What next? Hot Chocolate & Cider! [and Tea]

What next? Hot Chocolate & Cider! [and Tea]

Hi guys and gals! I am showing you this set today By What Next, Colonna Hot Chocolate Station has tons of items, 12 to be exact. Below are all the items you get and also I want to mention that this set can be used at any time of the year because there are versions that are not xmasy, if you click the mug stand you can also choose different labels or have them blank. The drink dispensers give out drinks with a click and they have bento animations included! There are some items I do not have on display because they are xmasy but I did add the tea-pot, bowl of apples and the stack of cups which are also by What Next and they are from the Sofia Décor set, a great little set made to fill your shelves and cupboards in your kitchen, you get 7 pieces and they include the cups, teapot, row of glasses, pair of pitchers (jugs) bowl of apples, rows of plates in sets of 3 and 2. All the details for the Colonna Hot Chocolate Station Bar are below along with anything else that I added… Enjoy!


* 12+ piece set
* Includes:
– sideboard – texture-changing with/without shelf decor : 2/3LI
– hot chocolate wall decor – 3 versions – text only/unlit/lit/ 2/2/3LI
– hot apple cider dispenser – 3 versions included – with/without apples decor 2/1LI
– hot chocolate dispenser – 3 versions included 1LI
– 3 rezzable mugs (decor only) – 1LI each
– tabletop easel (texture-changing) 1LI
– mug stand – decor only (texture-changing) 1LI
– syrup bottles 1LI
– candy canes in jug 1LI
– beverage extras – marshmallows & sugar versions included 1LI
– muffins (decor only) 1LI
– cookie jar- gives out a wearable cookie 1LI

total land impact: 17-19 (depending on which versions of some decor used)
– copy/mod (scripts, props & animations are NO mod)
– 100% original mesh

A coalesced (Unlinked rezzes as parts) version of the set is in the packaging, so you can rez it all at once. Rez in edit/build mode for easier repositioning of all the pieces, and then reposition or remove pieces as required.


{what next} Laurel Cottage Kitchen Blind (large) – Edited to fit window

Apple Fall Gold Leaf Cherries w/ Cup

[ zerkalo ] Weights and Measures of Love – Cups Lamp


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