That’s right peoples Fantasy Faire only has a few days left for this year and then we bid thee fairewell until next year *sad fayse** Go check out this awesome skin collab that The Plastik and Trap have on offer and the beautiful Aisha is BACK!! catch her over at the fairlands too! In more news from the grid FAMESHED turns 7! and MONSO is there to help with the celebrations! Do you remember how small this event was back in the day?? well lookie at it now, go check out FAMESHED X also and grab yoself some kink *winks** Suicide Dollz are almost into their 1st event of May 2019 so get a move on and get on over there.. do it now… I have knives! *waves them in the air** And finally Wicca Merlin and her awesome store bring you my boots and they are fabasome (fabulous and awesome.. you heard it here first!) Anyho below is everything you need .. Enjoy! PS :: Tomorrow we will cover the head and other accessories 🙂


:[P]:- & [][]TRAP[][] COLLABORATION“Amatheia” [Femme AND Male] Skin – TONE IS Asherah – @ Location in The Shrine Tree FANTASY FAIRE 2019
.AiShA. “Kraken”Bracelet Rings – @ Location in Faireholm FANTASY FAIRE 2019
Kokoro Poses“Lexie”Knife & pose included #4 – @ SUICIDE DOLLZ EVENT
Meva“Brenda”Corsage AND Panty – Two HUD types Leather and Latex with special colours @ Fameshed X
Wicca’s Originals“Michonne”BOOTS – Maitreya, SLINK HG AND FREYA BODY FITTTED – @ DUBAI Event
[monso] My Hair“Kidman” – materials enabled with two sizes each one with boob and smaller boob sizes, 6 colour change HUDS to choose from – @ FAMESHED MAY 2019

Magika – Lil’ Headband – GG
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
.LeLutka. Head. Korina


FF19_Poster_SQUARE (Optional)


Event-ober = Bunches of Great Events in October! Sinnies guide to Halloween gothy-ness..


Event-ober = Bunches of Great Events in October! Sinnies guide to Halloween gothy-ness..

This is a S!nny EXCLUSIVE word *Laughs* So many awesome Events happening in the month of October and today I have just a few event items to show you from my talented Designers I just happen to be lucky to blog for. It’s all a bit halloweeny out there, get in-touch with your dark-side.. be it cute, pastel goth, down and out goth, gore or more, grunge and the list goes on, Everyday is Halloween for me, (ask my mirror… it tells no lies) but today I went a little less scary Mary than usual to show you that you can look sexy as hell whilst in hell (OMG I am on form today!) and it works! And you know why? because hell is hot so it makes perfect sense to be almost nekid 😀 So here is my sexy essential guide to Halloween with a lil’ help from my friends (Designers are friends too)


  1. The element of surprise and magic: use a typer that sprouts candles… Now that is Magic
  2. A tad of OMG-ness: Nailed Collar… LIKE OMGERD!
  3. The sexy: Knickers with blood from someone else’s body… for a change
  4. The leg Illusion: Every woman knows that long boots/socks make your legs look longer and well they are coupled with #2 in The Sexy category.. so can we say two birds 1 stone?! Gruesome (stay with me)
  5. The Artistic: Sexy MOFkn make-up that makes everyone go.. WOW, did you do that? (YES YOU DID, NO ONE WILL EVER FIND OUT! IF THEY DO KILL THEM)
  6. The Time Traveller: Vintage is so Goth! Grab your granddads old top hat, throw on some flowers and dig up a skeleton for the hands ONLY, if you can’t get hands…. use the ribs.
  7. Oh So Goth: SKIN paler than Norman’s dead granny…. nuff said
  8. The Unusual: Dig into Grannies old jewelery box or resting place and find the most unusual rings that she ever did have… grannies are so goth… even the dead one’s… ask Norman (You still here?!)
  9. The Lucky Charm: Black cats, every witch has one including me… Some say that they bring luck and some say they curse, either way it will be a lot of fuzzy fur fun and if you can’t find one because they are all out putting curses on folk? Accessorize with some furr baby jewels.
  10. Weapons: Sharpen you nails ladies and coat them in black (because everything black is goth.. DUH)
  11. The Horror: Halloween brings spooks, look in the mirror and see (cryptic clue) ((you see what I did there? Crypt…. Oh nevermind..))
  12. Strike a Pose: Get all Maddie on the nation and strike a pose… with a fan… or a skull and yes, you can use ribs for this one too!
  13. The Glare: Big staring eyes, Pluck them from a zombie, demon or any other unsuspecting thing that has eyes that stare… or just buy contacts..
  14. Blood: Take a blade and cut… someone else preferably… or use ketchup

