SlackGirl @ Labyrinth.

SlackGirl @ Labyrinth.

Have you been to the Labyrinth event yet?

I have and so should you!

Just one of the Designers there is SlackGirl. She has an amazing set for Catwa mesh heads and Classic avatars. Today I am showing you “Aril” There are two parts, the eye make-up (full face application) in 8 colours and the mesh headdress. A HUD is included that allows you to change parts of the headdress and the are the Branches, The petals and the middle of the flowers.


This is such a beautiful set that will dazzle and have people asking “Where did you get that from? Well, now you know 🙂

The lips are also by SlackGirl and these are “Missing” and available in-store for Catwa ONLY! There are 10 colours to choose from.

Event runs till October 30th.

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