Hi! I hope you’re all well. It’s the start of a new week[ish] and as always tons and tons to show you but first! NEWS! I was nominated by the lovely Wicca Merlin to blog this months ECLIPSE Event, it’s just perfect for me because every new round is Halloween/October… and well you know I like Halloween, I am way to comfortable covered in blood and guts, I said that out loud? Well its no secret really, I used to manage a club ISL and did so for around 7 years (started on my original avi) and I was well-known for munching off fingers after a tip *laughs* Seriously though I was shocked when Wicca asked me and I was and I am very excited about it. The Event is now open until 30th and then another round will start again on 13th feb 2019.

On another note, I have a shitty cold and having one hell of a pity party if you want to come…. Only those wearing the following items are invited…. Look Below..♥


[CX]“Monstrum Catena” – Onyx ( Mirrored ) – @ ECLIPSE Jan 2019
[monso] My Hair“Hina” – There are huge bunny ears included with this hair, in black or white – @ FAMESHED Jan 2019
.:AuricA:. “Yolana” – Tattoo MULTI HUD – @ Cosmopolitan Jan 2019
Pure Poison“Bunny Slippers” – Maitreya – @ Collabor88
The Annex“Danny Cargo Pants” – Black – MAITREYA – @ Designer Showcase Jan 2019


::FF::“Ring Circle” – Silver L & R [Part of outfit 059]
::SG::“Armenia” Mesh Nail worn on Maitreya
“Multicolor Eyes” – LELUTKA HUD by Madame Noir

Meva“Biker Jacket” – Black
Top Under Jacket – with colour change HUD – INCLUDED WITH THE JACKET


Kokoro Poses“Cigarette” – #3 (Mirror)
Maitreya Mesh BodyLara V4.1
.LeLutka. Head. Aida 3.3
^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears
*Your Skin & Your Shape*“Maddie” – skin






Zibska“Ceden” – Lelutka Applier also for Catwa and Omega @ ULTRA
Zibska“Luned” – Lelutka Applier also for Catwa and Omega @ ULTRA
{Letituier}“Neya” Hair – Mesh – Sizeable – available in 5 colour pack. – @ The Darkness Monthly Event Jan 2018
+ {egosumaii} + “Maitreya Body Glitter” – (GIF AT THE END OF THIS POST) – @ { Étoile }
.~DN~.“Cosmic Flares” {Candy – Left hand} – (GIF AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST) – @ Suicide Dollz


Yokai“Kawaii edition” – Space Apple Hoop (blue) – @ { Étoile }
Yokai“Kawaii edition” – Space cherry (blue) – @ { Étoile }
7 Deadly s[K]ins“VENUS” omega FACE & BODY – tone powder – @ Designer Showcase – Jan. 5th till January 31st.
:[P]: – Maitreya Nailpolish – “Snowlana”
Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase – “set 20”– for OMEGA


Luas @ The Epiphany
Luas“Akira” – Body Teal & Coral
Luas“Akira” Obi Teal & Coral
Luas“Akira” Shoes Teal & Coral
Luas“Sayumi Staff” – RARE

Maitreya – Mesh Body – Bento Hands
Maitreya – Mesh Body – Feet
Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara
.LeLutka. Eyes. Simone
.LeLutka. Head. Simone

›››That’s all for now Hunnies‹‹‹

♥Love N Stuff♥


Nightmare Event, Totally Top Shelf, Designer Showcase OPEN! NEW release from Diva’s Inc.


Nightmare Event, Totally Top Shelf, Designer Showcase OPEN! NEW release from Diva’s Inc. 


Totally Top Shelf is OPEN! If you haven’t yet been then you’re seriously missing out. I have two designer’s that are at this round of “Survive or Die” Zyn have my headpiece and necklace for you and they are “Witch Forest Set” Today I am wearing the “Fire” also up for grabs are Midnight & Poison.

