A message to my readers.

A message to my readers. A friend of mine who I value dearly left something on my face book page about how some people struggle at Christmas time missing loved one’s and one line has stuck in my head and it goes “Your presence is better than your presents” its a line many need toContinue reading “A message to my readers.”


SUICIDE DOLLZ. WE ❤ ROLE-PLAY. CURVES EVENT. #Cranked# – “Utopia Mask” – @ SUICIDE DOLLZ MARCH 2019 /studioDire/ – “Wand of Smiles” (LEFT) – one also rezzed with the skull, I also resized it. – @ WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY 2019 Meva – “Witch Hat” – @ WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY MARCH 2019 Lush Poses – “Juicy”Continue reading “SUICIDE DOLLZ. WE ❤ ROLE-PLAY. CURVES EVENT.”