Vintage Elegance & SlackGirl NEW Release.

Vintage Elegance & SlackGirl NEW Release.

As you know, Vintage Fair is in full swing, as mentioned in my previous post there are limits to keep lag and sim crashes down to a minimum, Please make sure you go read that post. On to the good stuff! There are so many absolutely amazing designers at VF and I am very privileged and honoured to be showing you their amazing designs. Everything Below, Unless told other wise is at The Vintage Fair… And cue the credits…


Firstly, 7DS skin, these are EXCLUSIVE NEW tones for VF, “Leslie” is available in sand, oak and fudge, with or without cleavage and with or without beauty spots (moles) in HUD’s that apply the skin to omega mesh heads, slink, maitreya, tango, omega, TMP and belleza mesh bodies.

Dress and collar – !dm – Dora – cream/gold – for maitreya mesh body with an omega HUD to apply the undershirt and other mesh fits for both slink bodies.


HeadDress – *avaway* – Louise – white pearl #2

Hair – KoKoLoReS – Blanche – HUD 1

Eyes – LOTUS – Vintage eyes – blue fusion

Ring and back chain – Tantalum – Lalani rings * Melinda back necklace 1

My nails – Dark Passions – koffin nails – Flapper Fancy – for omega (only in fat-packs), slink and Maitreya mesh hands and feet, There are 12 options on each HUD.

Shoes – Plastik – Evie heels – for Maitreya and slink with a choice of 4 HUD’s jewelled, neutral, pastels and patterned.


La Jolie Rose – solace pose set

oOo Studio – Seductress pose set


NOT at Vintage fair

My horns “trinket horns” are a main store release by Plastik, there a few options, I am wearing the full version, you can opt for no skull, ribbon only and there are TONS of HUDs to choose from I went with neutral.

SlackGirl is at On9 with my earrings, “Farah” are mesh and come with a HUD to change the metal to gold, bronze, silver and black. On9 event starts on the 9th of each month!


That is all for now my Dears, Below you can find the map for the vintage fair and it is linked to the VF webpage.




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