Merlific, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Plastik, Dark Passions, Avenge and Tiffany Designs.

Merlific, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Plastik, Dark Passions, Avenge and Tiffany Designs.

Hey there!! I have as always some wonderful designs to show you, These are at many events and also main-store releases. I have some haus of swag, tres chic, shiny shabby and we are going on a witch hunt!! read on… Let’s roll the goodness…


(In Order of my Inventory)

I am loving this creation by Merlific,   Hellraiser is one of my all time horror films so I couldn’t resist. Yes, this is “Hellraizing” and just one of the items Merl has at The Mad Circus 2 event, this one is NOT a gacha item and you can make this yours for just 169L. You get a HUD that is omega/catwa compatible and the nails that are one attachment BUT you can edit these one by one in edit – Linked parts – move around to fit yo fayses ❤

Hunt witches!! Oh yes, I must quote the notecard… I mean the backstory!

 A curse has been placed on the lands of Valyria, causing a  thick fog to descend. A local convent of Valyrian witches  seeking revenge for the murders of their sisters is to blame.
Your help is needed in finding the witch that has placed the curse.
 In 13 locations from the main store of 7 Deadly s{K}ins to  the garden on the grounds you will find hints to locate 13  witches. Once all 13 are found it will spell out the location of the final witch from whom the curse was made.
 At each location you will find a prize for your Witch Hunting, find all 13 and you will score the main prize. Keep  your eyes peeled for the bones of a sacrificed peasant that the witches murdered to increase their power. Each bone will lead you to the next.

Click me for taxi!!

Also from 7 Deadly s{K}ins I bring you “Trance – Powder” and this comes in Omega, with 3 eyebrow options, with or without cleavage and with or without freckles. This is at The Stuffs Sale Room. The other tone is more fantasy and is “Dust”

Avenge are at Tres Chic with my shoes and these are “Must Have Shoes” for slink high, Belleza and an in-rigged version that fits Maitreya mesh feet, Each one has 12 colours to choose from! I’m all sassy and showing you the red version. A HUD is also included and it allows you to change the colour of the shoe sole.

I showed you these nails in a previous post. Today I am showing you the other pack of “Lushious Lips” by Dark Passions – Koffin Nails. You can find these at Haus of Swag in HUD’s that work with Maitreya, Slink and Omega, choose singles at 100L each (cheep as chips for now! and more after!) or be greedy and grab the fat-pack for just 275L!



Oh meee Oh myyy! Plastik are at shiny shabby with a gorgeous set, This is “Kynareth Dancer” for both slink bodies, maitreya and belleza, There are corsets, pants, poofy arm with ribbons and collars!! in tons and tons of colours and then more options on the HUD’s in the packs. I have chosen to show you the collar and the sleeves (Just so yo know… they can be rocked separately or together) The ribbons (seen on the pic in red) can be hidden if you wish, I am using items from the “Noir” pack. (photo below from the vender)


Finally, I have a store release for you and this one is by Tiffany Designs, This is “Halloween Gown – Red” it includes standard layers for none meshes and HUD’s that work with TMP avatar and a multi-hud that works with Maitreya, slink, belleza and Omega compatible meshes for the main dress. A omega HUD is included for the gloves and the skirt is a mesh panel (in 5 mesh sizes) and two flexi attachments that fit left and right at the bottom, The headdress is also included, Not worn but included is a necklace. A very elegant gown for Halloween.

Other Stuffs

Hair – .Shi Hair – Quixotic – unisex

Eyes – LOTUS – Electric – box 18 (gacha item)

Head – Catwa – Candy

Body – Slink – Hourglass

That is that for now beauts! Enjoy the weekend! ❤ Happy shopping!


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