Also at Totally Top Shelf Are my eyes and these are from The Stringer Mausoleum, They are “Fright Night” and are UNISEX, each colour comes with three versions Legacy, Mesh And Petites, also in each pack are standard classic eyes, Today I am wearing the “Void” Also available are Aqua, Brushed, Green, Orange, Purple, Razz, Royal, Sea, Ultra And Yellow. This is not the only item that The Stringer Mausoleum has at the event so you really need to go check out the others because an awesome gacha awaits you!


The Nightmare Event Is also OPEN! Blues. has my hair at the event, There are two types the one I am wearing is “Leficent” and the Other is long with the same top and it’s called “Malificent” Each type has HUD’s that change the colour texture of the hair from Naturals to colours and Fades.


Vanessa. is at Designer ShowCase with a NEW release, It’s “Giglia” a dress and jacket, The jacket is mesh and includes 5 standard mesh sizes and the dress includes a MULTI HUD to Apply the texture to slink, Maitreya, Eve, Belleza and Altumura, each pack also includes standard layers for classic avatars and an alpha layer for the jacket and skirt mesh panel in 5 sizes, The dress can be worn with or without the jacket as pictured and you have 4 colours to choose from!


Another brand NEW release from Diva’s Inc “Lindsey” are mesh and fit SLINK High feet ONLY! I am wearing the Blood red/silver and there are so many other colours to choose from and I can guarantee that what ever your style these shoes will rock your outfit ❤


That’s all from me for now lovlies ❤ Enjoy the rest of your weekend ❤

SlackGirl Make-up & Diva Inc Newness.


It’s still the weekend baby! I have more newness from Diva Inc & Some must have Make-up From SlackGirl! 


Do I have some sexyness for you today!

Let me start with my make-up. International Designer Expo is still running right untill 2nd September, My sponsor SlackGirl has this beautiful eyeshadow there, “Bollywood” has 8 shades to choose from with HUD available that apply to LeLutka, The Shops!, Slink Visage, EVE’olution mesh heads and in each pack there are standard layers for none mesh heads, Today I am wearing shade 1 with LeLutka LEDA mesh head.

Have you been to Designer Showcase yet? Well Let me tempt you with my lips, literally, SlackGirl has my lipstick there untill 26th August! “Athena” has 10 colours and available with HUD appliers for LeLutka, Altamura, EVE’olution, Slink Visage, The Shops! and each pack does contain standard lip layers for none mesh heads. Today I am showing you color 2 again with LeLutka LEDA mesh head.


Diva’s Inc have a new release hot off the press today! Feast those beautiful eyes on my body…suit “Lola Jumpsuit” has standard layers for none mesh bodies and a HUD that applies the bodysuit to Omega compatible mesh bodies. Today I am wearing the black with Maitreya lara mesh body, other colours are pink, baby pink, blue, white, red, green and purple, the pack also includes the belly chain and that is sizable and color changable via right-click – edit – texture – color. I teamed the bodysuit up with these hot boots in hot pink, They are also from Diva’s Inc and are a new release to, “Valencia High Heels” come in a wide selection of colours and are sized in 4 mesh standard sizes. I am wearing mine with slink high mesh feet.

fetishoutfit fetishshoes

My Hair was a gift at The Hair Fair (NOW CLOSED) it’s from [e] and it’s “Kara”

I used poses from Chubby Bunny and the photo’s were taken at Fetish Circus.

New Tattoo LIMTED addition from SlackGirl & More exclusives from TTS.


I have a new and exclusive tattoo from SlackGirl. More designers from Totally Top Shelf and Boots from Blasphemic.

I haven’t posted as much this week because I’ve had a lot going on IRL. Hopefully all is settled and I’m back to bugging you on a daily basis.


Let me start with these must have items’ from my sponsor SlackGirl.

Eyeshadow “Pria” is currently at this round of Cosmopolitian. Appliers are available for LeLutka, EVE’olution and The Shops! Each pack does include standard layers also for none mesh heads. “Pria” comes in 8 colours and today I am showing you #08 on LeLutka mesh head “Leda”

Lips “Athena” are at Designer Showcase a monthly event. These are also by SlackGirl, “Athena comes in 10 colours and appliers for Altamura, EVE’olution, Slink Visage, LeLutka and The Shops! As always standard layers are in each pack for none mesh heads. Today I am wearing #09.


