New year, New designs! Check them out below….


New year, New designs! Check them out below…. 

Hey hunnies ❤ I have some old and new to show you, I search my inventory high and low to get the look I am showing you today, All of it revolves around the dress…


This is a NEW store release for Chemical Princess. “Missy” is a mesh dress in 5 standard sizes and a HUD to change the colour texture, There are 20!!! to choose from!!

My sneakers are from Geek Chic Creations and are also a NEW store release, these are “Rebecca” and are mesh, a HUD to change the texture of the main shoe and the back is included and there are 3 colours for each part.


All of the other stuff I am wearing will be listed below..

Aii – Gothic Necklace


Drippy Septum – black and mouth Drool


Ama – Grinder Claws

Candy Crunchers – Elf Crown

Elysium – Eris – Black Angel

BlunderForge – Glasses

VCO – Elf mesh head 011

Damselfly – Anjelica Hair

Own shape.

Maitreya Body

Photo’s were taken at Roots by Cica Ghost

I used a selection of free or dollabie poses that I found on MP.

Happy shopping ❤


Colour me Project Ft SlackGirl for Catwa Mesh Head Open’s October 24th!! Freebies galore, From? Read on !


Colour me Project open tomorrow! Halloween freebies galore you just need some direction … 


Tomorrow will be the first day of Colour me Project, SlackGirl has Lip make-up there for Catwa Mesh Heads. “Kenja Lips” is a HUD that applies the lip texture to catwa heads, on the HUD you have 8 colour variations to choose from! I am wearing the bottom right (blue/Black)

lock_closeeeeeeeeeee lock_lips

My eyes are from Aii “Soul Collector” are mesh eyes and come in lots of other colours, Today I am wearing the Blue, an alpha layer is also included.

M&M have just released my dress, “Butterfly” is a beautiful dress with a HUD to change the body of the dress into 8 shades and colours. It is mesh and has 5 standard mesh sizes.


Nails are at TAG! They are by CerberusXing and are “Heratic Talons” The eye in the palm of my hand is also at TAG! and is by zerkalo it is “Mysterious Eye” The cobra skeleton is again at TAG! and is by CLAVv. “Dark Mahadeva//skeleton 8 cobras – dark” is part of their gacha.


So freebies? Everything else you see is FREE, it’s all from The Fantasy Collective. Below are the items I am wearing and the designers they are by.

Ring –  Tabou irresistible – Murder ring

Headdress – Astralia – Soraya

Bracelets – Caboodle (NO LM FOUND) – Wrist Ribbons – black

Collar – Kibitz – Dinty – Onyx

EarCuffs – Ricielli – Hera – black

Hair – Damselfly – Amarie – includes HUD

And that’s all from me ❤ Happy Friday !

Borrowed Wings


bomSome Stuff I picked up from the Fantasy gotcha Carnival. I didn’t get that lucky but I’m happy to have got what I did AND find some stuff in my inv to go with it!!

The Horns are of course from my wonderful sponsor aii The Ugly And Beautiful. So here you go this is what I am wearing……

Body- #TheMeshProject Basic Body (F)

Shape- Own available from the Market place (sinful Bodies Suicide Girl)

Head- #TheMeshProject head (F) – moody (deluxe)

Hand- #TheMeshProject deluxe hands (F) Feet- ~TheMeshProject

Face- THESKINSHOP (07) (FACE) Kandy (Bold)


Body- THESKINSHOP (07) (SKIN) Kandy (Busty)
The Shops!

Make-up- Eyes- DAZED.- Majestic Eyeshadow

Body tattoo- +fallen Gods Inc + Deathcall. Blood (Common)
Fantasy Gotcha Carnival


Corset- {Reverie} Wicked Wonderland- Vintage (Common)

Collar- {Reverie} Wicked Wonderland – Vintage- (common)

Shorts- Alyce- Cutoff Denim Shorts (With HUD)

Hair- Dameselfly- Acantha – Tuxedo (Common)

Shoes- R.icielli – R.icielli – ENORA Boots for TMP / fatpack PROMO!
MarketPlace Store

Ring- (L) The Plastik Flagship Gotcha// Cameo Ring In Gold RARE

Necklace- ::BC:: Ionna Skies Pendant- Nebula- (Common)


Horns- + Gothic Demon Horns + {aii} RARE

 Fantasy Gotcha Carnival

Bracelets- Bracelets – *Katat0nik* Bow Wrist Straps

EyePatch- .BP. steam Patch- Flower_Common

Fantasy Gotcha carnival.

HeadBand- headband- Candy Crushers – Core Headband – BLACK
Main store

Nose ring- ieQED Double Nose Ring
(Previously at We Love Rp)

manicure- ~GD~Precious Forcella’s Awakening