See the make-up and piercings close-up
The Darkness Monthly Event
Ends July 28th and a new round is open August 5th
KiB DesignsZephyr Top M.Petite
VALLEMONTBones Marks [Bakes On Mesh – BOM] 75%

[monso]Jenn Hair (m/ petite)two styles, three head and bust sizes and three colour HUDs to choose from.find me at COLLBOR88

Becky BraceletBlack dark Silver left/right
Becky Gloves L/R – Black Dark Silver
Becky RingsDark Silver Left/Right – (Bento)
Flower Belly PiercingSilver Dark Lara

Pure Poison
Ashley Platforms MaitreyaNEW – find me at The Inithium Event
Giana UndiesMaitreyaCheck the main-store

Izzie’s LeL Evo XVeins (darkest) + Pimples (med)
VELOUR: London for Evo X (PORCELAIN – NB)
THIS IS WRONGInsomnia makeup FADED – BoM Evo X
MILA. Facial Scars [EVOX BOM] Dark Left ALL
Quirky.Solid Gremlin Claws
lel EvoX ZORA 3.1
Maitreya Mesh BodyLara + Add-on “Petite”

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I love fashion , shopping and exploring in second life. I started this blog 5 years ago and thought it was time for an update.. The Designers and Events that I work with are very important to me, I have become passionate about their products and style, many I have been working with for years some not as long but it doesn't matter if I am given a place on their team I will always do my very best for them, I know Designers work hard .. its a labour of love so to speak, it can be their only income and we actually pay a very small amount for the work they dedicate themselves to, The same for Events, some Designers are pushing themselves to beyond the limit and honestly I have so much respect. Lets not forget the people behind the Events, I also work with Pale Girl Productions who bring us such events as Vintage Fair and The skin fair and so many others amazing niche shopping events and at first I was floored and overwhelmed at the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes... it is a lot.. a lot... months of prep and lots of work! I admire them all and I love them all like real life family.. I am sure I will be adding more here but for now thats it ♥

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