.~DN~.“Candle Invocation” – Typer – This product has custom sound, fx, original bento animation & advanced lighting – @ Hocus Pocus Hunt Event 2017
*Merlific*“Nails Choker”Spookzilla Open Oct 20th
*Merlific*“Spooky” – Panties – MAITREYA ONLY – Suicide DollZ Open Oct 15th
.:EC:. – “Kristie” – Socks & Heels – Maitreya – @ The Darkness Monthly October 2017
.AiShA.“Dia De Los Muertos” – Hat – Red Moon @ The Dark Style Fair 5 2017
[Avenge]“Dia de Muertos Palette” for Lelutka, catwa, akeruka – Can be tinted VIA your head HUD – @ The Dark Style Fair 5 2017
7 Deadly s[K]ins“LIVA”omega FACE & BODY HUD – Tone cloud – Cosmetic Fair 15th – 31st 2017
::SG::“Domus” – rings – Maitreya/slink/vista – Includes metal texture HUD – @ Shiny Shabby October 2017
:[P]:“Stretch” – Chainlace & Earrings – [L-Long] – @ Shiny Shabby October 2017
Dark Passions –  Astralia Stiletto HUD – “Absence Of Color” – @ The Black Fair Oct. 6 – Oct. 29, 2017
KOKORO{<3}PEACHES“Nightmare Hand Mirror” – @ The Nightmare Event
*CNZ*“Malefik Eyes”  Dark – Lelutka @ The Darkness Monthly October 2017

POSES @ The Dark Style Fair 5 2017
Poseidon“La Catrina” #7
Poseidon“La Catrina” #11




{LORE} – “Cemetery” – @ Trick or Treat Lane 2017

Prism – “Black Cat” –  Standing by Jezzixa Cazalet – @ The Darkness Monthly

sass buildz – demon worship – @ TWE12VE OCTOBER 2017

Fawny (NOW KNOWN AS MOSSU)- Pet Cemetery – Bette and Dot – Beige Decor

anc “spray” wild flower

.LeLutka. – Head – Simone
Astralia – Compatible nails system (Maitreya Stiletto base)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Mithral * – Citrus
VAW – XTC – Nipples V2.8

This post was written for entertainment purposes only, Do not take offence to anything I have written …. we shall all laugh at you and point …. Thank you for reading!

Blood N Bones



The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, Powder Pack May Edition for CATWA and SlackGirls BENTO Nails !


The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, Powder Pack May Edition for CATWA and SlackGirls BENTO Nails !

Hello Lovelies! Hope you’re all well. I have goodies and they can be yours too, Powder Pack May edition for CATWA is still available to BUY (reserve time over, see calender on my blog page, I’m still updating it) now you will pay double and that is 3000L and it is worth every penny, so far, I have tried to show you how the Powder Pack can work with unconventional avatar skins, this time I am actually wearing a skin from adored and it is in this months subscription box. I absolutely love what Aisha has for you at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival this round, it really is so adorably gothic! SlackGirl has been making nails for bento hands and guess what? when you buy these nails unless it states otherwise you get bento nails for ALL the well-known bento hands, Personally, I think that’s awesome because I have bought nails and I hate that some designers have seen “BENTO” as a money bleeding machine, For example… 300L for VISTA …. 300L FOR Maitreya and so on…. Well no more! Just take a look at the nails I am wearing they are on fyyyyyya!” Anyhow…. Here are the credits….


