The Fantasy Faire, Tres Chic & The Epiphany.

The Fantasy Faire, Tres Chic & The Epiphany.
Some more fun fantasy fashion for you today! yes, more of The Fantasy Faire to show you Ft Guest Creator Erico Lecker  (My guest not yours… hands off mine! xD). Also, MEVA is at Tres Chic with more BENTO NAILS. OH and FINALLY I got to go to The Epiphany! Roll The Creditz….
.:Soul:. – Gen2 Female – “Ceredil” – [F5] – Toned Tummy -Small Breasts – NoBrow option – two breast options, two brow options (with and without) Head HUD applies the skin to omega, catwa, lelutka & genesis, The left side of this HUD has various ears that you can apply the skin to, they’re Uni (By soul) Bentbox & logo/omega. The body HUD applies to slink, maitreya, belleza & omega, nail options are above each body option. Classic skins are included. On Mudrana sim
.:Soul:. – Gen2 Female – “Gyouko” – Ceredil – [F5] – Tattoo omega HUD all layers and all face options. Classic tattoo layers for none mesh are also included. On Mudrana sim.
1313“Lessa Stilettos” – Mnementh the Bronze – fitted for Maitreya, freya, isis, physique & hourglass. 100% RFL Donation! On Ravens Perch sim.
,AiShA.“Be Light!” – Headpiece – Gold – also in silver this can be re-sized to fit your avatars – 100% RFL Donation! On Dawn’s Promise sim.
:[P]:“Deera Antlers” – [Long] – Megapack – RARE – HUD included with 40 colour choices! On Chaddul Ro sim.
AD“umbreon” – LIGHT BLONDES – includes an alpha layer and hairbase for none mesh head users. On The Hill sim.
Banana Banshee“Fae” – Vivid eyes – Fat pack applier HUD. On The Rose
Bliensen + MaiTai“Lizzie” – Lizzard Brows – Includes a HUD with 5 metal texture options and re-size options. On The Spirit Pool sim.
Moon Light Cat Creations“Davina Necklace” – Spiderless (taken from a outfit that includes heels, anklet, wings (with or without spiders/webs) and gown) On Egregore sim.
Meva“Bento Nails 3” – HUD included and it allows you to change the colour of the metals (6 metals) and the nails (18 colours) @ Tres Chic
Bad Katz“Rearing Unicorn” – Curved Horn – On Fallen Sands
Dragon Magick Wares“Fairytale Castle” – mesh – 144 prims – 23×26 – On Dragon Pool sim.
SCENE (Lights & Sparkle) @ The Fantasy Faire 2017
EL“Light Sphere”
EL“Ball Light”
EL“Larva Lamp” – 16 lights that are linked. Also available in smaller groups.
Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara
Moon Elixir – “Forest Nymph” – 11 – Caramel Thong – The Epiphany
Moon Elixir – “Forest Nymph” – 2 – Jacket – RARE – The Epiphany
Moon Elixir – “Forest Nymph” – 6 – Caramel Bra – The Epiphany
⇒⇒⇒Thanks for looking⇐⇐⇐
♥Happy Shopping♥

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