”Glow Pulse
.:Joplino:.“Bellychain Kruzi cross” – black [Maitreya] – @ The Darkness Monthly September 2018
::LV:. “Tracy Swimsuit” – worn on Maitreya Lara @ The Darkness Monthly Event September 2018
::SG::“Carmen”worn on Maitreya
Pure Poison“Sheila Sandals”worn on Maitreya
Just Magnetized“Natural Eyebrows set 03”#10


RAMA.SALONCaroline Hair
LAQ BentoRina 3.05 (Omega Installed)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1


Celebrate 150 years of Alice and her Journey.


Celebrate 150 years of Alice and her Journey.


“I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

We are all a tad crazy if not absolutely bonkers or maybe we just thrive in our own insanity?


I searched high and low yesterday and I guess I had an Alice adventure, Tp’ing from sim to sim, falling here, there and everywhere…. until I found what I was looking for. “Out of the Looking Glass” is a fabulous sim provided by jasmine0alaya who happens to be very friendly and helpful she will offer you the ability to rezz temporary any poses ect you need to use for your photo’s for FREE. The sim has many events and all this is a none profit venture! They rely on word of mouth to be able to continue to bring you the best experience they can, Go check it out!


The make-up I am wearing is By SlackGirl and this is “Special Antonietta” perfect for dramatic and fantasy looks, You can grab this from the main store in standard layers and HUD’s that apply the texture to Catwa and Omega Logo heads.

What's your next move?

My shoes are at TimeKiller Festival and are By Merlific , “Gothy Heels” fit slink, maitreya and belleza mesh feet and come in red, black, blue and purple.

Headdress I got at Secret Affair  and it is “Natalia – Black – V1” By Pure Poison and the dress I am wearing is from The Epiphany this is “Wonderland – Queens Dress” By Remarkable Oblivion.


Everything else I am wearing was at the last round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival and is By Meva and was part of the “Tudor” set And my eyes are By The Stringer Mausoleum previously at Totally Top Shelf these are “Fright Night – red”



New Realease from M&M!


New Realease from M&M! 


I thought I’d switch to my Lelutka head for this post, I have to say I am very torn between Catwa and lelutka meshes. I’ve recently started paying more attention to my photo’s because something didn’t seem right? I don’t know if that’s my confidence or if I am having a creator block, Even so, I am happy with what I have accomplished today and that’s all I can do.

Onto the good stuff!

Top – M&M – Hege black top

Skirt – M&M –  Hege black skirt

Both of these are mesh and come in standard mesh sizes and fitted mesh plus of course alpha layers for classic avatars, Also in the pack and not worn are ankle boots for slink high feet and a necklace.


Boots – Pure Poison – Adrianna Boots – with HUD

Hair – REIGNxBESOM – Montgomery – Previous epiphany item RARE

Eyes – IKON – Charm – Hazel

Necklace – AZOURY – Scissors – Argent – Previous epiphany item COMMON

And that’s all from me for now! Thank you for reading and thank you to my sponsor M&M Style and the other fantastic creators in this post ❤ Happy Shopping !

All photo’s  were taken at JUNK

Need more epic designs in your life? Read on and find out what’s hot on the grid this month!


Nightmare Event! Totally Top Shelf! SlackGirl LASHES! NEW Shoes from Diva’s Inc! 


Nightmare Event is in full swing and has some of the most awesome and creative Halloween/horror/phobia creations I have seen in second life! Three of the items I am wearing today are there for you to grab and make yours. Read Below for details.

My choker and headband is by darkendStare. “Eyeball choker” is mesh and comes with a HUD to change the texture/colour into many options, “Plush Batwing Headband” is also mesh and has 6 colour variations for you to choose from (There is NO HUD for the headband)

Pure Poison have my wings that are attached to my back at the event, “Cute Wings” come in two types Angel & Devil, I am wearing the devil version.

My eyes are by SONG they are “Vampy Eyes” and are mesh, available in LOTS of colours, I am wearing the purple.

The tattoo is by T’ink “Heebie-Jeebies” has standard layers for classic avatars and HUD’s that apply the texture to omega and Slink compatible mesh bodies.

Nails are by Dark Passions – Koffin Nails have two sets of nails with HUD’s that apply the texture to slink, maitreya and belleza mesh hands and feet. I am wearing “Bleeding your Religion” and these have a variation of colours and the other set is “Spell Casting”


Totally Top Shelf never fail when it comes to quality designers. October brings you “Survive or Die” and the set-up is amazing! Perfect to shop till you drop (or get eaten by zombiez!) and then snap some pics to show off what goodies you have. Below is the information on what I have to show you today.

LuLu has my awesome corset for you in four versions “MelleFifi_Corset” is mesh and comes in three sizes, The panties are included and the pack has standard layers for classic avatars and HUD’s that apply the texture to Belleza, maitreya, omega and TMP mesh bodies. Today I am wearing the “Black Skull” version.

My septum is by TI “Bloody Septum” is mesh there are also earplugs to match but I do NOT have those on because my hair covers my eras :P~

For the photo’s I used a pack of poses by Eternal Dreams “survive or Die” are made for the event and also include an add-on that fits in your mouth to look as though tentacles are bursting from your throat, yep they are amazing! I’ll show you those at a later date. The pack includes ten poses and each pose has mirror image poses so you get 20 poses in all!


on9 is almost here (Opens 9th October) and SlackGirl have released two sets of fantasy lashes for the event, These are mesh and are movable and sizable Via click, each set includes top and bottom lashes, There is a HUD for each one to change the TOP lashes “Panic Lashes” is available in Rave and Tip colours, They are VERY easy to fit and take it from someone who HATES editing lashes!


Diva’s Inc have yet another NEW release! And they are my shoes “Peighton” These are mesh and fit Slink High Mesh Feet ONLY. Today I am wearing the purple/silver and there are so many more colours to choose from, the detail as always is amazing!

Hair is by Lamb @ collabor88 and is “Lust”

And that’s it from me for now my hunnies ❤ Happy Monday!!