Mermaids at Totally Top Shelf!

Mermaids at Totally Top Shelf!

I have a few things to show you today and my seed of Inspiration is the Mermaid outfit. Read on….


The outfit is By Mermaid Treasure & Boutique and is “Nyneve Unseelie Mermaid” and includes classic layers for the top, bottom and socks and an Omega HUD that will apply the texture to your mesh. The attachments (mentioned below) are all flexi and you can wear these with a mesh tail or without, I am showing you them without mesh and with so you see what I mean. I will tell you that you WILL need a mermaid animation override HUD because your feet need to stay together, If you don’t use one you’re going to be wearing a gown and not a mermaid (mermaid poses work too) Because this is flexi the movement under water is fluid and looks very pretty! (I used a mesh tail and armbands By Gaeline  Creations and just made it black via the HUD included.) You also have 3 versions of mask/crown and of course an alpha layer to hide your bits. You can find this at this round of Totally Top Shelf.


Mermaid Back Fin
Mermaid Center Tail
Mermaid Crown Sea Green
Mermaid Fin L Upper Leg
Mermaid Hip Fins
Mermaid Tail Left Lower Leg
Mermaid Tail Right Lower Leg
Mermaid Tendrils Left Hip
Mermaid Tendrils Left Lower Leg
Mermaid Tendrils Right Hip
Mermaid Tendrils Right Lower Leg
Mermaid Top and Bottom Omega Appliers



*Merlific* Soury Cheeky piercing – More info in my last post
:[P]:- Sea Dreaming Earring
TempT~Mishell Mermaid Belt
TempT~Mishell Necklace
~*S.E.*~ Tenta-Eye
*ARGRACE* Saki – True Red
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.0


That is all for now Happy Mermaiding ♥


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