Vintage Fair Opens!!!!

Vintage Fair Opens!!!!

Yes, The Vintage Fair is OPEN! (June 10th 12 Noon)

I have some delicious Vintage Designs to show you from the event BUT first I want to warn you that right now because of the popularity of this event there is an ACI limit, To just simplify that for you, each thing you wear has a count and all these things add up, this is one of the main causes of lag and sim crashes so this is why you have a limit. You can find more information on PGP webpage. Best way to shop on very busy sims? Take and detach everything from your avatar and just wear a full body alpha! No one can see you and you shall go to the ball and let’s face it… That is all that matter ❤ So on with the show …. Roll the credits…


SlackGirl is at the event! With my make-up (eyes) Flower (mouth) and box (worn on head) This set is “Lou-Lou” for catwa, LeLutka, Omega and TMP mesh heads PLUS each set will include classic make-up layers for none meshers. In each pack you also get the headdress (box), the flower and the eye make-up in 8 colours.


My underwear garments are by LYBRA and are also at Vintage Fair. This set is “Ava” for belleza, maitreya and slink mesh bodies, There are many options on the HUD for both the top and the bottom, You can choose to cover up or just let it freeeeeee 😛

The shoes are by Plastik and are just one of the items they also have at the fair! These are “Evie” for maitreya and slink mid mesh feet, You have a choice of 4 HUD that allow you to change the texture of sole, heel, fabric and accessories parts of the shoes, choose from jewelled, neutral, pastels or patterns.


Other stuff

The Arcade

Hair – Lamb – Sometimes – Light Blonde – COMMON

Casket – ANC – Forget – glass coffin – RARE

THE END ……. ❤

Vintage Fair 2016 Poster



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