Go Nowhere Fast and meet some Addicts with Dark Passions!

Go Nowhere Fast and meet some Addicts!

Yup!! You heard… Read and then go! Roll the creditz



The Skin I am wearing is from 7 Deadly s{K}ins it is for  Omega HEAD – [CATWA] and is called “Alex” I am wearing the  POWDER tone and it is also available in walnut, taupe, sand, pineapple, oak, marshmellow and caramel, Body HUD’s are omega compatible with the no cleavage and with cleavage. You can get this beautiful skin from Mesh Body Addicts a bi-monthly event that starts on the 10th of every other month.


NEW Designer on board! Below are just some of their deliciously dark creations ❤

Eyes  ~SongBird~  “Fogbound” in Purple. These are at nowhere… Like… no that is somewhere but nowhere …. Oh forget it -.- You really want to be nowhere because these are FREE over where nowhere is xD

Usually when we are nowhere we end up needing some sharps and shizz so for when you are in nowhere here you go… Don’t say I never help you out!

~SongBird~ Shards (For Chest) and  Shards, HUD’s that are omega compatible and standard tattoo layers, you can choose to have both or either one.

Umbrella for when it rains hard and you don’t want to wash all that lovely blood away! 9 -INIA- Umbrella -Gacha- Available at you gatcha event. This is one of the COMMON items and there are 9 in all and one RARE.


If you are still in the mood for Dark Passions get yourself over to Genre and grab DP – Koffin Nails – Fat-Pack “Let’s Dance” for Maitreya, Omega and slink. You can buy these in singles for 100L if you wish or buy the fatty for 275L because after the event they shall dance back into the main-store at 290L!


All of the below is gacha’s n stuff!

Birdy – Boudoir – Belt – Maitreya – Purple
Birdy – Boudoir – Bra – Maitreya – Purple
Birdy – Boudoir – Panties – Maitreya – Purple



little bones. Dion (M)

[Black Bantam] A Witches Gem Choker Night Sky
[Black Bantam] A Witches Gem Ring Night Sky


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