As promised a little view at the amazing Fantasy Faire *dududuuu = Trumpet* I use black dragon as you know and if you didn’t well now you do… So it was all about finding somewhere with not many people and I found it! This picture was taken on “The Queens Garden” sim sponsored By TheContinue reading “FANTASY FAIRE & WLRP.”


WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY. AII + EGO. Hellow! I hope you’re all doing well?! I love October, not only was I born in October but its my favourite because Halloween DUH, My imagination runs wild and I feel like I am home, maybe I am more twisted than I think I am or maybe I justContinue reading “WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY. AII + EGO.”


TRUNK SHOW. WLRP. FANTASY FAIR. Ello me lovelies! I want to point out a couple of things I did to some of the items, The Fae circles I made different sizes and the HUD to change the colour comes with them, The deer I also made different sizes just to give my photo some depthContinue reading “TRUNK SHOW. WLRP. FANTASY FAIR.”

NEWS from Totally Top Shelf!!

NEWS from Totally Top Shelf!!     Helloooo my lovelies! I have NEWS Totally Top Shelf is declared OPEN!!! The theme this time around is MAGIC! The line up is as always amazing!! ALL of which will have a group gift available for you groupies. Below I am listing the line-up followed by lots ofContinue reading “NEWS from Totally Top Shelf!!”

Dedicated to YOU!

New skin by Bodyform, Colour me Project and must have’s from Fantasy Fair. I remember when I was a little girl, I would read all the time, My favourite books were those By Enid Blyton especially the one’s that told tales of the fae folk. I would get lost in those books for hours andContinue reading “Dedicated to YOU!”

Christmas on 34th street. Black Krampus.

Hi Guys! Today I have some more things to show you that are at Christmas on 34th street and Totally Top Shelf Event’s this December. It doesn’t matter if you wait for the big man to drop down your chimney or if you prefer to light the fire and watch him burn, Both of theseContinue reading “Christmas on 34th street. Black Krampus.”