NEWNESS from SlackGirl, MORE Vintage Fair & TWE12VE EVENT IS OPEN!

NEWNESS from SlackGirl, MORE Vintage Fair & TWE12VE EVENT IS OPEN!

Hey Peoples! I hope you all are having a great Monday, There are no Monday Blues around here BUT I do have a Moody Blues Singing Diva surrounded by her glorious 1920’s décor.. 

Something I haven’t done for a while is story telling through different images. I always think of a back story for the pictures I take but in this instance I have taken 3 different styles on with a story for each look. 

Firstly, “Preparing” is the photo where I am wearing both the bodysuit & Gown. I thought of her laying on her Vintage Case that doubles into a chair, it is worn from her travels and each mark tells of the places she has sung…. The times she has sat preparing for her shows, singing to the few, she doesn’t care much for anyone except herself..


Secondly, “The Show” is the photo of me showing you the stage & and dress….. They hear her pain in her gruff voice as she sings the blues, She cares not who is watching her spill her secrets through the microphone, now and then a sultry smirk appears as she opens her emerald eyes and bats her lashes almost acknowledging her crowd that sit in a smoke-filled room…. She oozes elegance from the outside whilst her greed and envy bubble on the inside. What could she envy, people would not know, that the girl on the stage who sings low is really damaged goods just trying to make a living from the only thing she has…………………. Her Voice.


Finally, “After” Her throat sore and her lips dry she opens a strong bottle of bourbon and pours a “Large one” Taking a sip, and then another to wet her vocals and moist her deep red lips she hums “Am I Blue” Slipping her dress straps from her soft shoulders she wiggles her curves to shake the sequined heavy fabric from her body.. She takes another sip, a much bigger one and still she hums and sings whilst the sweet liquid numbs her soul. A black silk gown exposes her breasts and the piercings she always hides so well, the ink on her skin reveals much more “Love Hurts” Yes, it does, so much so that she marked her skin with that very quote. Sitting now on her Vanity Desk where her masks lie, the collection of glitter and sparkles, the cheep perfumes to hide that smell of Whisky she sprays her slender neck closing her eyes whilst she remembers much happier times. She is envied, people want her all to themselves but no one truly knows who she is……………… She doesn’t even know herself…..



::SG::“Corset Ring”Maitreya/Slink/Vista bento hands – ALL include a texture change HUD that allows you to change 3 different parts of each ring, those colour textures are black/gold/silver/copper – Grab these from SlackGirl Main Store.
::SG::  – “Orbita Eyes”Lelutka HUD, CATWA HUD, Mesh Eyes + HUD – The eye HUD has 10 eye colours to choose from. The set also includes rings (Shown before) And they will fit Maitreya/Slink/Vista Bento mesh hands ONLY. You can find these @ The Darkness Monthly Event.
::SG::“Spreed Stilleto” – MESH Nails for Maitreya/Slink/VISTA/TUTY’S Bento Hands ONLY, The texture change HUD has 10 colour options that change the colour of the tips of the nails, the rest of the nail stays as french manicure. These are available in the Main Store.
::SG::“Fever” #8 worn – There are 8 colours on each HUD that will apply to Akeruka/Catwa/Omega compatible heads, each HUD pack INCLUDES classic tattoo layers for none mesh users. And again, you can get these @ The Main Store.

Altamura“Extreme” – piercing nipple Maitreya/Slink + None rigged (can be edited) Also fits Altamura Mesh bodies Sofia & IIary. These are two separate attachments (Left + Right) – Each body version has its own HUD and that will allow you to show or hide the piercings AND Change the colour of the rings and the gems, On that HUD there are custom colours and a RGB option so you can make the parts any colour you wish!


#187#“Rhombus Earrings” Silver worn – also in Gold & Black, each colour has a HUD with 10 colours and that will change the inside shape ONLY.
Bliensen + MaiTai“Editha” – Necklace – turquoise – also comes in Coral
Bliensen + MaiTai“Editha” – Pumps – for Maitreya/Slink/TMP + a none rigged version that you can edit to fit any other feet, they use is for mesh feet ONLY – the turquoise pack will also include a black pair with the gem decoration staying turquoise. These also come in coral.
NO.MATCH“NO.SECRETS.” – NO.MATCH Include two HUD’s in their packs, HUD A & HUD B, the difference is simply NEW finer textures or OLDER textures. The hair and hairbase (Included for Omega/LeLutka/Catwa/TMP + classic avatar heads) come in blacks/blondes/browns/reds and each one of those have 9 variations tones of that colour.
DS’ELLES (EVENT SPONSOR)“EMMA” for BODY & heads – PERLE tone worn – In 6 tones – Includes classic skin + HUD that will apply the skin to LeLutka Mesh heads. A shape is also available and there is a 2nd skin for CATWA users and that is named “BELLA”
WarPaint* “Hepburn brow” – For LeLutka & Catwa – Brow shape included and a HUD with 6 natural brow colours, one of those is white and can be tinted via your mesh head HUD.
PICHI“Love Hurts” Tattoo – Maitreya Applier !ONLY! – The HUD has 3 tones black/grey/henna
The items below are also at THE VINTAGE FAIR, They’re not one outfit, they’re separate items. The bodysuit and the gown as shown can be worn together and the gown can also be worn with the dress (I tried it on Maitreya Lara and it was fine!) Each item will fit Miatreya/SlinkHG/SlinkPH mesh bodies. Each garment is HUD controlled with a choice of 10 colours for each one all of them compliment each other so you can mix N match any combination.
PLASTIX“Midnight Glam” – Bodysuit
PLASTIX“InstaFame” – Dress
PLASTIX“Midnight Glam” – Robe

Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
.LeLutka – Head – Cate 2.7

Image Essentials  – “Dreamy” 2 mirror – PACK OF 5 POSES + MIRROR POSES @ TWE12VE EVENT FROM JUNE 12TH


*pm*“Art Deco Decals” – Borders – Wings Gold
*pm*“Art Deco Decals” – Girls – 1 Gold
*pm*“Art Deco Decals” – Girls – 1 Mixed Metals
*pm*“Art Deco Decals” – Girls – 2 Gold
*pm*“Art Deco Numbers” – Aged Gold – #1/9/2/0 USED – INCLUDES 0-9 NUMBERS
Nightmare – “Vintage Vanity Set” – INCLUDES TEXTURE CHANGE HUD
Wimey: – “Speakeasy” – Microphone – 2 BUILT IN ANIMATIONS
Wimey: – “Speakeasy” – Stage
Wimey:“Speakeasy” – Stage Light – (Click on/off For Light)
i { DH } – Gacha! “Dita” – Art Deco Boutique
dust bunny – storybook living – “suitcase chair” ( PREVIOUSLY @ THE ARCADE)


⇒I hope you have enjoyed this post⇐

⇓ For now, it is toodle doooo ⇓

∼∼∼∼ Luv N Stuff ∼∼∼∼



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