The Gacha Garden Goodies!

The Gacha Garden Goodies!


NEW Designer to show you today and although I have blogged items from this Designer I haven’t under their new store name. This is Yokai Previously known as Le Coq D’or.

This set is at The Gacha Garden and just part of it, The items I chose from Yokai   “Autumn Forest” gacha are listed below.

The table and chairs are the RARE of the set and are three items (1 Table 2 chairs) The table has cute mushrooms at the bottom and by clicking on those you can change the colour of them to red, green or purple. The chairs have built-in poses and they’re all PG (of course)


The teapot and the tea cups are COMMON items from this gacha and you can play for green tea or red tea! They match the acorn teapot perfectly.



Also from this set I used the leaves and the tiny mushrooms (close-up photo included in this post) they come in three colours red, green and purple, the leaves are beautiful oranges with glowing parts and fit for every autumn garden.


Other Stuff

Dolls – !gO – previous gacha

Houses – [V/W] – Fairy Houses – at the gacha garden now.

That’s all for now, Good luck and thank you for stopping by. ❤


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