Hello lovelies! I won’t be typing so much intro today, the last few days have been filled with helping my Son care for his poorly dog, Update in next post…. Enjoy! ♥


{what next}
Strawberry Lemonade Cake LI:1
Strawberry Lemonade Cake Slice (decor) LI:1
Strawberry Lemonade Cups Decor LI:1
Strawberry Lemonade Dispenser LI:2

Simply Shelby – previously @ vintage fair 2020
Bird Bath gold RARE –  no transfer LI:3
Bird Feeder gold RARE – no transfer LI:3
Vintage Dinner Gong – tabletop size – touch for sound LI:1
Vintage Garden Chair – purple LI:2
Vintage Garden Chair – aqua LI:2
Vintage Garden Chair – blue LI:2
Vintage Garden Chair – orange LI:2
Vintage Patio Cart LI:3
Vintage Patio Table LI:6
Patio Floor LI:1
Patio Planter – large LI:1
Patio Planter – sm LI:1
Wildflower Field – pink (rose match) LI:2

Used and Loved [not sponsored by]
Tori – Mugs – Dots – Pink LI:1
.Florix. – Antique grocery stock can CAKE LI:1
BALACLAVA!!Kaden Room Divider (Pastels) LI:3
Apple FallWest Village French Tart Assortment LI:2
KraftWorkFlorist . Bird Cage . White GIFT LI:2
{ Why Not ?} Eilean Shona Gazebo Antique White LI:50

Enchanted Trail Edge Fill LI:1
Enchanted Path Straight (T Sample) LI:11
Enchanted Woods v2 – 4 (clearing) LI:16

Great Grass II (square) LI:2
Great Grass III (half circle) LI:2

HPMD*Wild Grasses -khaki- b LI:1

lykke.// powder LI:1
lykke.// princess LI:1
{anc} dandelion fluff “daytime” 1Li mini LI:1

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I love fashion , shopping and exploring in second life. Hair and shoes are my main addiction and any new released stuff just looks like diamonds !

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