NEWS from The Epiphany and MORE awesomness!

NEWS from The Epiphany and MORE awesome-ness!

So much wonders to show you today and most of these are at events. There is off sim shopping for The Epiphany and here is the LINK just in-case like me you’re bat crazy to get in to newly opened events. A lot of events do this now and I am very happy they do, it makes life so much easier! Anyways…. It is that time when I show you the awesome shiz I am wearing.. Roll the credits..


So many events this time of year! It’s hard to choose the one’s to go to and injure the lag monster. That is what I am here for! I give you all the information just so that you can fly sim to sim and grab these goodies.

Let’s start with ZIBSKA

The collar is from the set “Seraphine” in the set also includes a headpiece (NOT wearing!) A HUD is included and there are 7 colours on the HUD to choose from. You can go grab this from The Liaison Collaborative till October 30th.

ZIBSKA are also at this round of We ❤ Role-play till October 31st with “Abadon” I am in love with this! You get mesh bodysuit in 4 standard mesh sizes, collar (twigs on shoulder) skirt and the birds, the birds are 3 attachments so have many birds or just a few that choice is yours. (alpha layers are also included for none mesh avatars)


Next up is NEWS from The White Crow They have my tattoo at The Seasons Story. “Rabbid” is a full face and body tattoo, there is a standard layer and HUD’s that work with Maitreya, Slink, TMP and Omega mesh heads. It’s funny when I recieved the notice for this item I actually said in real life to my other half “I just love opeing an item that’s called rabbid” yes I was cited’ and not dissapointed!

Aii always puts out awesome stuffs! I know that and if you don’t and love the weird and wonderful you’re about to be edjucated on a store that you shall want to add to your faves! Yes, The Ugly & Beautiful is that store and today I am showing you “Empty Eye 1” and these are at Project Se7en In all there are 12 versions to choose from.


How I love to hate The Epiphany but how I love The Plastik gacha there! In that teeny-weeny gacha machine you shall find many many sparkles that are part of the “Halleskulle Gacha”   Just a few I show ye today and they are…

Bracelets – Halle Horn Set – RARE

Boots – Skelle Boots – RARE – for maitreya, slink anf belleza mesh feet – Colour change HUD is included.

Earrings – Marrow/Darkness – COMMON

Rings – Fourskulle – for Maitreya and slink casual – COMMON

Dark Passions – koffin nails have to be my first choice of nails, B always puts so much creativeness into her designs and no nails are ever the same and she caters for EVERYONE! The one’s I am showing you today are for “Genre” right up till November 11th! “Rise of the Cthulhu”  are EXCLUSIVE to Genre’s Lovecraft Themed Event, There are 12 singles to choose from they are 1ooL for event more thereafter,  Or grab the fat-pack that includes Maitreya, slink and Omega compatible HUD’s for just 275L.


My skin is a previous event item and should return back to store real soon (If not already!) This is “Judy” a retro feel skin and it is by 7 Deadly s{K}ins, I am showing you it in cotton candy tone with cleavage and without freckles. The head HUD is Omega and you can choose from no make-up to just eye liner, just lips or combination of lips and liner, Lips are in pink or red.

That concludes todays post ❤ Happy shopping !


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