Shabby Tabby Store release.

Shabby Tabby Store release.


I am so late posting this ! As you know we are decorating IRL so I am limited to PC time and stuffs ❤ But here I am (again!) showing you some very shabby chic furniture for your chambre à coucher (That’s French for bedroom…. I googled it! If it is wrong google fails!)

This is a main-store release for Shabby Tabby and is “Rusted Luxe” set and you can buy these seperate or as a fat-pack. The set has the screen, The wall art and the bed, now, we like to keep it classy over huuur so please NOTE the bed is PG ONLY!! What does that mean? No couple poses just single poses. Of course all this is mesh ❤


The kitties and the pillows at the back are NOT in the set!!

Kitties – Pixicat – Previously at The Arcade – all of these are gachas

Large Pillow and heart pillow – zerkalo – both previous gacha items

Round corner pillow – Knick Knacks – @ shiny shabby

It’s a short one but you know what they say? Small things come in pretty packages 😉 ❤


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