Heyyy! Welcome back or welcome to my blog! I have some of the awesome to show you! Various Events are underway and some of the Designers I work with have their Imagination in a pixel there 😀 AKA Products, Designs and basically da shiz.

I want to talk about the gloves first and these are at We ❤ Role-play September Event, They are made EXCLUSIVE for Maitreya and have tons of options on the HUDs, You are able to change each part to a colour of your choosing (from the HUD) They are of course bento enabled! The beauty is you can have them short or add the “add-on” and have them longer. They are Ace as we say here in the Uk so go get em’!

Who remembers V-Twins?!?! I do! and anyone who wanted to rawk would to, Well I have one of their latest releases and it is my boots, they come in black or brown and have fits for all the major mesh bodies out there. You can find them at TWE12VE. While you’re there be sure to pic up my delightful Tiara, I am the Princess of Nothing HURRAY! *wiggles an eyebrow* !IT! – “Invicta Tiara” has 6 colour HUDs to choose from, They will allow you to change different parts of the Tiara.

Next up, The Darkness Monthly Event and found there are my eyes By Madame Noir (such a great name!) They come in mesh + HUD, CATWA HUD and LeLutka HUD with 13 colours to choose from.

Also for The Darkness Monthly is the skirt and top from BYRNE, I was contacted by the lovely designer and asked if I wanted to blog her EXCLUSIVE for the event and of course I said yes! (I feel like we just got married!) I am wearing the Black and also available are Silver, Rose, Violet, Jade & Teal and is an all in one dress although it does look like a top and a skirt.

I really am a “Crybaby” and my Tattoo from The White Crow and eye make-up by Just Magnetized go perfectly together! Each of these have many options, TWC tattoo comes in many words … Bad, beauty, beloved, crybaby, depression, doll, kitten, loser, sad, slut and used… see one for all occasions and these are OMEGA compatible. Just Magnetized make-up has 7 options for omega and catwa meshes and also I am wearing her gorgeous brows… well not hers personally because that would be weird.. you know what I mean….

And my Hair is by the amazing MONSO of course! You can tell Monso hair a mile off and now Sora has add tiny little hairline hairs to make the hair look even more natural (if that is possible!) You have 6 colour packs to choose from and two sizes also each size has three chest sizes, so if you have a big head and no bewbs? No problem! MONSO has you covered *Giggles*

For the scene I used a lovely set from ..::OA – M.E.O::.. it is a gacha @ The Darkness Monthly EVERTHING you see that is décor EXCEPT the candles on the wall behind me are part of that gacha. The candles on the wall are by The Plastik “Raithea Wall Sconces” come in a range of beautiful colours and the materials are AMAZING! They are for Shiny Shabby September round and I believe that closes today so you have time! And if not don’t hurt me just go to the Main-store and look there for more amazing stuffs.

Everything else I have I have worked my fingers to the damn bone to buy xD But heeeeeeeey they deserve credits too, think of them as demons…. They need love too …. Anyhow, credits…. below… ⇓


We Love Role-Play Sepember 2018
Wicca’s Wardrobe“Paxton Gloves” Add-On makes the gloves longer worn on Maitreya
Wicca’s Wardrobe“Paxton Gloves” Maitreya


!IT!“Invicta Tiara” – @ TWE12VE SEPTEMBER 2018

V-Twins Bootleggerz“Cleo” – worn on Maitreya – @ TWE12VE SEPTEMBER 2018
Madame Noir – mesh eyes & HUD – “Montreal” – @ THE DARKNESS MONTHLY SEPTEMBER 2018
(BYRNE)“Tilly Outfit” – Black – worn on Maitreya – @ THE DARKNESS MONTHLY SEPTEMBER 2018
-[TWC]- – Words “Crybaby” *OMEGA*
[monso] – My Hair“Soyu” – @ Kustom9 September 2018
Just Magnetized“Crybaby” – set 01 for OMEGA/CATWA
Just Magnetized“Perfect Eyebrows set 13” for OMEGA/CATWA

[P]:-Raithea Wall Sconce” – [Noir]

..::OA – M.E.O::..“CocoGlow” – Sofa PG RARE

..::OA – M.E.O::..“CocoGlow” – Curtains

..::OA – M.E.O::..“CocoGlow” – Spakle Wall Ivy

..::OA – M.E.O::..“CocoGlow” – Black Spakle Ivy hanging Lamps

.::OA – M.E.O::.. “CocoGlow” – Candle Glass small

.::OA – M.E.O::..“CocoGlow” – Candle

.::OA – M.E.O::..“CocoGlow” – Spakle Rose Big

.::OA – M.E.O::..“CocoGlow” – Spakle Rose small


[CX] Vermin – Black
!IT!Invicta Tiara
Maitreya Mesh BodyLara V4.1
.:::G.ID:::. Crotch Cover [Maitreya Lara]
LAQ BentoRina 3.05 (Omega Installed)
LAQ ~ Falling Tears
Le Poppycock *Heartache* Sad song (Pose & Rose)
. Infiniti .Extra Petals



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I love fashion , shopping and exploring in second life. Hair and shoes are my main addiction and any new released stuff just looks like diamonds !

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