Kustom9. Ostaras Alter. Suicide Dollz. Skin Fair 2019. The Arcade.


Kustom9. Ostaras Alter. Suicide Dollz. Skin Fair 2019. The Arcade.

So much to show you in this post today, Some of this awesome can be bought for as little as 5L!! Everything you need to know is below.. Enjoy! ♥

[monso] My Hair“Mayza”  – 2 versions included, with or w/o bangs [fringe] – @ Kustom9 March 2019

Poseidon“Tauriel” – #4 – bow and arrow included


Ostaras Altar – March 15th -April 5th 2019

Dark PassionsKoffin Nails – Maitreya, omega and slink  HUDs with 6 colours on each for both hands and feet – these are appliers not mesh nails – “Stardust”

.~DN~.“Vindicator Wings” – HUD enables movement of wings and the ability to change the colour
[Cubic Cherry]{Moon Child} – Horns are HUD controlled and include 14 colours for the horns and 8 for the crystals plus 3 metal options & {Nemi} – eyes blue (worn on left side) or pink – Hunt item for 5L only.
Zibska“Aviva” – Eye make-up #09 – 5L hunt prize that has classic tattoo layers and HUDs for catwa, lelutka, laq and Omega.
*Never Wish*“Spike Nose Ring” – Galaxy

*PKC*“Wicca” – Bento Lip Piercing – HUD allows colour change of metals and gems – worn on Genus Baby Face – !!LOTS of fits for LOTS of other heads!! – @ Suicide Dollz Event March 2019


*PROMAGIC*“Naazuk”gacha @ The Arcade March 2019

From this gacha I am wearing the items below


Armlets – rose gold
Bindi – rose gold
Body Chain – rose gold
Bra – Maitreya rose gold – HUD CONTROLLED
Bracelets – rose gold
Earrings – rose gold
Necklace – rose gold
Panties – rose gold – HUD CONTROLLED
Septum rose gold

GENUS ProjectGenus Head – Baby Face
+Fallen Gods Inc.+ – GLOWING eyes RIGHT – Turquoise
+Fallen Gods Inc.+“Evolution” – [xx (Female)] – Biologic Opal -Ivory

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

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PROMAGIC Naazuk 1024

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Skin Fair Poster 2019 - FinalSkin Fair 2019 North Sim 2000Skin Fair 2019 South Sim 2000


[Cubic Cherry] @ Skin Fair 2019


[Cubic Cherry] @ Skin Fair 2019

Hi! Today I am doing a “Real” eye blog, No not real eyes… still pixels but …. oh nvm… >.< I have made collages to show you ALL the available colours of each pack and a part from that there is NO EDTING done, what you see is what you get and that’s what I meant by “Real” Anyhow….. Enjoy! ♥

“Amelie eyes”[Cubic Cherry] – Pack will include mesh left and right eye with HUD to change the colour, Omega HUD (you need to make your mesh omega compatible if it isn’t already) Alpha Layer to hide your eyes and a inner eye shadow ADDON and I am wearing that in all of these pictures, it can be resized to fit your eyes.

[Cubic Cherry]{Tiny Brows} – TINTABLE via your HEAD HUD – genus & catwa (omega)


“Ella eyes”[Cubic Cherry] – see “Amelia eyes” for what is included in the pack. For both packs I am showing you ALL of the colours available.




Skin Fair Poster 2019 - Final




Hello, hello, HELLO! Anyone out there? Oh good, there you are, I almost died from loneliness, well you’re here now and I AM ALIVE [adds drama here] So let’s get down to it shall we? I love the outfit I have put together for you today, I actually do not want to take it off, I feel sassy, classy, trashy, sexy, fierce and all that good shiz! FEAR NOT! my friend you to can be perfectly in tune with your inner slut, your trashy trailer whore, sexy af, sassy and absolutely fierce lioness RAWR! And all you have to do is click… and look and maybe read some BUT it will all be worth it because you will become my twin! and everyone needs a twin…. [don’t they?] *Clears throat* Now.. go forth and slut drop that amazing bewtah 😀 or just scroll if you like ♥ Enjoy!