#adored“Claire” – shape for lona head/lara body
#adored“Claire” – eyebrow shape
#adored“sheen shadows” – tropical babe edition – {catwa}
::SG::“Moon Eyes” – Mesh and HUD for CATWA


.AiShA. – “Bow Collar” – Red – ALSO IN RED/PINK/TEAL – COMMON
.AiShA.“Victoria” – Cuffs – Maitreya ONLY – Black – ALSO WHITE
.AiShA.“Victoria” – Shirt – Maitreya ONLY – Black or White – RARE
.AiShA.“Victoria” – Skirt – Maitreya ONLY – REd – ALSO IN RED/PINK/TEAL – COMMON

::SG::“Celtic Ring set” – 5 rings including a HUD to change the metal colour and gems.
::SG::“Tied Stilleto” – MESH Bento Nails for Maitreya, Tuty’s, VISTA hands


CATWA – HEAD – Lona v2.16
fri.Penny.Janes – Apple – Maitreya – Included socks with HUD to change the colour of them.
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Moon. – Hair – April
Dead DollzRococo – Garter – Black
BirdyBoudoir – Panties – Maitreya – Red


⇓That is all for this post, Just to add that I took these pictures at The Gates of melancholy⇓

→Enjoy your week←

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On9, Kinky, Dark Style Fair & We ♥ Role-play.


On9, Kinky, Dark Style Fair & We ♥ Role-play.

Hey there! I have a few things to show you today and most of them are newness that are at different events all of which is as fabulous as the next.

Firstly though.. Let’s talk Powder Pack CATWA. It is available for pre-order NOW for 1500L and worth every L and more, Do not panic you have up until 16th May to reserve your pack! Hope on over to the links below and get yours in the bag.




Powder Pack for Catwa May Edition Media
Below are the goodies I am wearing
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails“Marilyn’s Memoirs” – HUDS for Maitreya, Slink & Omega – @ The Dark Style Fair

::SG::“Luar Eyes” – Mesh, colour change HUD, HUD CATWA and also special eye colours available @ On9

*Sweet Kajira*“Carmen” – corset brown Maitreya – @ Kinky Monthly
*Sweet Kajira*“Carmen” – skirt brown Maitreya – @ Kinky Monthly
.AiShA.“Mechanical Wings” Black/Bronze
7 Deadly s[K]ins“NOVE” – omega FACE&BODY – tone snow – available in 10 tones – @ Dark Style Fair 4


[NC]“The Birdcage” – 2 – @ Totally Top Shelf
:[P]:“Faceless” – Earrings – Unisex – @ Memento Mori
:[P]: – “Faceless” – Choker – Unisex – @ Memento Mori
Meva“Victorian” Bento Rings – Silver – also in gold including a HUD that allows you to change the ring stone colours (10 colours for each ring) and hide or show some of the rings – @ We ♥ Role-play
{Acios}“Minerva” – Cap – previously @ FF
{Acios}“Minerva” – Mask – previously @ FF

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Mello.Heretic Hair”

⇒That is all for now Guys! Thank you for stopping by and have a great week!⇐

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The Fantasy Faire, Tres Chic & The Epiphany.

