Fantasy Faire is OPEN for 2017. NEWS on Powder Pack for CATWA April edition.

Fantasy Faire is OPEN for 2017. NEWS on Powder Pack for CATWA April edition.

YES! Finally The Fantasy Faires are OPEN! There is always something for everyone and the faires are brilliantly put together. Fantasy Faire works to raise money for Cancer and this is a huge reason why I like to take part. I lost my Mom to cancer, she had cancer of the oesophagus and some time before that my brother to a brain tumor. I’m classed as high risk, most of my Mom’s female family have battled breast cancer so for all of the people we have lost, the one’s who lost the fight, the Warriors and the survivors I salute you!


for larger image click me I will open in a new tab.

The Fantasy Faire 2017
.:Soul:. (Store link)  Gen2 Female – “Gyouko” – Ceredil – [SE Hyacinth] – Tattoo comes in classic tattoo layers for none mesh users and HUD that is Omega compatible, the HUD options include all clothes layers and you can choose where to apply the tattoo on your head. I did play with this a lot to find the right combination so that the hair base didn’t hide the tattoo or anything else clashed, so be mindful of that! Everything works! Just play with YOUR OWN HUD SETTINGS THAT COMES WITH YOUR HEAD.
.:Soul:. (Direct to the faire Store) – Gen2 Female – “Ceredil” – [SE FF2016] – Toned tummy – full breasts – NoBrow – skin has two versions, full breasts and small breasts, Each version has with brows or without brow option. All of those come in classic skins and HUD’s that apply to Omega, CATWA, LeLutka and Genesis mesh heads and that HUD has to the left various ears that the texture will also apply and they’re Uni Ears (By Soul) Bentbox sylvan & Faun and LOGO ears (Including omega compatible) The body HUD applies the skin and nails (if you choose) to Slink, Maitreya, Belleza and Omega compatible meshes. ALL of these skin include a tattoo layer that matches the skin, as mentioned above I chose a different tattoo, so you can mix and match the skins and tattoos. These are also available for the guys. THESE ARE RFL GIFTS PLUS ALL of them are included with the SE Opal Auction Skin Sets! Bid starts at 1000L and is ongoing for the next 10 days!
:[P]: (store link) – “Grolda Necklace” – with HUD that allows you to change the colour if the gems and the metals.The Plastik have MORE at the faire (Faire Link for Plastik) and you will see more of that in another post.
This next set is by Naminoki (store link), I am not wearing all of the set there are other pieces for the right eye, the head and face, the right leg and upper and lower body pieces. You can resize this but I wouldn’t reccomend that just edit and move around you will get it to fit without loosing that shape of the pieces.
(Faire store link) *N*“Rafflesia” – Arms – purple
(Faire store link) *N*“Rafflesia” – Back – purple
(Faire store link) *N*“Rafflesia” – EYE L – purple
(Faire store link) *N*“Rafflesia” – Leg L – purple

~tc~ (mainstore link) – “Empty Wishes” – two versions – this one and the other is more for petite avatars – There are beautiful poses built-in.
~tc~ (direct to the faire store)  – “Secluded Courtyard” – two versions – same as above – You can change the colour of the flowers and the rocks just by clicking the object you would like to change. I used the large version BUT I did make it smaller to fit my land and my avatar.

Powder Pack For April Catwa
I chose one designer to show you from this months pack, instead of showing you the skins and make-ups I went with lashes just to show you how versatile the pack can be, you do not have to be girly pink for this pack, the designers bring you a wide varity of HUD appliers with all kinds of styles, shades and tones.
#adored“tip-top ombre” – lashes – 6 options, 2 types. All are tintible via your head HUD.
Catwa powder pack for April is out! If you missed the deadline you can still purchase it only now you will pay double BUT you can NOW reserve your LeLutka Powder Pack for May via the links below and to reserve both of these is 1500L as mentioned beyond the cut off dates (can be found on the web-page) you pay double.

In-world  Facebook Page  Flickr Group

Below I chose Zibska and these items were made for Ostara’s Alter, the event is now over.. BUT  Next Event is “Midsummer Enchantment” June 21st. This set is HUD controlled, meaning, you can use the enclosed HUD to change parts of each peice, the main and the accent colours can be different, there is a massive ammount of choices on the HUD and this is not all of the set! (Honestly.. I ran out of attachment pionts… FIX IT SL I NEED MORE!!!) There is a headpiece, orbit peices and shoulder pieces.
Zibska“Idunnr” – Lower
Zibska“Idunnr” – Pasties

I haven’t even been to The Epiphany so there should be my spot free for anyone xD I jest, I jest but seriously *insert frown here* I just have not had time.. fear not my pretties! I still have some amazing to show you that is there. The next items are by LUAS and again, I am not wearing all the set because of those damn attachment pionts BUT also because I wanted to show off the skin 😛 The HUD changes the colour and you have 4 to choose from and they’re purple, red, black and pink. The other items available to win are Kimono & Sleeves both items are COMMONS.
Luas @ The Epiphany
Luas – “Hanako” – Corset Purple -COMMON
Luas – “Hanako” – Headdress RARE with HUD
Luas – “Hanako” – Tabi & Geta RARE with HUD
Luas – “Hanako” – Umbrella RARE with HUD

More from The Epiphany and this time it is MEVA. They are nails and part of their gacha. The nails are RARE and they are BENTO to fit Maitreya. You have 4 to collect and those colours are black/silver, Brown/gold, red/gold and the rose/gold I am wearing. The rest of the gacha is rings and again the damn attachment points cut me dead in my path so I will be showing you the nails AND the rings again.

Meva“Bento Nails” –  Maitreya – “Rose Silver”

Next up and the last things I want to show you are my eyes, I have shown these before and this time I wanted to show you how well they matched the skins from the Faires. They were part of Rotten egg Hunt and that’s now over so if you missed them you really did miss out because this are no longer available.
.:Soul:.“Deep Space Cat Eyes” – Requiem

Maitreya – Mesh Body – “Lara” V4.0
CATWA – HEAD – “Lona” v2.12

‡‡‡That is all for now my fabulous fantasy folk ‡‡‡

††Happy Faire Days††


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