Shoe on SALE for LIMITED time From Diva’s Inc! NEW Dress release From Diva’s Inc & Mesh head’s NOW at Diva’s Inc!!!!

Shoe on SALE for LIMITED time From Diva’s Inc! NEW Dress release From Diva’s Inc & Mesh head’s NOW at Diva’s Inc!!!! 

Diva’s Inc are fastly becoming the store with everything a fly girl needs!! Today I will show you three must have items that you can grab all from Diva’s Inc.


Let’s start with my mesh head, It’s in store right NOW!!!! “Angel” includes an alpha layer, A HUD to apply the make-ups and a HUD to apply the skin. I am wearing mine with the Maitreya Lara mesh body. The HUD’s work with Omega compatible bodies.

My Dress is NEW In store and it is “Pretty On Fleek Dress” and it lives up to it#s name, There are ton’s of colours to choose from and the packs include Omega HUD to apply the top and bottom of the dress and a mesh panel in 4 sizes you also get standard layers for none mesh avatars, As I said this is also at Diva’s Inc.


Lastly let’s talk about my shoes “Sherry” High Heels are on SALE TODAY FOR 1L they are for slink feet and come in white, you NEED to hurry if you want to grab this amazing deal!!!! jump in the TAXI to Diva’s Inc and make this bargain yours!


That’s all for this post ❤ Enjoy Shopping, Any questions hit my comments or contact me in world just search sinful rhapsody.

Moeko & Scream for Me Event ft Immortals & Show me the Doll.

Latest release from Moeko and two designers from Scream for Me Event. 


Moeko has released the outfit I am wearing today, The dress, stocking and shoes all match in various colours. “Jennifer Lolita Dress” includes standard layers and HUD’s that apply the stocking and the undershirt to slink & omega compatible mesh bodies. The dress is mesh and the pack includes fitmesh and standard mesh in 5 sizes and the sleeves are also mesh and have 7 mesh sizes of course with all that you also get an alpha layer for none mesh bodies. “Parfait Heels” are for SLINK High Feet only and they are also mesh.


Scream for me Event is in full swing! And today I have two of the designers that are there to show you. Firstly my mask is by Show me on the Doll “The Vapors Gasmask” has two versions one with the doily on the left and the other with it on the right. My bag is also at Scream for Me and it is by Immortals, this is a gacha item and I am wearing coffin handbag “The ribcage” COMMON, there are three styles of bag to collect coffin handbag, backpacks and book bags. So many to collect it’s awesome and they are all scary cute.


My balloon was a gacha item and it’s by downdowndown and it is “Haunted Balloon”

That’s all for me today my beauties ❤ Hope you have enjoyed this outfit and if so go clicky those links and get the items ❤ Enjoy!!!!!

PREVIEW for Black Dot Event from SlackGirl, WEIB ft Vanessa, Saving Sight Fundraiser from Chemical Princess and NEW release from Diva’s Inc.

PREVIEW for Black Dot Event from SlackGirl, WEIB ft Vanessa, Saving Sight Fundraiser from Chemical Princess and NEW release from Diva’s Inc. 


I want to start this post with an item from my sponsor at Chemical Princess. It’s my necklace “Eye Necklace” it is mesh and comes with a texture change HUD with that you are able to change the color of the circles. The most important information about the necklace is it is for the Saving Sight fund-raising event, There are other ways you can donate and I will include those links for you and also link for information about the graves disease / thyroid disease, I want you to be well-informed about how this affects people so that’s why I am adding links, Please donate what you can and please go buy the necklace because a little means so much!


Saving Sights FaceBook

Saving sights flickr page

Information BE AWARE

Thank you ❤


WEIB is open , this event runs for one month so you have plenty of time to go and grab this sexy bodysuit that’s there, It’s from my Sponsor Vanessa and is “Patty” available in blue (WORN), Black, Pink and seppia. Each pack has a MULTI HUD that applies the texture to Slink, Maitreya, Belleza and Altamura mesh bodies. I am wearing mine with Maitreya Lara Mesh Body.


My make-up is all from SlackGirl the lips are in store and they are “Liquid Lips” for LeLutka. My eyes “Soffy -with add-on’s” are for Black Dot Event it’s NOT open until 11th September so please let the designers set up in peace, of course I’ll let you know when it is open! This pack included the shadow and the eye gems, you get 8 shades in each pack for the shadow and HUD’s that apply the texture to LeLutka, EVE’olution, Slink Visage, The Shops and each pack also includes standard layers for none mesh heads, There are 4 types of gems fitted and static (can be moved)  in none animated and animated (the tecture moves) Now if that wasn’t enough you can also change the color of the gems !! via a HUD that has 9 color textures! I am seriously loving these so I’m going to try to do a video with them some other time so that you can see the animation.


Diva’s Inc have just released my shoes, “Samantha” are mesh and for slink high feet only, There are so many colours to choose from! Today I am wearing the black, these are sassy, sexy and you have to make them yours! Diva’s Inc have also released a series of mesh heads and I have one to show you! So keep these beautiful eyes peeled ❤


My hair and jacket are from The Arcade, if you haven’t been yet then go! Not now because I’m not done…..