The Fantasy Faire, Tres Chic & The Epiphany.
Some more fun fantasy fashion for you today! yes, more of The Fantasy Faire to show you Ft Guest Creator Erico Lecker  (My guest not yours… hands off mine! xD). Also, MEVA is at Tres Chic with more BENTO NAILS. OH and FINALLY I got to go to The Epiphany! Roll The Creditz….
.:Soul:. – Gen2 Female – “Ceredil” – [F5] – Toned Tummy -Small Breasts – NoBrow option – two breast options, two brow options (with and without) Head HUD applies the skin to omega, catwa, lelutka & genesis, The left side of this HUD has various ears that you can apply the skin to, they’re Uni (By soul) Bentbox & logo/omega. The body HUD applies to slink, maitreya, belleza & omega, nail options are above each body option. Classic skins are included. On Mudrana sim
.:Soul:. – Gen2 Female – “Gyouko” – Ceredil – [F5] – Tattoo omega HUD all layers and all face options. Classic tattoo layers for none mesh are also included. On Mudrana sim.
1313“Lessa Stilettos” – Mnementh the Bronze – fitted for Maitreya, freya, isis, physique & hourglass. 100% RFL Donation! On Ravens Perch sim.
,AiShA.“Be Light!” – Headpiece – Gold – also in silver this can be re-sized to fit your avatars – 100% RFL Donation! On Dawn’s Promise sim.
:[P]:“Deera Antlers” – [Long] – Megapack – RARE – HUD included with 40 colour choices! On Chaddul Ro sim.
AD“umbreon” – LIGHT BLONDES – includes an alpha layer and hairbase for none mesh head users. On The Hill sim.
Banana Banshee“Fae” – Vivid eyes – Fat pack applier HUD. On The Rose
Bliensen + MaiTai“Lizzie” – Lizzard Brows – Includes a HUD with 5 metal texture options and re-size options. On The Spirit Pool sim.
Moon Light Cat Creations“Davina Necklace” – Spiderless (taken from a outfit that includes heels, anklet, wings (with or without spiders/webs) and gown) On Egregore sim.
Meva“Bento Nails 3” – HUD included and it allows you to change the colour of the metals (6 metals) and the nails (18 colours) @ Tres Chic
Bad Katz“Rearing Unicorn” – Curved Horn – On Fallen Sands
Dragon Magick Wares“Fairytale Castle” – mesh – 144 prims – 23×26 – On Dragon Pool sim.
SCENE (Lights & Sparkle) @ The Fantasy Faire 2017
EL“Light Sphere”
EL“Ball Light”
EL“Larva Lamp” – 16 lights that are linked. Also available in smaller groups.
Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara
Moon Elixir – “Forest Nymph” – 11 – Caramel Thong – The Epiphany
Moon Elixir – “Forest Nymph” – 2 – Jacket – RARE – The Epiphany
Moon Elixir – “Forest Nymph” – 6 – Caramel Bra – The Epiphany
⇒⇒⇒Thanks for looking⇐⇐⇐
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Get your Role-play on and visit a beautiful land of adventure.


I want to start this post by telling you about the beautiful place these pictures were taken. Put together by an amazing builder Azmiedel Eylwindir (ladyazmiedel), It is a role-play sim, you can grab an observer tag at the welcome center and it is exactly what it say’s you can go and “Observe” be it to see the characters at play or explore the fast and story telling lands, Take some pictures and always remember to credit The Land of Tarinfell because honestly it really is deserving of more exposure. I am not a role player and tend to feel somewhat uncomfortable on role-play sims, You always feel as though you’re intruding, well, I really have to say that the folk of the Land are the most welcoming and friendly role players I have ever come across. A character, Jolder ( Knives valerian), Told me:

“You wont find the creativity of a rper anywhere else, the sims and characters are like their form of art”

Say’s it all really. I hope I have given the sim characters some credit in my pictures and I look forward to many more visits to the fantasy land! Don’t take my word for it… Go, Be who ever you want on what ever day, Let your adventure start at The Land of Tarinfell.

What I am wearing


7 Deadly s{K}ins  – “MAUREEN” omega FACE&BODY – no brows – TONE cotton candy -16 tones available, 5 brow options including without brows, OMEGA head & body HUD, For other bodies please go to the main store, Almost all mesh bodies and heads are not omega compatible so all you need is the relay HUD for this skin to work. !!!EVENT COMING SOON!!!
[AK] – Mesh Head – “Valerie” – Vers. 2.5 Bento – previously at The Skin Fair and should now be in-store. Includes, shape, animation HUD and make-up/skin HUD.
*Merlific*“Classy Nails” – for Vista Bento Female Pro hand
.:AuricA:.“Marta” – Tattoo multi-HUD – works with BENTO vista hands

