The Skin Fair nears its end & March Powder Pack Goodies also LUAS @ Lootbox.

The Skin Fair nears its end & March Powder Pack Goodies also LUAS @ Lootbox.

As The Skin Fair nears its end, it is a sad time indeed. You do still have time to wonder and pick up the fabulous! Some of which I am showing you today. March 26th is the closing date for the skin fair, then its Goodbye for another year. But before that PGP will be back with *Drum Roll* VINTAGE FAIR! *the crowd roars*

March Powder Pack was just as awesome as January and February, You still can get yours till the end of the month but now you pay double the amount, It is worth it! So grab yours and then next month you can reserve for just 1500L. I am super excited for the LeLutka pack that you can reserve NOW, The release date is April 1st, after that date you will pay double, just like the Catwa pack. Dates and information follows

LeLutka Reserve from 18th of each Month until the last day of the month. The pack is delivered on the 1st of each month, for that period of time you pay 1500L for a collaboration of 12 DIFFERENT Designers. After that date you can still get your pack! Although, it shall be double the price at 3000L.


CATWA Powder Pack Reserve between 1st and 16th of each month. Delivery is on 17th of each month. The same price rule apply to BOTH packs. There are also 12 Amazing Designers that bring the awesome to the CATWA pack.





Order in-world
Powder Pack In-world Group
Powder Pack Facebook Page
Powder Pack Flickr Group
Powder Pack Online
March Powder Pack for Catwa
[Pink Fuel] – CATWA Eyeshadow – “Queen Palette” – 16 glorious colours in 2 tones, light & dark at 50, 75 & 100%
[Pink Fuel] – CATWA Lipstick – “Queen Palette” – 11 shades in light, medium and dark tone, each one has 2 options full or Blend.

The Skin Fair (open till 26th March)
Sim 1 – Sim 2
CATWA – Bento –  “Lona” – v2.12
CATWA – RIGGED EYES – “Lona” v1.1 – included with head.
*Merlific*“Sassy” –  Shape for Lona Bento Head
.euphoric“Love”  – Eyes Applier for Catwa – HUD-Green Pack – also includes mesh eyes with colour change HUD – 8 tones to choose from.
7 Deadly s[K]ins“Mali”  REG HUD – omega – covers FACE&BODY – tone marshmellow – also 7 other tones and 4 versions for the face. NEW and Improved HUD that applies NEW and Improved skin tones.
.::VELVET::.  – “Patroon” Gold – also in black – for classic avatars and HUDs for maitreya/slink/belleza/omega
*CNZ*“Lip Diamond” – for Catwa – Included texture change HUD.

Lootbox Magical Gacha Event !!OPEN!!!
Luas“Sayuri” – Headdress – RARE
Luas “Sayuri” – Kimono Violet & Olive
Luas“Sayuri” – Lantern – RARE
Luas“Sayuri” – Obi Violet & Olive
Luas“Sayuri” – Okobo & Tabi – RARE
All RARE items include colour change HUD, Kimono & Obi have 5 colour types, The pattern remains the same in black & purple, Blue & coral, pink & green, red & black & violet & olive. You can use the HUD’s on the RARE items to match your commons or mix and match! Everything about this collection screams quality. Gacha key below.
Luas Sayuri Gacha Key

Click me to open larger.

 {aii} + “Aharu” Hair sticks + – This is an older item and comes with hair for male & female. You have two colour packs to choose from. You can find it in-store.

DP – Koffin Nails“Dragon Witch” – Available for Maitreya, Omega & Slink Nails, they also work with BENTO VISTA hands/nails. @ Darkness Chamber Fair till April 1st. The HUD has 9 different options. As always they are just 100L for singles or 275L for the fat-pack for the Event time, after that, you will pay more.
*Tentacio*“pipe” – @ Lootbox Gacha Event
*katat0nik* – (golden hair stick) “Cloud Dragon”
*katat0nik* – (Green) “Dragon”
CURELESS [+] – Dragon Halfbreeds – “Dragonwhiskers” – MOSS – [part of an old gacha – check in-store]
Lamb. “Sometimes”
Maitreya – Mesh Body – “Lara” V3.5
•·•·That’s all for this post lovelies•·•·
¿→If I have missed anything and you need the information, hit up my comments and I shall do my very best to bring it to you.←¿
»»»Happy Shopping«««




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