.peculiar.things.“burning glory cap” – gold
[Cubic Cherry]{Null} – key earrings
THIS IS WRONG – Lelutka – “Nightmare” – MakeUp/Tattoo

Eyelure“Honey” – Top – MAITREYA
*PROMAGIC*“Patola” – Necklace
*PROMAGIC*“Patola” – Skirt
*PROMAGIC*“Crazy Boots” – Black – @ Cosmopolitan Event Jan 2019
.:: StunnerOriginals ::.“Eyes Night” – Hud Omega – @ TWE12VE JAN 2019
:Z.S: [ZOMBIE SUICIDE]“Penta Septum” – With Materials – @ Suicide Dollz Event JAN 2019
Zibska“Rizzi Lips” – Lelutka Applier – @ The seasons story / winter 2019
Zibska“Sofija Eyemakeup” – Lelutka Applier – @ GLOSS JAN 2019



*katat0nik* – (black / Maitreya) Cropped Fur Coat @ COLLABOR88
-FABIA- Mesh Hair <Luida> Natural Tones
^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears
Essences“Amanda” #Pale01 – (Lelutka Applier) – Powder Pack July 2018
Maitreya Mesh BodyLara V4.1
.LeLutkaGum Gum Boom
.LeLutka. Head – Aida 3.3




Keep reading for the credits


(r)M Hair – “No.48’17” – Red Pack – Includes HUDs to change the hairband colour, the hair and the hair streaks.
::SG::“Vanessa” – In 8 nail colours, 7 bow colours and 2 metals fitted for bento Nail Slink, Maitreya and Vista BENTO – @ The Avenue
sass“harness thigh highs” – black – @ Mad Circus 3Starts October 7 – Ends 31st
[Avenge]“Chien” collar (2 studs) F – black – @ Kinky Event


[Cubic Cherry]“Nommy bulbs” – black – HUNT GIFT (collect the teeth)
[Cubic Cherry]“Ocular displacement” – eye sockets
[Cubic Cherry]“Ocular displacement”vA Left eyeball
[Cubic Cherry]“Ocular displacement”vC Right eyeball
[V-Tech]“Forbidden Experiment” – Barbed Wire – Arms – [Black Bloody]
[V-Tech]“Forbidden Experiment” – Barbed Wire –  Legs” – [Black Bloody]
[V-Tech]“Forbidden Experiment” – Barbed Wire –  Torso” – [Black Bloody]
::Static::“Barbed Wire” –  Necklace” – Bare Metal
{-Maru Kado-} – Sewing needle – “hello my doll”
[KRR]“Mako” – skin

{C&C}“Shadow Room Skybox”  12 land impact – 29×13 meter skybox
[WL]“Whats in your closet” – Statue
Poseidon“Morgue” – POSE SET OF 12 WITH MIRROR POSES – @ Salem (collab /w Anxiety) – Salem runs October 1st – 31st


⇓⇓⇓⇓GO BUY⇓⇓⇓⇓

Bliensen + MaiTaiBite Me – Nipple Piercings silver
-Belleza- Freya V2.01
.LeLutka Head May 3.0
Slink Hands – Dynamic – Female
VAW XTC Nipples

The Nightmare Event LogoTMC3 Mad Circus 3 Poster Texturetmc3 sponsors poster

On9, The Chapter Four, Romp, Applique, store gifts and Totally Top Shelf!


On9, The Chapter Four, Romp, Applique, store gifts and Totally Top Shelf! 

