NEW from Stargazers, NEW from Aii, Gami Gacha and Geektopia!

NEW from Stargazers, NEW from Aii, Gami Gacha and Geektopia!


Hey ! Yes, I am back so soon 😀 Because I have lots and lots of shiz to show you!!! This time I have some event stuff and some store stuffs, well let’s get on with it shall we? Roll the credz….

Aii is at Kawaii Project and she has designed my very cute bathing suit “Bunni Suit” for Slink Physique ONLY. Each colour comes with four versions and they are, black straps with bunny or with polka dots and white straps with the same options, You have 6 colour packs to choose from. My face tattoo is also by Aii and is a NEW release. This is “War Paint” and there are an amazing 16 to choose from!!! These come with standard tattoo layers and HUD’s that will apply the texture to Omega compatible meshes, I am wearing #7


Geektopia is OPEN! and here I am bringing you all the awesomeness that is there, Everything below this is at the event (Unless stated otherwise!)

Body Tattoo – .Facade. – Revenge of the nerds – Fresh. In Standard tattoo layers and HUD’s that apply to Adam, Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Signature, Slink and TMP mesh bodies/hands.

Necklace – <Nocciola> – Pretty Gamer – Black – also in Pink and Violet – sizeable.

Tail – [CREATiCA] – Cyber Magnetic Tail


Socks – ChiMia – Geek Knee Socks – Black – Also in Blue, orange and Tan – In standard layers for none mesh and HUD’s that apply to Maitreya, Omega and Slink.

Nails – ChiMia – Galaxy Nails – For Maitreya, Omega and Slink – three chooses on each HUD.

Head Set – darkendStare – cyber bunnie headset – Black/Purple – also in b/white, b/pink, white, white/green, w/pink and w/purple – four options for the visor and they are ^ ^ , X X, > < and blank, three options for the icons on the earpiece and they are A star, heart or paw and also built-in glow toggle for the ears.

Eyes – MESANGE – Antikythera Mechanism – #10. standard eyes, mesh and Omega HUD there are a HUGE 15 to choose from!



The skin I am wearing is by Stargazers Creations, This is “Louise” a pale and gorgeous skin that has standard skin layers for none mesh and Omega HUD for the skin, Loudmouth HUD and Uni Ears HUD, there is also nail polish HUD (one tone) and tattoo NOTE:: I am ONLY wearing the skin.

Gami Gacha

Hair – [NANI] – Kitty Hair – Pastels –  RARE – two sizes and one HUD per pack.

Collar and Hair Pin – TABOU. –  Yuri – Black – RARE (Both items) – Other rare is white, there is also a hair pin w/out the chains.

Be sure to look for the sign on the landing point at GG and grab the HUD so you can count those counters and play for EXCLUSIVES.



I used poses by Poseidon @ TTS from the Tarot Witch pack and elephante poses @ VF from Teasha Pack.

That is all from me for today ❤ Enjoy shopping and hope you enjoyed reading ❤ mwah


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