C88. KUSTOM9. ACCESS. WHAT NEXT. CHIMIA & APHRODITE. Hello there sinners! I have lots of goodies to show you today but first let us prey… KIDDING’ Okay seriously.. My outfit comes with a texture change hud that allows you to change parts of the outfit including the metals and the shoe soles, I am wearingContinue reading “C88. KUSTOM9. ACCESS. WHAT NEXT. CHIMIA & APHRODITE.”


ZIBSKA, REFUGE& EGOSUMAII. TDME Hey! This is the first part of this post, I want to concentrate on the outfit first, tomorrow I will post the decor. Enjoy! ♥ Zibska @ anyBody – Jan 2020 Zibska – Sascha – Lips [Fit B] 04 Zibska – Sascha – Eyemakeup 11 Zibska – Sascha – Blush 09Continue reading “ZIBSKA, REFUGE & EGOSUMAII. TDME”

Get A Cat they said…

Get A Cat they said… Get a cat they said… it will be fun they said…. and they will also walk on your keys and delete items and remove textures… Also…. Do not try to edit your shape whilst using black dragons built in poser… This is take #2.. Thank You to My Bestie BearContinue reading “Get A Cat they said…”


THE DARKNESS MONTHLY & MEVA @ BELLE. Hi!!! I am back with a bran new rap! Okay I’m not… but I am back with some of that awesome DUH! I have included a close-up none edited shot of the eyes on this post for your pleasure sooo look in to my eyes and see ifContinue reading “THE DARKNESS MONTHLY & MEVA @ BELLE.”


NEW YEAR… SAME WITCH HAPPY NEW YEAR! My first post of 2020.. personally I am glad all that malarkey is over.. its a massive build up to nothing-ville with excuses to drink too much and eat stuff you probably wouldn’t .. like idk blue cheese and mulled wine?! I love blue cheese but nonono toContinue reading “NEW YEAR… SAME WITCH”

A message to my readers.

A message to my readers. A friend of mine who I value dearly left something on my face book page about how some people struggle at Christmas time missing loved one’s and one line has stuck in my head and it goes “Your presence is better than your presents” its a line many need toContinue reading “A message to my readers.”


ENCHANTMENT. COSMOPOLITAN. THE PLASTIK & ZIBSKA. Helloooo! Oh My Gawd… where has the Month gone?! Can you believe that its almost Christmas? I just hate Christmas, there is so much pressure on us to spend money and its very stressful thankfully for me my son wanted gig tickets for Trippie Redd and they are boughtContinue reading “ENCHANTMENT. COSMOPOLITAN. ZIBSKA. THE PLASTIK.”


BACKBONE & SPOILED COLLABORATION. Well Hallow there!! Come, come.. sit ea and let me tell you about my secret gaming room… BackBone has collaborated with Spoiled to create this sexy but cute gaming attire and decor. My outfit is all from the set from Spoiled AND so is my [Ba]-nana ice cream! For each itemContinue reading “BACKBONE & SPOILED COLLABORATION.”


THE MENS DEPT. FAMESHED. THE DARKNESS MONTHLY EVENT. COLLABOR88 & ZIBSKA. -[TWC]- – Battle Wounds -Torso & Head –  Blood – @ The mens dept -[TWC]- – Death Razor blade – Blood – @ The mens dept Pure Poison – Grace Dress – worn on Freya – HUD allows the colour to change on threeContinue reading “TMD. FAMESHED. TDME. COLLABOR88 & ZIBSKA.”

TDME. Designer circle. kustom9. fluffy Kawaii event.

THE DARKNESS MONTHLY EEVENT. Designer circle. kustom9. fluffy Kawaii event. Hey my Lovelies! I wish that you are all fine and dandy! I have been doing a lot of my own style recently, because somehow it is more acceptable around the time of Halloween.. I am going to continue with that only today I didContinue reading “TDME. Designer circle. kustom9. fluffy Kawaii event.”