Hi my Lovelies! It’s been a bit longer than normal mostly because I got so carried away with my photo’s 😀 I really enjoyed putting the set together and found “Stuffs” in my inventory I didn’t even know I had and that’s always a great thing, right? I felt like it all came together really well, so here I am to tell and show you all the awesomeness, PSST- FREEBIES.. Read on…


On9 Gacha – Yokai
1.- Yokai – “Heaven’s Bride” – Moon RARE
15. – Yokai – “Heaven’s Bride”  – Accessory for hair – Pink
11. – Yokai“Heaven’s Bride”  – Earring – Lilac
4. – Yokai“Heaven’s Bride”  – Diadem – Pink
8. – Yokai“Heaven’s Bride”  – Accessory for face – Pink
:[P]:“Kilik Catcher” – Turq – @ The Chapter Four
::SG::“Cristal Eyes” – Mesh eyes with HUD & CATWA HUD – 8 colours for each eye
::SG::“Pam” – Stilleto MESH Nails for Maitreya & Tuty’s – 10 colours on the HUD @ Applique Event

Meva – Bento – Maitreya ONLY – Silver or Gold – “Daisy & Fly Rings” – GROUP GIFT
Meva“Lint” – Arm Cuff – MAITREYA – Pink – COMMON – @ Romp (GACHA SET)
Meva“Lint” – Panty – MAITREYA – Pink – COMMON @ Romp (GACHA SET)
Meva“Lint” – Top – MAITREYA – Pink – RARE – @ Romp (GACHA SET)
[NYNE] – Hair – “Breeze” – unrigged (sizeable) & rigged – 7 colour HUDS available @ Totally Top Shelf
.:Soul:. – Gen2 Female – “Gyouko” – Tone SE TorMel – Toned – NoBrow – 2 versions, toned and muscled both have with or w/o eyebrows, classic skins and HUD’s for various heads and bodies – male version is also available. LUCKY CHAIR ITEM AT MAIN STORE LOCATION.

.::Cubic cherry::. – 01 {Aerial} – “angel’s nest” – ULTRARARE
.::Cubic cherry::. – 02 {Aerial} – “floating tree” – ULTRARARE
.::Cubic cherry::. – 07 {Aerial} – “Stars in the bubble” – group1 – white
.::Cubic cherry::. – 12 {Aerial} – “Rotating stars”  – lilac
.::Cubic Cherry::. – 16 {Aerial} – “wings silver” –  RARE
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

⇓⇓That’s all for now, I hope you have enjoyed this post and/or felt inspired in some way, thank you for reading and Happy shopping!⇑⇑


edited version



Suicide Dollz, Hentai Fair and sweet kisses.


Suicide Dollz, Hentai Fair and sweet kisses.

Hey! Welcome back! And if you’re new to my blog, WELCOME to my madness! So, I switch a lot, a lot… and sometimes it depends on mood and sometimes it depends on what I have been sent, usually it all just comes together on a whim 😀 Although I do spend lots and lots of time making sure everything is lookin’ good, pictures…location and avatar.. I love what I do and now I bring you…. Roll the credzzzz


click me !

{CP}Cat eyes – light blue – These are an older release by Chemical Princess, if you can’t find them in-store check the market place
{CP}Milis Dress – Hourglass – also fitted for Lara, slink and belleza and standard fitted mesh sizes – you can find this at Suicide Dollz (NOTE: the jacket I am wearing in the pic below IS INCLUDED)


Click me

7 Deadly s{K}ins – Group Gift/Sale – Omega HEAD – ak –  Madelief  – Cotton Candie – Yes, this is made for Akeruka mesh heads but I am wearing LeLutka Simone mesh head and didn’t have any issues at all – there is a shape included and I am not wearing that ONLY because I am not wearing the Akeruka head.

The ears and tail are also older releases and I am pretty sure you can find these in-store if not, Then try the market place

[D]okiCat Ears – Black
[D]okiCat Tail – Black

-[TWC]-  Senpai’s Candy – Pink – also in rose and tan in HUDs for omega, slink and omega/catwa for heads. Yes, omega/catwa will work with bento Simone mesh head. Classic tattoo layers are also included. These are at Hentai Fair.


Clicky click me

10 –INIAPaws Up – GACHA -Red Tail Bow- An older release.