The bow has a HUD to change the bow to gold or silver and can also be re-sized, The rest of this collection is made to fit maitreya mesh bodies ONLY. The quality is outstanding.
.AiShA.“Ranger” – Cloak – RARE – Maitreya – Brown – @ Lootbox
.AiShA.“Ranger” Longbow – LOOT – @ Lootbox
.AiShA.“Ranger” Quiver – LOOT – Maitreya – Brown – @ Lootbox
.AiShA.“Ranger” Short – Maitreya – Brown – @ Lootbox
.AiShA.“Ranger” Tunic – Maitreya – all colors – @ Lootbox

::SG::“Diana” –  Lips 1 – For Akeruka Heads – NEW in-store – 8 colour tones to choose from
::SG::“Tasha” – Brow – black – For Akeruka Heads – NEW – in-store  – Also in other basic brow tones – you can choose to have the cuts in either brow or both or without. Must be worn with brow-less skin. Base shape is also included.

All poses are By Poseidon.


BLACKHAUS  – “Butterflies” – 02 – Purple
Le Coq D’or  – “Shadow side” – collar – Store now known as Yokai, this is an old release.
Maitreya – Mesh Body – “Lara” V3.5
{TWS} – “Dorlein” – Boots
Al Vulo! – “Lena” shape for Akeruka Valerie head
.Charm. – (No LM) – “Chandria Bindi” – Gold / Violet
.random.Matter. – “Reyn Septum” – Gift – Gold

•·•·•·That’s all for now my beauts’•·•·•·

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NEW Location for FGC, NEW Bento Head with a splash of Neon, apricot & Body Art.


NEW Location for FGC, NEW Bento Head with a splash of Neon, apricot & Body Art.

I am back! After 2 long weeks of being sick, Nothing serious! Don’t worry 😉 I have much awesomeness to show you from my favourite Designers, So let’s get down to it… Roll the credits…..

::SG:: @ TWE12VE  “Neon” For Akeruka, Catwa and Omega mesh heads, Each pack includes classic tattoo layers for none mesh users. 8 colours to choose from.

.:AS:. @ cosmopolitan“Maria” Tattoo White, also in black, for use om Maitreya, slink, belleza, TMP and omega.

⇓⇓Available in white & gold/silver and black gold/silver. For Maitreya ONLY!⇓⇓
.AiShA. @ FGC“Xune” – Bodysuit Maitreya Gold/White
.AiShA. @ FGC“Xune” – Bracers Maitreya Gold/White
.AiShA.  @ FGC“Xune” – Mace (RARE) Gold/White
.AiShA.  @ FGC“Xune” – Shoulder Maitreya Gold/White

⇓⇓In the pack you get head, shape, alpha layers, head HUD (with skin options) and make-up HUD) The head HUD has animations and slots to save your work.⇓⇓
Altamura: “AGGIE” – BENTO mesh head v0.35
Altamura: “AGGIE” BENTO shape (Included in the pack – I have modified mine)



⇓⇓This skin is for [LAQ] mesh head, I am wearing it with the head mentioned above, there were no issues! Available in 6 tones for classic avatars and Omega, slink and Maitreya mesh body parts, The head has options with cut brow and not cut brow, the body has cleavage options and now NEW HUD’s that will include a NEW tone for The Vintage Fair (in march!) Also, the NEW HUD’s have 4 options, plain, beauty marks, mild freckles and heavy freckles.⇓⇓
7 Deadly s{K}ins @ Fashion Dazzle  Omega HEAD – “Davina” APRICOT cut (brow)

Poseidon @ FGC – “Forever Fantasy” – The Oracle B RARE – prop included

[FORMANAILS] Accessories – “CIRI” for Bento VISTA – RINGS
[^.^Ayashi^.^] “Reina Crown” – comes with hair NOT worn.
IKON “Sovereign Eyes” – Poltergeist
Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

D!va -Hair- “Alyssa” (Onyx)

♥♥♥ And that’s all from me for now, Hope you all have a great day and Happy Shopping! ♥♥♥

We ♥ Role-play PREVIEWS, EVENT NEWS and Must have Designs for all!


