BackBone Black Friday Sale

Get ready for the biggest sale of the year!All our store items are 30% off to EVERYONE 50% off to BackBone VIP Group Members!(excluding gift cards)

BackBoneMinimal Lounge
Lounger – Adult+ w/P LI:9
Ottoman LI:4
Rug (red) LI:2
Side Table (white) LI:1
TV Console (white) LI:2


It’s time again for our big Black Friday Sale, which is also our Autumn Sale.
50% auto-refund after purchase in the ChiMia main store until November 30th [gift cards excluded]

ChiMia::Industrial Sconce Light LI:2 + Tech Lined Curtains LI:2

50% Cash-back storewide SALE!!! ENDS NOVEMBER 29TH
*Giftcards, retro box and the recent Scarlett Hotel release are not included

DRDChartbusters – frame – scifi LI:1 – spooky LI:1 – thriller LI:1
DRDChartbusters – pile of casettes A LI:1 – D LI:1

also loved and used [not sponsored by]
Dahlia – Joy – Lucky Kitten Planter – Grey LI:2
Granola – Heat Waves Planter. LI:3
JIAN – Sleeping Kitty Pillow Gift LI:2
uK – Celestial Dreams Occult Books LI:1
{vespertine} – melted glass airplants terrarium. LI:2
.random.Matter. – The Collector – Comic Boxes LI:1
Atelier Burgundy – Books (gift) LI:1

Published by s1nny

I love fashion , shopping and exploring in second life. I started this blog 5 years ago and thought it was time for an update.. The Designers and Events that I work with are very important to me, I have become passionate about their products and style, many I have been working with for years some not as long but it doesn't matter if I am given a place on their team I will always do my very best for them, I know Designers work hard .. its a labour of love so to speak, it can be their only income and we actually pay a very small amount for the work they dedicate themselves to, The same for Events, some Designers are pushing themselves to beyond the limit and honestly I have so much respect. Lets not forget the people behind the Events, I also work with Pale Girl Productions who bring us such events as Vintage Fair and The skin fair and so many others amazing niche shopping events and at first I was floored and overwhelmed at the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes... it is a lot.. a lot... months of prep and lots of work! I admire them all and I love them all like real life family.. I am sure I will be adding more here but for now thats it ♥

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