Used from the Sweet Kisses GACHA set – available @ SaNaRae

1. Yokai  – Sweet Kisses – Kissing Booth – RARE

#1/2/3/4/5/6/7 – YokaiSweet Kisses – Heart Balloons

18. YokaiSweet Kisses – sign 1 & 19. sign 2

12. YokaiSweet KissesCandy (Red) – worn in hair – default attachment is in the hand.
17.YokaiSweet Kisses –  Love Choker (silver)

DP – Koffin Nails – Omega HUD used – Sequin Hearts – an older release and should be in store if not try the market place.


.:Soul:.Lip StainsBloo – available in 10 colours – For, Genesis, Omega, TMP  and Catwa, classic layers are also included for none mesh. They are available at Applique


click me!


(Can’t find a LM sorry!) *PH*-  heart earring – previous TTS – event gift
.:::G.ID:::.Crotch Cover [Slink Hourglass] – Suicide Dollz
.LeLutka. Head.Simone 2.2
Lollipop Prop –  from bento poses used By + Kiss Me+
phedora.Morticia Heels  – Slink – @ Hentai Fair
Slink – Physique Mesh Body Hourglass
Doe:Lolli (twotone) – Monotone – Old gacha item
VISTAPROHAND – bento hands – TuTys have also released bento hands!
.::Cubic Cherry::. – {Ophiocus} – tongue butterfly


I used a lot of older stuff in this post along with some new and event stuff, I hope you ♥♥♥enjoyed this post, Happy Shoppin’! ♥♥♥

If anyone has Pink Hustler LM let me know so I can add it to this post.

The Nightmare Event SOON!!! PREVIEWS and more.


The Nightmare Event SOON!!! PREVIEWS and more.

Opens 10/1/2016. (LM to come!)


October is my favourite time of the year! So I am super excited to be showing you some PREVIEWS for this years Nightmare Event! There are tons and tons of great designers that bring you every sweet nightmare you could imagine, Phobia rooms and Hunts! The Nightmare Event is the only Halloween event that YOU must attend. All information can be found “Here”   In the meantime let me show you some of the awesomeness that you can grab along with some other amazing designers NEWNESS!

Tears – .::Cubic Cherry::. – Loss – Blood – also available in ink, white and pink – Each pack includes classic tattoo layers for none mesh and Omega HUD for mesh heads, tears and mesh eyes – You can if you wish have one eye bleeding or both and the same is also with the classic tattoo layers.

Poses – Poseidon – The Cell – This is literally a cell filled with crazy animations, I mean, Literally find your inner crazy in the cell because the animations are off the grid! This is also at The Nightmare Event

NOT At Nightmare Event but still as awesome, Keep reading!

Dress – Chemical Princess – Latex Dress – Black – Other colours are, blue, pink, purple, red and white – packs include mesh fits for various mesh bodies – You can grab yours at Suicide Dollz

Undies – Chemical Princess – Bele Panties – Group Gift!

Body Tattoo  -[TWC]- Affection – HUD’s for Omega, Maitreya, slink and TMP plus Omega head HUD are available. This is your from SaNaRae


Mesh Head – [AK] – Gigi – NEW Release – Includes shape, skins and alpha – 10 tones of skin for classic avatars and TMP, Maitreya, Omega, Slink and Belleza – This is a multi-animations head and the HUD for those is included together with make-up layers HUD.

Lashes – SlackGirl – AKE04 – black – The HUD includes 8 colours.

Rings – :[P]: – Kerraleth Rings – For maitreya and slink casual and elegant – These are at Shiny Shabby

Heels – :[P]: – Viohan Heels – fit Maitreya or slink MID – the HUD has 48! colours to choose from – These can be found at Lost And Found – and if you lose them well, then…. They will be lost >.<

Nails – DP – Koffin Nails – Fantasy Forrest – 6 colours to choose from and two surprise textures – HUD’s for Maitreya, and Slink are available – Omega is only in the fat-pack – This pack can be yours from ~~Applique~~  until October 7th!


Hair – pr!tty – Anya – at shiny shabby