We ♥ Role-play PREVIEWS, EVENT NEWS and Must have Designs for all!

Only a few days left now of Totally Top Shelf so get there and grab as much as you can carry 😀 So much to show you in this post! As always, some new and some old but all fabulous Darlin’ ☺ Roll the creditz…


.:AS:.Zara Tattoo – Black – also in White for mesh bodies and heads – @ Cosmopolitan


.:Soul:. – Uni Ears [v2] – Heavy Heart – includes an alpha layer, classic tattoo layer blenders and a HUD to change the markings and skin. @ The Coven starting Feb 3rd (LM to come) ((earrings NOT part of the ear!!))

.:Soul:.Gen2 F – Fala (Female) – Tone SE Snow] – MT (Muscled) – firm Breasts – With Brow – Nails included – there is an option for no brows, toned or athletic body, soft breasts or firm and toned or athletic tummy – Male & Female versions will also be available in HUDs for Slink, Adam, Omega, TMP, Catwa, Genesis, Bentbox, Maitreya, belleza, LeLutka and soul uni ears. Classic tattoo layers are included for none mesh users. The skins will be at We ♥ Role-play from Feb 4th.

:[P]:- Damore Earrings – these come in three sizes and you can edit them to make them smaller or larger if needed, A HUD is included and that allows you to change the colour/patterns.

BLASPHEMICDONNA DRESS – PURPLE – SLINK HG – 9 colours are available in mesh fits for Slink, Belleza, TMP, eBody, Maitreya and Tonic.


:SS:Roma – Silver Ring Boots – for Slink, Belleza, TMP and Maitreya – 8 colours to choose from.

ZibskaZinn – for Lelutka, Catwa, TMP and Omega, These are matt lips and there are 20 colours to choose from. @ The Liaison Collaborative

.AiShA.Be Dramatic! –  for LeLutka head comes in four versions, all them in black these are hand painted!!! @ Totally Top Shelf (HURRY only a few days left!!!)



IKONSovereign Eyes – Poltergeist
.:::G.ID:::.Crotch Cover [Slink Hourglass]
.LeLutka. – Head.Simone
.Shi :Quixotic
::TI::Lil Flower Septum

♥♥♥ That’s all for today my dearests ♥♥♥

Happy Shopping!

Powder Pack is here!


Powder Pack is here.


January Powder Pack is here! This is a mystery pack that contains appliers for Catwa mesh heads. It is a monthly subscription and you can purchase this months box on the marketplace or in-world, The cut off date has gone BUT is still available to you now for 3000L (Before 16th of each month the box is 1500L).


I was so excited for this box and I was not disappointed! There are 12 talented designers that will fill your box with beautiful goodies. This month has skins, lashes, eye shadows, lips contouring, hair-bases and more! For more details on give aways and more visit the Powder Pack webpage . Read on to find out what I used from January’s Pack.


Click me, I grow!

[PF] – CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – Glossy Nudes
::SG:: –  Colorama – 05 – Shadow for Catwa Heads
#adored – starlet lashes – tinsel town edition {catwa}
amara beauty – Powder Pack Jan 2017 – Julia Beauty Kit (Skin)
Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase – SPECIAL EDITION 01 for CATWA

You can see more Flickr creations on Powder Packs page

Go see Strawberry Singh unboxing this months Powder pack.


.AiShA. Is at The Secret Affair with  “Pearl Body Chain” in Black and  White for Maitreya & Slink.

:[P]:-  Nailpolish – Inverted Flira – for maitreya and slink/omega (Do not work on VISTA BENTO) This is at The Seasons Story.


Take a better look! Click me.


