Powder Pack May for Lelutka, Memento Mori, The Gacha Garden, Group Gifts & more.

Powder Pack May for Lelutka, Memento Mori, The Gacha Garden, Group Gifts & more. 

Hi guys! Much news to tell ye today! Let me start with Powder Pack for May LeLutka Edition, It is OUT! If you missed the cut off date (from the end of each month through to 16th of the next month) You can still purchase it In-world or on the marketplace, if you are not familiar with how the packs work to reserve is 1500L or to buy after the release dates 3000L and worth every penny, You can access more information on both Monthly Powder packs by visiting the links below and as always if you do not see what you’re looking for here then hit my comments and ask, I will always do my very best to find an answer for you and not just for Powder Pack but for anything else I show you here. So let me give you those links and then you can perve my pics and read the credits ♥

Powder Pack for LeLutka May Edition.png

amara beautyPowder Pack LELUTKA May 2017“Felicia” Kit – 12 skin tones each has three brow options AND 18 lip colours on the HUD.
Zibska“Seona” – Lelutka Applier with 7 shades of pink to choose from – Powder Pack LELUTKA May 2017
[PF] – LELUTKA – Eyeshadow – “Queen Palette A” – Palette B included and lip tints – Powder Pack LELUTKA May 2017


:[P]:“Kobre Snake” – Earrings – 45 colour options – @ Memento Mori
:[P]: – Maitreya Nailpolish  – “Klyh” –   10 colours – @ Memento Mori

The Gacha Garden
Luas“Sweet Ballerina” – Choker – Cream
Luas“Sweet Ballerina” – Crown – RARE – with HUD
Luas“Sweet Ballerina” – Dress – RARE – with HUD
Luas“Sweet Ballerina” – Garters – Cream
Luas“Sweet Ballerina” – Gloves – Cream
Luas“Sweet Ballerina” – Ribbons SOI (seed of inspiration)
Luas“Sweet Ballerina” – Socks – Cream
Luas“Sweet Ballerina” – Thong – gift

[NYNE] Hair – “Imis” – Includes colour change HUD and rigged and non-rigged versions –  @ “Spring in May” Totally Top Shelf


.:Soul:. “Deep Space Cat Eyes”Deo  – HUD that works with genesis, omega/logo and catwa plus classic and mesh eyes – These are a group gift!


LeLutka – Head – “Cate”
Maitreya – Mesh Body – “Lara”

∗∗∗∗ That is all for now Hunnies ∗∗∗∗

¢€£¥ Happy Shopping! ¥£€¢

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