I have one more to show you from SlackGirl and it’s my tattoo on my back. “DGeisha” is an asian inspired tattoo and comes in light and dark with appliers for TMP, Belleza, Slink and Maitreya, also standard layers for none mesh bodies. You can grab this tattoo from fashion limited. The event started today and runs for one month BUT be fast! Because this tattoo is exclusive to the event and also limited ONLY 25 COPIES WILL BE SOLD! and then? it will be available nowhere else!


More from SlackGirl can be found on Facebook, Flickr and the webpage.

Let’s move on to Totally Top Shelf, This is their one year anniversary!! And also my very first event as a blogger!

Bliensen + MaiTai has this awesome GoT inspired set at totally top shelf. “Royals of the North” is a gacha and comes in silver and bronze (I am wearing the silver) I will add the vender below so that you can see the commons and rare and their colours. This set is mesh and just to note, the nipple piercings are the “Pins” I just copied and moved them into place! Easy to do, So yes these are mod and they are trans.

Bliensen - Royals of the North - Gacha Gacha

Another item from TTS is from The Plastik Flagship Store. “The Knight Ring” is mesh and comes with a HUD so that you can change to texture to a range of 25 colours. I’m wearing slink elegant hands and it fits perfectly! And it WILL fit your hand’s no matter what shape and size you are!

My shorts are also at TTS, they are from !Chop Shop! “Queen Bitch” are mesh in 5 standard sizes and unrigged mesh (Can resize) also an alpha layer is included for standard none mesh bodies. These comes in a wide range of colours! So you will definitely find one to suit you.

I used poses from La Jolie Rose and these are at TTS. “Dramatic poses” include 8 animations and also a katana prop for each pose.

Lastly but by no means least are my Boots. These boots are also a new release from Blasphemic “GaGa Boots” are un-rigged mesh so you can re-size them, I am wearing mine with no mesh feet and maitreya body. An alpha layers is included for standard avatars.


That’s it for today my lovelies! For anything else just look below. Enjoy! ❤

Hair –  Little Bones (GIFT) – Glass Leaf

Eyes – IKON – Odyssey – Glass

Nails – ~GD~ – Sweet Jezebel (XLong) Gemmed – For Slink Elegant

Thick Event, WEIB sale Room and Designer Showcase.


Exlusive make-up from SlackGirl and V.I.P BSweet @ Thick Event. 


3 event’s  will be in this post. So let’s start with my make-up. The eyeshadow is of course from my sponsor SlackGirl and is an Exclusive for WEIB Sale Room a monthly event that changes at the end of each month, this event is for mesh enhancement’s. “Mindy” comes in 8 shades with appliers for LeLutka, Slink, EVE’olution and The Shops! in each pack are standard layers for none mesh heads. Today I am wearing #03.


My lip’s are also from SlackGirl and are currently at Designer Showcase until 26th of this month. “Athena” comes in 10 shades with appliers for LeLutka, Altamura, EVE’olution, Slink and The Shops! Also standard layers for none mes heads are included in each pack. Today I am showing you  #01.

More from SlackGirl can be found on Facebook, Flickr and the webpage.


Thick is back to being a weekly event. One of this rounds V.I.P’s is BitterSweet and that brings me onto my outfit. Shirt is “Flyy Girl Halter” and today I am wearing the yellow other colours are black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, teal and white each one has appliers for omega. My shorts are also at thick and by bittersweet and these are “Flyy Girl Shorts” appliers again for omega and available in Black, denim, dark denim, green, light denim and red. today I am wearing the dark denim. There are heels that match the outfit “flyy girl heels” fit slink high, Maitreya and TMP feet and are in black, blue, orange, pink, purple, red, teal, white, yellow (worn) and green.


That’s all from me today, For all other items not already mentioned keep rolln’ Enjoy! ❤

Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Head – LeLutka – Stella

Hands  –  Slink – elegant

Hair – [e] – Kara (previously at hair fair)

Nails – ~GD~ – Sweet Jezebel (XLong) Gemmed – For Slink Elegant

Jewelery – Modern Couture – Truly

The Showroom, Mesh Body Addict & Designer Showcase Exclusives.