 The Epiphany

Moon Elixir – “Fairytale Atelier” – 11 – Lara – Panties – Faun
Moon Elixir – “Fairytale Atelier” – 18 – Lara – Boots – Pink
Moon Elixir – “Fairytale Atelier” – 2 – Lara – Cage – RARE
Moon Elixir – “Fairytale Atelier” – 2 – Lara – Skirt – RARE
Moon Elixir – “Fairytale Atelier” – 3 – Flower Crown
Moon Elixir – “Fairytale Atelier” – 5 – Lara – Bra – Faun
[DUE] –  Sugar – used with RARE HUD C&D


CATWA HEAD Candy V4.10
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

Happy Shopping my Hunnies! See you soon. ♥

PREVIEW from Totally Top Shelf and MORE amazing Designs you MUST have.


PREVIEW from Totally Top Shelf and MORE amazing Designs you MUST have.


I have great NEWS for you today! As stated TTS is back on January 6th with a NEW round and the theme this time is “Seelie and Unseelie Court” The event will run up till January 27th 2017! So… Who is there?? TONS and TONS of great designers, Listed below..



Distorted Dreams
Fallen Arms
Attitude is an Artform
Vengeful Threads
!Chop Shop!
Sweet Lies Designs
Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions
.::B L U::.
Mermaid Treasure Boutique
Jana’s Classic Designs
~Refined Wild~

I have searched high & low for the landmarks so you can go check those stores out (if I have any wrong PLEASE let me know so that I can update this post)

The event is now on a NEW sim and the Landmark shall be yours when the event opens BUT for now you can check out the web page for more information.

I am using a pose pack that shall be at the event and it is by HelaMiyo. “Assassin” is a unisex poses and the pack of 5 mirrored (10 in total) are 300L or you can buy them separate for 50L each. They’re EXCLUSIVE to the event BUT will be back in store thereafter.


I have teamed up some amazing designs for you to see and I really love how this outfit came out, I started doing a Princess Leia look and well as you can see it didn’t happen 😦 BUT I am loving what did! Read on for credits….

::SG:: are at Designer Circle with my eye make-up “LeColor” for Akeruka, Catwa and Omega, I am wearing #8 on LeLutka Simone Bento head. Classic layers are included in each pack.


*QweenB* have a NEW release and that is  “Chain Choker” in Black (WORN) Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

.:AS:. also have a NEW release “Megi” Tattoo works with Omega, Maitreya and SLink mesh hands and is compatible with BENTO, I am showing you mine on VISTA BENTO hands.


:[P]:- is the genius behind my hat and mask and this is “Rabbis” Tophat & Mask, You can choose the hat with mask attached and with that you get a HUD that allows you to change the hat, metals and mask (28 colours each for hat base and metals) you can wear the hat and mask separately if prefered OR you can go with just the top hat in which case you have a HUD that allows you to change two parts of the hat, the base and the bandana and lace (21 colours for each)


BLASPHEMIC have just releases my dress in-store and this is  “SALMA” Dress in Black for Maitreya. There are also fits for Belleza, TMP and SLink bodies. In all you have 7 colours to choose from. Don’t forget to join the VIP group for 10L so you can get 50% off all offers, you could pick up this fat-pack for just 250L!

DP – Koffin Nails  NEWNESS in-store and they’re “December Delights” for Omega, Maitreya and SLink mesh hands/nails, I am wearing the Omega with VISTA BENTO hands and there really are no issues but just make sure you choose the right shape nail and try to steer clear of duck nail shapes (ALWAYS use Omega at your own discretion!!) These are in the Store SALE till December 30th and you get 25% OFF EVERYTHING.


7 Deadly s{K}ins have a NEW skin for all you ladies and this is  “Cinnamon” in  Apricot also available in 4 other tones, this is for Catwa mesh heads BUT I am wearing mine with LeLutka Simone BENTO mesh head and there are no issues! Body applier HUD’s have cleavage options and they come in a range of HUD’s that cover almost all mesh bodies.

.ARISE. Wosa Eyes / Red
*katat0nik* Bow Wrist Strap
.LeLutka. Head.Simone 2.0
FLite. – Pyrrhic Boots – Coal
little bones – Dion
Maitreya – Dahlia Socks – Flat – Black
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

That’s all for now hunnies! Happy shopping ❤