BLASPHEMIC, FacePalm, SlackGirl and Plastik!

BLASPHEMIC, FacePalm, SlackGirl and Plastik!

It’s late here but I really wanted to get this post out before I go and chillax that said… it is 00.29 hours here in the UK so I will be up till about … 5am? lol, anyhow, Now I have bored you with that useless information let me get down to business and huh… Roll the credits..


NEW in-store for FacePalm are my shorts “Mae” you get standard layers for none mesh bodies and a multi-HUD that works with Maitreya, Slink and Omega compatible meshes, There are 7 versions to choose from and today I am wearing the Skulls version.

I teamed these up with two items from BLASPHEMIC, The boots “Lara flag boots” are mesh and available in-store, there are 15 country flag based to choose from and one Jolly Roger (Skull and cross bones) I am showing you the England version because I am a brit :DD Also, these are sizeable via left click and are one size. My shirt is an earlier release from BLASPHEMIC and this is “Sula” in black, Of course it is mesh and comes in 5 standard mesh sizes and mesh fits for both slink female mesh bodies and maitreya mesh body. There are 7 colours to choose from and 3 versions the one I am wearing, Net and Sheer.


I am wearing SlackGirl eyes “Silvy” they are mesh and are sizeable via left click an HUD is included and that allows you to chan ge the colour of each eye seperatly so you can mix N match all 8 colours.


For those who live in a cafe…. The Epiphany is OPEN and I have Plastik’s additions to the event to show you. This gacha is “Crystalle Boho” I am going to list the items I am wearing below for a better understanding and I shall include the gacha key so that you can have a butchers (Brit for have a look)


Rings – Bea Ringset – Maitreya – Darkness – RARE

Bindi – Bolli Bindi – Complex – Darkness – COMMON

Horns – Crystallisk Horns – FULL – RARE

Necklace 1 – Leather Bolo – Darkness – COMMON

Necklace 2 – Lune Necklaces – Darkness – RARE

Necklace 3 – Spire Quartz Pendant – short style – Darkness – COMMON



Poses – Poseidon – Free Running


Other Stuff ……

Skin – CURELESS – Heamoglobine – bare lips / red eyeshadow – Previously at Skin Fair

Scratches – Clemmm – Scratched Blush

Hair – Lamb – Sometimes

That is all for now Dearies, I am off to go and watch some crappy telle before bed xD xoxoxoxox


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