We <3 Role-play, BENTO Updates, Applique, Winter Solstice, Creepy xmas stuff, TCF and Store releases.

We ❤ Role-play, BENTO Updates, Applique, Winter Solstice, Creepy xmas stuff, TCF and Store releases.



::SG:: Has a new release and it is available at ~~Applique~~  “Acqua” has standard layers in packs that work with Omega, Catwa and Akeruka mesh heads and yes, they will work with bento and No, they will NOT work with LAQ, I tried and tested. There are 8 colours to choose from and I am showing you colour #08.


{aii} – The Ugly & Beautiful are at this round of We ❤ Role-play with  “Bento Devil Tail” !!!!YOU NEED A BENTO VIEWER TO BE ABLE TO SEE THIS!!!! Now Bento is live you can use the standard SL viewer or join the Firestorm group for their beta version, it’s a tester viewer and I’ve been using it a while and so far no complaints. Okay, back to the tail 😀 you have 5 lengths to choose from and a HUD is included so that you can animate the tail ALSO a HUD to custom your tail, such as, tattoo’s and colour! The movement is fluid and looks great!


Another NEW release from + {Aii} and in the main-store is “Hemomancer” and you get a classic tattoo layer for none mesh and HUD’s that apply the blood streams to TMP and Omega compatible meshes. Below are all the attachments that come with it.

Blood particles

Aura (float)

Aura (lower leg L)

Aura (lower leg R)

+Aura (upper leg L)

Aura (upper leg R)

Aura (wrap)

More NEWS from “Winter Solstice in the Mystic Realms”

My Skin is by amara beauty  “Jewel” is for Catwa mesh heads and there are 12 tones to choose from, I am wearing  #01 applier with candy mesh head. I have to say that this skin has a great bottom… You know that dirty orange line you sometimes get? Well there is none, in fact, it is perfectly blended.


::B&C:: have a mesh set at the event and I am wearing the shirt and the shorts in Dark/Midnight for Lara Maitreya.  “Isolde” is a set that has many parts to collect (gacha) but the shirt and shorts (NOT gacha) are for Maitreya only and there are 3 colour packs to choose from.



:[P]:- are at this round of The Chapter Four with my earrings “Tathem” There are five sets to choose from and each set has Long and short versions, I am showing you small version from the Gunn & Noir pack.

{CP} have a NEW store release and they are  “Suicide Garters” and have fits for  Maitreya, BOTH slink bodies, ALL belleza and TMP, A HUD is included that allows you to change the colour/texture of metals (4 metal tones) and the belts (7 colours) I’ve been having some issues with maitreya fits lately, maybe because of bento but these fit PERFECT!

~SongBird~ are in Twisted Krissmuss event “Krampus Horns” in  Dark, Mid and light options each one has a HUD to change the texture between bloody and none bloody, I am of course showing you the dark with bloody effect.


The photo prop is by ::Poseidon:: and this is “The Stalker” there is version for male and female, you choose which one you want to stalk! I am today stalking the guy but tomorrow… who knows 😛

Other Stuff

Violent Seduction – Odile Shoes (Black) @The Arcade

[sYs] ALICE hair
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

That is all for this post, I hope you have enjoyed it! Happy shopping my lovelies ❤


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