NEWS From Aii & The Plastik!!

NEWS  From Aii & The Plastik!!

Something different today! I totally adore all of this awesomeness, “The other stuff” is from the last FF but the stores are linked so go check those out too! Clearly my seed of inspiration was the head/mask and then it all just fell out of my inventory and onto my avatar…. Magic! And I didn’t even use a wand 😀 Anyhow…. roll the credzzz


Aii The Ugly & Beautiful are at 11.11 with my mask/head, this is   “Fall –  Mutated Hart Mask –  Female” It makes me feel very important deer indeed 😀 How en-deer-ing Okay, Okay, I will stop… Each pack has male & female fits PLUS a wall mounted version, you can choose from different colours and they range through the seasons/times of day and weather, I am wearing fall and the others are wood, winter, spring, night, hazey, chestnut and rain. You wear these with no mesh head or hidden standard avatar head.

:[P]: – Have a gacha out at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival and it goes by the name of “Shattered Angel” From that set I have chosen to show you   “Endless Ruler Crown – RARE” The whole set is based on sparkle crystal kinda vibe, there is even a teeny tiny crystal companion to lead you through the darkness of the FGC! (How thoughtful!)


Other Stuff

EF: Emmisary’s Rook F-Brown

Meva – Claws – Dark – Maitreya

{POSH PIXELS} Sibylline Arm Vines
{POSH PIXELS} Sibylline Leaf Top
{POSH PIXELS} Sibylline Tail

~Soraida~ Springbok Armlets
~Soraida~ Springbok Skirt
~Soraida~ Springbok Fur Stole Silver
~Soraida~ Springbok Legs

*springs off* Happy shopping Deers! :DD


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