Events Galore! and some main-store!

Events Galore! and some main-store!

Hi guys! This post turned out to be the complete opposite of what it started out to be, I had the outfit by meva saved already so I just started adding to it, the furniture was already set out ready for pictures only it was slightly different to how it started.. I went from DRD Ebenezer to DRD fuck Christmas, I guess they are both the same lol Anyhow, I had this idea that this chick (me) ((sinny)) used to be this popular girl at school, a beautiful woman with the world at her feet along with a pile of dropped jaws and drooling men.. She’s beautiful, she’s prom queen, she’s everything that a woman/girl wants to be… until she is faced with the struggles of life and here you can take it where you want to… what’s your story? Many would say that being beautiful makes us successful, wanted, needed but none of that is true, beauty is only skin deep … life is what we make it and many a diamond was found in the dirt. Me? I am still trying to figure it out. Enjoy↓


Meva“Rory” Hot Pants & Top – @ KINKY EVENT DECEMBER 2018
-[TWC]- “Been Naughty” -Dark- @ Bodyfy DECEMBER 2018

-FABIA- <Gloria> Daidema
-FABIA- <Gloria> earrings left
-FABIA- <Gloria> earrings right
-FABIA- <Gloria> Necklace rigged – Maitreya
-FABIA- Mesh Hair <Gloria>
Entice“Winter Bane Necklace”

LIVIA::“Glam Goddess” – [Ballerina LONG Nails] (Maitreya) – @ TWE12VE DECEMBER 2018
Pure Poison“Valerie Boots” – high heel long boots for Isis, Freya, Maitreya and Slink Hourglass e with texture changing HUD containing 11 color sets to mix/match – @ Kustom9 December 2018


BackBone“Redneck’s Xmas”
Bottle Tree RARE
Washer & Dryer
Wheel Snowman
Xmas Tyre
Bullet Wreath
Wheel Snowman
Wind Chime
Plunger Tree
Tattoo Kit
Gift not included

dust bunny . season of giving . bag of coal
~ASW~ The Indie Ashtray
~ASW~ The Pre Party Dessert Brownie -Ganja
DRD christmas decoration – #WHATEVER
DRD lazy christmas table
DRD cuddle rug for ebenezers house
DRD lonely chair green for ebenezers house
DRD ebenezers fireplace
DRD small frames writers nook
ROSantas Workshop – Candlesticks
ROSantas Workshop – Workshop RARE
(Milk Motion)dance pole

LAQ BentoNoelle [3.06 NEW updated HUD]
Maitreya Mesh BodyLara V4.1
^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears Right Protruding

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I love fashion , shopping and exploring in second life. Hair and shoes are my main addiction and any new released stuff just looks like diamonds !

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