On9, The Chapter Four, Romp, Applique, store gifts and Totally Top Shelf!

On9, The Chapter Four, Romp, Applique, store gifts and Totally Top Shelf! 

Hi my Lovelies! It’s been a bit longer than normal mostly because I got so carried away with my photo’s 😀 I really enjoyed putting the set together and found “Stuffs” in my inventory I didn’t even know I had and that’s always a great thing, right? I felt like it all came together really well, so here I am to tell and show you all the awesomeness, PSST- FREEBIES.. Read on…


On9 Gacha – Yokai
1.- Yokai – “Heaven’s Bride” – Moon RARE
15. – Yokai – “Heaven’s Bride”  – Accessory for hair – Pink
11. – Yokai“Heaven’s Bride”  – Earring – Lilac
4. – Yokai“Heaven’s Bride”  – Diadem – Pink
8. – Yokai“Heaven’s Bride”  – Accessory for face – Pink
:[P]:“Kilik Catcher” – Turq – @ The Chapter Four
::SG::“Cristal Eyes” – Mesh eyes with HUD & CATWA HUD – 8 colours for each eye
::SG::“Pam” – Stilleto MESH Nails for Maitreya & Tuty’s – 10 colours on the HUD @ Applique Event

Meva – Bento – Maitreya ONLY – Silver or Gold – “Daisy & Fly Rings” – GROUP GIFT
Meva“Lint” – Arm Cuff – MAITREYA – Pink – COMMON – @ Romp (GACHA SET)
Meva“Lint” – Panty – MAITREYA – Pink – COMMON @ Romp (GACHA SET)
Meva“Lint” – Top – MAITREYA – Pink – RARE – @ Romp (GACHA SET)
[NYNE] – Hair – “Breeze” – unrigged (sizeable) & rigged – 7 colour HUDS available @ Totally Top Shelf
.:Soul:. – Gen2 Female – “Gyouko” – Tone SE TorMel – Toned – NoBrow – 2 versions, toned and muscled both have with or w/o eyebrows, classic skins and HUD’s for various heads and bodies – male version is also available. LUCKY CHAIR ITEM AT MAIN STORE LOCATION.

.::Cubic cherry::. – 01 {Aerial} – “angel’s nest” – ULTRARARE
.::Cubic cherry::. – 02 {Aerial} – “floating tree” – ULTRARARE
.::Cubic cherry::. – 07 {Aerial} – “Stars in the bubble” – group1 – white
.::Cubic cherry::. – 12 {Aerial} – “Rotating stars”  – lilac
.::Cubic Cherry::. – 16 {Aerial} – “wings silver” –  RARE
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

⇓⇓That’s all for now, I hope you have enjoyed this post and/or felt inspired in some way, thank you for reading and Happy shopping!⇑⇑

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