Savin Sight Poster

Okay now I’m done 😉 ❤ Happy Shopping!

Scream for Me is OPEN!!

Insanity hunts Presents Scream fo Me!! 


YES!! Halloween is on its way and SL has too much scariness for you! Scream for me will help you on your way to ungodliness is style with 30+ of the most talented designers in second life, each store has 1 item with at least 50% off the original price! There are 4 buildings full of gacha machines and hunt items are hidden all over the skull shaped sim, Go get your fix after I have shown you this deliciously gothic outfit from one of Scream For Me’s designers Moeko.


“Zoe Zombie” dress and shoes are at the scream for me event and are from Moeko, Both are mesh items, the dress in 5 standard mesh sizes and one size lace skirt (ADD ON) of course there is an alpha layer for none mesh bodies and this dress is available in black (WORN), Blood and Purple. Shoes are also mesh and they fit slink high feet only also available in colours that match the dress.


My hair is from The Arcade along with most of the items I have laid out so be sure to check that out too!

And that’s all from me for now, Happy Weekend and Happy Shopping ❤

Any Questions about items not mentioned just ask!!

M&M New Latex Dress, Shoes From Diva’s Inc & SlackGirl @ Paris District.

Paris District is open! M&M have a new release and Diva’s Inc have platforms to die for! 


SlackGirl is at Paris District from now till the 25th September and they have my eyeshadow there, “Katalina” is available in packs that have standard layers for none mesh heads and HUD’s that apply to LeLutka, The Shops!, EVE’olution & Slink Visage. My lipstick is available in store and it’s “ShinyLips” pack for LeLutka. I am wearing both make-ups with Stella Lelutka mesh head.


My dress is new from M&M Style “Maca” is mesh in 5 standard sizes, one for slink physique & a fitted mesh, of course you also get an alpha layer for none mesh bodies, also included with the dress is my necklace and glasses (NOT WORN) both of these items are sizable.


Diva’s Inc have a bunch of new releases and my shoes are just one “Dekota Heels” are mesh and fit slink high feet only, there is a range of colours available and also a dress that matches you can see that HERE.


My hair is from Besom and is called “Mira”

That’s all from me for now lovlies, any questions hit my comments, don’t forget to hit like and go shop for these amazing items! ❤ Enjoy!

Diva’s Inc NEW. SlackGirl @ Cosmopolitan. Poses from chubby bunny that work with larger shapes!

Hey there 🙂 Diva’s Inc have released mesh dress and shoes! And SlackGirl has her stunning make-up @ Cosmopolitan PLUS Chubby Bunny Poses for all us thick girl.


Cosmopolitan is open for a new round and SlackGirl has my eyeshadow there, “Prua” in 8 shades is available in  HUD packs that apply to LeLutka,The Shops!, Slink Visage, EVE’olution and each pack also contains standard layers for none mesh heads. This pack is priced at just 180L per pack! My lipstick is available in store and it’s “ShinyLips” pack for LeLutka. I am wearing both make-ups with Stella Lelutka mesh head.


Diva’s Inc has two new releases and they are both my dress and my shoes, Let’s start with the dress “Dekota” FITTED Mesh dress fit’s both Maitreya and Belleza mesh bodies there is also an alpha layer for none mesh bodies included. This is available in a LOT of colours that combine either black or white as skirt. To match the dress I am wearing “Dekota” MESH high heels (FOR SLINK HIGH ONLY) again they have every color to match the dress, The cute and sexy combo of this outfit is beautiful ❤


Don’t like your avatar to be skinny? have issues with having to adjust your shape in order to use poses? Then you have not been using chubby bunny poses. I used “Caitlyn” each pose has sizes to fit any size shape even the smaller ladies.


Hair is from Little bones it’s a group gift and the group is just 100L to join and that is a one-off fee. This one is called “Hurt”

That concludes this post my lovies Happy Hump Day ❤

FacePalm for Bleeping Bunny Hunt. The fantasy Collective, Collabor88. And Aii !

Bleeping Bunny Hunt ft FacePalm. The fantasy Gacha Carnival. The fantasy Collective. Collabor88. 

I have a few newness to show you today!


Let me start with my hoodie. It’s for the Bleeping Bunny Hunt and is from FacePalm. “Bleeping Bunny” is mesh and the pack includes 5 standard mesh sizes and one flexi mesh, you also get an alpha layer for none mesh bodies.

My hair I picked up from collabor88. It’s by Exile and is “You send me”


“Faun Legs” are by [LAB737] and are currently at The Fantasy Collective as are my claws and tattoo, “Sanderson Gloves” are by Jian and have a HUD to change the colour and my tattoo is part of “The Grinder” by Ama

You still have time to play for my headdress and necklace, they are at The Fantasy Gacha and are from my sponsor Aii. The necklace “Gothic Cross” is a RARE item and my headdress “Silver Rosette Ribbons” is a common. Both of these are mesh and have very lovely textures.


My eyes are by IKON and They are “deadshine” – black. I have to say if you have not tried IKON then you must and I guarantee you will never go anywhere else again!

My photo’s were taken at Ironwood Hills

That’s all for now guys, Hope you liked this post any questions hit up my comments or Inworld Sinful Rhapsody. ❤