C88. KUSTOM9. ACCESS. WHAT NEXT. CHIMIA & APHRODITE. Hello there sinners! I have lots of goodies to show you today but first let us prey… KIDDING’ Okay seriously.. My outfit comes with a texture change hud that allows you to change parts of the outfit including the metals and the shoe soles, I am wearingContinue reading “C88. KUSTOM9. ACCESS. WHAT NEXT. CHIMIA & APHRODITE.”


THE PLASTIK. REFUGE AND PROMAGIC + A LOT MORE! HI! OKAY, I am back with the 2nd and final part of yesterdays post Everything should be pretty easy to find because I have linked some of the decor to my previous post where it can be seen clearly, Why did I break up the postContinue reading “THE PLASTIK. REFUGE AND PROMAGIC + A LOT MORE!”


ZIBSKA, REFUGE& EGOSUMAII. Hey! This is the first part of this post, I want to concentrate on the outfit first, tomorrow I will post the decor. Enjoy! ♥ Zibska @ anyBody – Jan 2020 Zibska – Sascha – Lips [Fit B] 04 Zibska – Sascha – Eyemakeup 11 Zibska – Sascha – Blush 09 +Continue reading “ZIBSKA, REFUGE & EGOSUMAII.”

Get A Cat they said…

Get A Cat they said… Get a cat they said… it will be fun they said…. and they will also walk on your keys and delete items and remove textures… Also…. Do not try to edit your shape whilst using black dragons built in poser… This is take #2.. Thank You to My Bestie BearContinue reading “Get A Cat they said…”


LAST POST! Hello and if you are reading this then you will know because I am about to tell you that… This is my last post.. for 2019! As you know I am not Christmassy and I am not newyearsy (New words!) either, thats not to say I have no hopes for 2020 because IContinue reading “LAST POST!”

Never Totally Dead.

Never Totally Dead. Hi Lovelies! I hope you’re all doing good and had a lovely few days of tranquillity over the holidays. I am here with something a little Christmasy and more traditional decor Although you could use these as any-time decor not just xmas-time 😀 Enjoy ♥ Never Totally Dead –  ” Wishing youContinue reading “Never Totally Dead.”

A message to my readers.

A message to my readers. A friend of mine who I value dearly left something on my face book page about how some people struggle at Christmas time missing loved one’s and one line has stuck in my head and it goes “Your presence is better than your presents” its a line many need toContinue reading “A message to my readers.”


CROWS GROW acKustomed TO THE DARK SIDE. As promised I am back with the other half of my previous post and a not so cryptic title… because yeah I do that.. Anyhow the answer to the riddle is below … Enjoy ♥ -[TWC]- “Not a Saint” -Neck- Blk [POUT!] Astral Baby – Lelutka Applier –Continue reading “CROWS GROW acKustomed TO THE DARK SIDE.”


WLRP. SUICIDE DOLLZ & MORE HI! Just a couple of things before you dive in, The backdrop I used is surrounded by a box so because I wanted to add stuff and give it the full winter feel I made it transparent by going to edit via right click and edited linked parts, everything IContinue reading “WLRP. SUICIDE DOLLZ & MORE”