Suicide Dollz, We Love Role-play, Aii & The Fantasy Collective.

Suicide Dollz, We Love Role-play, Aii & The Fantasy Collective.

I’ve a lot of event stuff today from the best designers on the grid! I have decided since being sick to go with looks that are more “Me” I have looked back at my work and although it is not in my nature to do something I am not comfortable with I have swayed from the path I am more fitted too 🙂 So hopefully from now on you will not only see great designers but more of an insight of who I am ❤ Let’s get to the credits shall we…



The Fantasy Collective

Theme is “Tribal” Opened August 22nd.

Ankle – Matab Barefoot Anklet – Black… also comes in white, gold and silver – for slink high feet ONLY!


Face mask – Scarecrow Mesh Head – egosumaii – Black Leather – Female – Also included are 2 male versions – Other colours are white leather, Tan cloth and grey cloth.

Eyes – Scarecrow – egosumaii – worn-one red right eye – included eye smoke that can be tinted via edit. Other colours available.


Chemical Princess

Suicide Dollz

Dress and Panties – Azra Dress with HUD – Fits for mesh bodies and fitted mesh sizes – Hud has 9 textures for the top of the dress and the bottom has black and white options, you can also hide the back of the dress via the HUD.



We Love Role-play

Opens 4th September till 30 September

Necklace – Dalka – also includes earrings (Not worn!) – HUD included that allows you to resize and change the colour of Main body of the necklace, the accents and the gem stones.

Tattoo – Speckles – HUD’s for Maitreya, Belleza, TMP and Omega are included. 9 colours to choose from on each HUD.

That is me for today, If I missed anything or you need more info just hit the comments ❤ Mwahz! Happy shopping ❤


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