SlackGirl make-up with sparkles & 7 Deadly s{K}ins. LAQ mesh head short review.

SlackGirl make-up with sparkles & 7 Deadly s{K}ins. LAQ mesh head short review.

I just wanted to show you this beautiful skin and make-up. The rest of the outfit I shall show you at a later date. So for now it’s a close-up shot so that you can see clearly the details.

A few days ago I treated myself to the LAQ mesh head. I was always a huge fan of their skins before mesh and just have tons of them. I demoed this head when it was released and honestly I didn’t love it at all, it was plain on the HUD not much going on with expression at all and no Omega installed or available for it. I just didn’t feel as though it were worthy of my lindens.

From that time I have seen many photo’s of the head from photographers and bloggers and there is no doubt that it is super pretty. I had the “I need a new head” fever, a bit like worzel gummidge (if you know, you know) So off I went to LAQ on a whim, kinda thinking eh well it is worth a try. I got another demo and whipped it on and slapped the HUD on and I was more than impressed! The animations are awesome and not only do you 10 of them but each one can be set at stages or you can “play” each animation and let it do it’s very realistic magic, Of course there is blink for eyes too and talk, you can if you wish play numerous expressions at once.  LAQ have gone a step further by including 4 sets of teeth at the bottom of the animations HUD.

The other features added to the head are just as great. I tell thee I am excited about the fact that you can alter your scalp so that you can better fit your hair without playing with it too much, for your lashes there are 3 types AND you can make them shorter or longer and tint them! A nifty little thang on the HUD is for lashes and all you do to make them fit is type/click to the size of you system shapes head!! Well shit I wasn’t expecting that…..

Now the head is also Omega compatible, you do not need an extra HUD nor do you need to install it.. just click the required parts on the HUD that you wish the omega to apply to. Yes, it has all the usual stuffs like hairbases, brows, lip and eye make-up and their skin options, the only thing I’d like more of is hairbases, I have to be honest here, you can tint them but if you’re like me that a “meh” situation.

On top of all that you can save your “Looks” and name them! that’s another neat option that I love.

This is “Trinity V 1.5” go grab a demo and play around with it, I’m sure you will love it just as much as I do. TAXI!


I didn’t choose one of the skins on the LAQ HUD. I chose one from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. This is a previous group gift and now you can buy it for just 250L in-store. “KLAASJE” Is for classic avatars as well as mesh and also works with Catwa/omega, slink, tango and phatazz, as I said I am wearing mine with LAQ – Trinity. There are with or without cleavage options in caramel, pineapple, powder and sand tones, I am showing you “Powder” tone.

SlackGirl got married this week! and she looked stunning (i saw the piccies on Facebook!) CONGRATULATION to you Van and I wish you both the very best ❤ I am of course showing you one of her make-ups and this one if for the eyes. HUD’s for Catwa, Akeruka and Omega are available and also standard layers for the none mesh users. “Sarah” has two options with gems around the eyes or without, I am wearing the blingy gem version because it’s so damn pretty! There are 8 colours to choose from and you can grab this wonder at the main store.

Well that’s all for now, I shall be back to show you more of this awesome outfit sooon! Untill then Happy shopping! ❤


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