The Showroom, Mesh Body Addict & Designer Showcase Exclusives. 

I have some exclusive releases to show you today! For different events.


As always let’s go top to toe! My make-up is from the wonderful SlackGirl, The eye shadow  “Mara” is at Mesh Body Addict Fair, It’s open today right until 22nd August. This is an exclusive for the fair and “Mara” comes in 8 shades and appliers for LeLutka, The Shops! Altamura, EVE’olution, Slink Visage and in every pack are standard layers for none mesh avatars, today I am wearing #06. This is not the only make-up slackgirl has there and I’ll be showing you more on later posts.


My lips are also from SlackGirl and are now at Designer Showcase you can find them there until 26th August. “Athena” comes in 10 colours with appliers for LeLutka, Altamura, EVE’olution, Slink Visage, The Shops!, and each pack has standard layers so you do not need a mesh head to be able to wear these! Today I am wearing #02.

You can find more of SlackGirl on facebook, Flickr and the webpage.


My cute outfit is from the awesome db Dollz and is for The Showroom. “Warrior” is mesh and comes in 5 standard sizes with an alpha layer for none mesh avatars, Appliers for slink and Omega are included for the sock’s and also there is a standard sock layer again for none mesh avatars. “Warrior” comes in Lilac, Salmon, Red, Blue (worn) and Black.

You can find more from db dollz on the Marketplace and facebook.

That’s all for now hunnies ❤ Please keep reading for anything else not mentioned already and if I’ve missed anything hit my comments and I’ll fix it ❤ Enjoy!

Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Head – LeLutka – Stella

Hands  –  Slink – elegant

Hair – Soonsiki –  Diamond – group gift

Nails – ~GD~ – Sweet Jezebel (XLong) Gemmed – For Slink Elegant

Thick Event V.I.P Twisted Glam PLUS two events featuring SlackGirl and db Dollz.


My internets been down for two days ! But I still have time to show you This outfit from Twisted Glam and make-up from SlackGirl.


The dress and shoes are still at Thick Event and they’re from Twisted Glam. Firstly, The dress is called Kim’s maxi dress and comes in Black, brown, Lemon, Lightblue, Pink (worn) & white with standard layers and omega appliers. For information on using omega appliers on other mesh bodies go to Love N lust  for converters and information, a lot of the converters are free in store. I am wearing Maitreya body. and using omega.

Onto the sexy heels, these are also at Thick Event and are from Twisted Glam, They’re Mia’s Platform Sandles and come in Black, blue, light blue, magenta, pink, red, violet and white all of these colours have gold and silver metal options and are for slink feet, again you can buy glam affair appliers for slink feet so that you can match them perfectly.



Let’s talk about this make-up! It’s from my sponsor SlackGirl , Firstly the eyes are at Designer Showcase from today up un till July 26th. It’s called Serenity Shadow and comes with 8 colours and available for standard heads and appliers for LeLutka, The mesh project, Genesis, Eve & Altamura. I just love these , they have a soft lid and sparkles below the lower lashes for a night on the tiles or a dinner date either way they’re perfect.

These lips, They are beautiful and they can be yours right now! They are at EVENT 1st Event and also from SlackGirl I am wearing colour #1 you get 10 colours! from vibrant to soft glossy lucious lips it’s all here! These are called J-lips & there is an eyeshadow that matches so I’ll be posting that later on so keep an eye out for them because they are something worth waiting for.



Click the Logo for Designer Showcase Flickr Page.

designer showcase

Click the logo for web page 


SlackGirl Flickr

SlackGirl FaceBook Page

My septum is by my sponsor at db Dollz, it comes in black, silver & gold! For the main store taxi click the logo below and previously tagged is her marketplace store for anything else that’s not in world.

logo ___db Dollz___

::db Dollz:: FaceBook

::db Dollz:: Flickr

Anything not linked above will be below.

Belt- [Gos] –  Cinch-Belt in Black

Eyes – Alyce – Sugar Eyes – Mesh – Fatpack

Body- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Shape- Own

Head-   LeLutka – LEDA

Feet- Slink