Hi!! I trust you’re all as well as you can be 🙂 Today EVERYTHING I am showing you is from GACHA collections, some of which are won by me and some that are from the amazing designers that I work with! All of them are available in-store so no gacha gatherings to get through! Before you run off, please NOTE:: the gacha key for Bee Designs will be at the bottom of this post for your reference only because they are labeled by number in the credits and in my/your inventory. Enjoy!! ♥


ChiMia::“Sakura Curtains”
ChiMia::“Lolita Cat Wall Art”
ChiMia::“Teddy Wall Art”
ChiMia::“Love Sweet Wall Art”
ChiMia::“Bunny Wall Art”
ChiMia::“Francine Chair” (PG) [S1 pink]
ChiMia::“Upcycled Coffee Table”
ChiMia::“Book Basket”


Bee Designs“Alice Bedroom set”
gacha #2 RARE
gacha #10
gacha #4
gacha #5
gacha #9
gacha #8
gacha #6
gacha #7
gacha #1
gacha #3

*SO* Sparkle Curtain – WHITE – white sparkles – Tinted pink –  @ THE TRUNK SHOW – MARCH 2019
11. Lagom – Moon-Child [ Curtain Plain ]
07. Lagom – Decora walk in [Piece B pink]
09. Lagom – Moon-Child [ Middle shelf ]
08. Lagom – Moon-Child [ Side Shelf Left ]
19. Lagom – Decora walk in [Hoodie Mannequin A]
21. Lagom – Decora walk in [Hoodie Mannequin C]
22. Lagom – Decora walk in [Dress Mannequin A]
06. Lagom – Moon-Child [ Wall light Scattered ]
01. Lagom – Decora walk in [Midpiece Pink] RARE

{Meche} – MonPoupee’ Lala – RARE (Rez)
!gO! Love my doll – Ewa
!gO! Love my doll 2 – Pawel
Beusy: Hotline Phone [ELECTRA Gacha / Common ]
Wednesday[+] ~ Cold Days ~ Notebooks & Phone – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Back To Univers-E.T ~ Makeup Palettes COMMON
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story – Keeper of Trinkets RARE
:HAIKEI: Moment of every day _ GACHA / {1


what next?


what next?

Hello munchkins! I have a treat for you today [Duh like er’day!] I am showing you this wonderful gacha By what next, The house is the RARE and all other items are commons, nothing common about them 😛 This beautiful house can also have no snow and no light PLUS the lights can be changed in to colour versions multi coloured and red/green, I chose the white option, the windows can also have the frost removed, basically, this house can be used all year round! Other Items I used from the set are Winter Bench (snowflake), Deer Welcome Mat [boots attached], Black Winter Mailbox, Winter Bike (décor) and there is also a rideable version! I will admit that I have had this rezzed out for ageeeees… so I really should have made this post before BUT when I blog something it gets taken down 😦 and I really don’t want to take it down… so I won’t! 😀 The picture is almost untouched, I added some soft falling snow (I have snow falling on the sim anyways] and a tad of frost, my wind-light is Photo-tools- Dream Book Light 04, I did however play with the sun/moon directions to get the shadows. I hope you like what I did and GO get yours! er wait….. read first smh >.< Enjoy! ⇓

{what next} “Home for the Holidays” – Gacha [main store]

Rivendale ~ “Stained Glass Tree”  ~ Azul 2B [right side]

Rivendale ~ “Stained Glass Tree” ~ Ghost 1B – [left side]


Other stuff

Trompe LoeilWinter Lantern – [on the bench]

+Half-Deer+ “Forest Sonata” – Ladder (Dark) – [leaning against the porch]

Scarlet Creative – @ Epiphany – “Lantern” – Gold [left] silver [right]




Yes, you read that right, today I bring a lil Décor to your pixel lives. I have this small cove in my house that I have been deciding what to do with, well from my lovely Designers I found the perfect fit, it looks so pretty and now! All I have left to do…. is decorate the rest of the house.. I mean, I’ve only had it rezzed out for a month or so 😀 Anyhow… deets are below… Enjoy!

Refuge“Carnegie Lighting”Silver
BackBone“Farmhouse Spring”Table Lamp – Beige
BackBone“Shabby White Finds”Grandfather’s Clock – RARE
BackBone“Shabby White Finds”Repurposed Door Cornershelf – RARE
BackBone“Shabby White Finds”Family Sign
BackBone“Shabby Chic”Doily – (On the floor) – PART OF DECO(C)RATE
BackBone“Shabby Chic”Vase of Roses – (On the floor) – PART OF DECO(C)RATE
**Mistique**“Harmony”Yellow – Seat and table – rattan balls and candles that are both attached to the table.


[ zerkalo ]Vintage Tea PartyCupcake in a Cup Light (on table)
-Strike It- NOW KNOWN AS “KITE” Serenity Flower ClockGreen
Apt BVie en RoseRug
-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (LyingDown)
-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Sprawl)
JIANPosh PupsBrown & White

»»»»»That’s all for now.. SOON NEWS from The Vintage Fair«««««

¡¡¡¡Happy Shopping¡¡¡¡

♥♥Love N Stuff♥♥

©S†nny ♕