NEW Bento Heads at [Ak] and Totally Top Shelf NEW round is near!

NEW Bento Heads at [Ak] and Totally Top Shelf NEW round is near!

Yes, you read it right! I have been able to try out my first ever bento mesh head! Also NEWS from Totally Top Shelf!


[AK] are releasing updates on their mesh heads and they include Bento, Now if you have been living in a cave and have no idea what that is you can read more here. There you will also find the link to download the viewer so that you can see bento mesh, I will say the viewer is crash happy but hey…. it’s not official yet!  Firestorm is ready to go as soon as bento is official, so fear not my craving bento-ions soon you can play with more bones than a dog has in a life time 🙂 I was in-ore of the bento ability.. let’s face it we ALL love original shapes and with this legendary tool we can go back to looking “Original” The head I am showing you is from [AK] and is “Lola” and yes, when purchased you get both head versions!

Are we ready for a NEW round of Totally Top Shelf?? I know I am after missing the last round due to sickness… When? When? I hear you scream… October 7th!! I know you want to know what amazing designers are going to be there? read below for the line up!!

Main Sponsors of the Event
The Slut Shop
The White Crow
Chimeric Arts & Fashions
Endless Pain Tattoos
Abstract Soul

More amazing designers

Lucas Lameth
irrISIStible shop
[QE] Designs
Distorted Dreams
Attitude is an Artform

totally topshelf

LM to come!

I have MORE awesomeness from The Nightmare Event! Below are items I am wearing that are there….


Headband – -INIA- This is Halloween Gacha Set – Headband black – COMMON

Hair – [^.^Ayashi^.^] – Morgiana – also includes versions with a blindfold.

Eyes – Aii – Trypophobia – White (more from this set to come!)

Cuts AND Staples- CURELESS [+] – Three levels of skin damage in standard tattoo layers and HUD’s that work with Omega, Maitreya, Slink and TMP. Also, a HUD that allows you to change the metal colour of the staples. I am showing you the deep cuts (Dark)


What else?

I know I haven’t told you where the other amazing stuffs are from…. Just keep reading …

Shirt – FacePalm – Idiot Repellent – five standard mesh sizes and a HUD that has five idiot repelling quotes.

Jeans – BLASPHEMIC – Jezza Jeans – V1 – For maitreya – also standard mesh sizes and fits for both slink bodies and belleza.

Collar – BLASPHEMIC – Bree – Black – sizeable

Septum – {CP} – Cross Piercing – Black

Boots – ..::PD::.. – Twin or Not Sneakers

That is all from me for now, Happy shopping!! ❤


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