Powder Packs first release subscription box for LeLutka mesh heads!

Powder Packs first release subscription box for LeLutka mesh heads!

Today I am talking about the very first Monthly subscription for Powder Pack for LeLutka. To Order yours for next Month you have to wait till 18th April and will have until the end of the Month to pre-order, delivery will be on the 1st of each Month.

However, If you want this Months pack you can still get it! Right up until 17th BUT now you will pay double the price, 3000L, If you do pre-order you pay just 1500L and believe me it is worth more than the 3000L. With 12 of second life’s most amazing skin & make-up designers all in one box, you will love what is in the subscription each month.

Also, for CATWA mesh head lovers we have the CATWA Powder Pack Monthly subscription pack. This is available to order NOW! And you will have up until the 16th of this month to reserve for 1500L, same rules apply to this box as the LeLutka box, After the cut off date the price rises but on the + side, You won’t have to wait for delivery. All the links you need are below and then I will list what I am wearing from the first LeLutka Powder Pack Release.


Order in-world

Order online


I am Wearing

From Powder Pack for LeLutka March Edition.

*YS&YS* skin, This is called “Sey&Mey”,  The pack from YS&YS has a brow shape that you can edit, Three shapes for Cate (worn) Chloe & Simone, I did not edit the shape in any way but you can if you wish as it is modifiable  & copy (NO TRANS) There are 3 different tones and I chose Tone 1, On each face HUD you have 2 types of eye lid options, smooth or defined, I chose the smooth, each of those has 3 brow options and they are Dark, Light & No brow. To the right of the HUD there are you have additional brow options, light and dark and below that are options that must be worn with the face option that has no brow, These are more for expression I found and these can also be tinted VIA the HUD for your LeLutka BENTO head. At the bottom of the HUD there are 9 lip options, these are also tintable VIA your head HUD and of course you can blend them, Lastly, all these make-up options have a “Remove” button so you don’t have to go back and forth between HUD’s if you don’t want the options you chose. *YS&YS* have also been kind enough to include OMEGA body HUD’s in the 3 tones, most female mesh bodies are now OMEGA friendly VIA relay HUD’s so be sure to grab yours at Omega Solutions.

ZIBSKA have a bunch of beautiful make-up HUD’s included in her pack, 5 choices in all and they are “Beitris” (eye make-up – 14 colours to choose from) “Leonie” (For Lips – 15 colours to choose from) “Reene” (For cheeks – 14 colour options) “Rheia” (for lips – 18 shades to choose from) and “Tasi” (Eye-liner – 12 colours to choose from) That is a MASSIVE 76 make-up options AND OMEGA HUD’s are included! I guarantee you will not find 76 quality make-up options for less than the packs reserve price.


SlackGirl is also in this Months Powder Pack and more of that to come later on but for now I want to show you another of her awesome creations. This is “The Cross” and are at The Darkness Monthly Event. Each HUD has 8 options, 4 apply to the left side of the head and 4 to the right side of the head, each side has a choice of 4 colours, I am wearing the red, other colours are pink, green and black. I can’t even express how much I love these! Each of these packs for Akeruka, Catwa & Omega will also include classic tattoo layers for the non mesh users.

•·•·•·I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you need any more information or see something I did that is wrong or even if you like this post, hit my comments and like/share.·•·•·•

†††Thank you for reading and Happy Shopping†††


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