Abstract Soul at The Mad Circus.

Abstract Soul at The Mad Circus.

Something a little different today, I shall talk more about the outfit I am wearing in my next post because for now I wanted to show you these amazing light statues. For a change I made the photo black and white just because…. no reason at all it just popped that way 🙂 They actually glow white but I did change the colour of each one so the left (your left) is black, the other one I made red but you canni see that 😀



These statues are just awesome, you won’t see in a photo their full potential (Hoping to find a programme so that I can show you in the future!) The light flows through them making them emerge and disappear in vivid light.

Who makes these? They’re by Abstract Soul and for this particular project Methias Kira (the store owner) has teamed up with Fox Nacht who owns by Nacht Store to bring you these for The Mad Circus 2 event, this is a pack of two but I’m just showing you one and that is called “Lucifer Standalone” Land impact is just 4 for this one and they are both Modify, copy and NO transfer.

Mad Circus 2 is OPEN till October 31st.

That is all for now! Have a great day and I shall be back soon with more awesomeness, yep! I will be talking about the outfit from head to toe ❤



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